What Huntley Residents Wanted Officials to Know – 14

The survey that the Village of Huntley took had pages of citizen comments. Taken as a whole, they give an intriguing picture of what people think. 62% of those who took the survey were from Sun City, so keep that in mind.

Metra train.

Metra train.

It would be nice if the police patrols in Sun City would concentrate on finding people responsible for burglaries instead of hiding to find and ticket residents breaking minor traffic violationsI cannot stress enough how important the use of a commuter train in Huntley would be.

We need to bring in business and drive down taxes for homeowners. New businesses need to come into Huntley
promoting revenue back into the village. I called to start a small company and found it very difficult to speak to someone over a month period to gather information. We need to address all issues that can assist our community in the long term.

Need to improve the amount of time it takes to fix street lights. I had to call multiple times to have a street light fixed and it took over 1 month for this to be completed. This is UNACCEPTABLE. The first time that I called, I left a messge and no one returned my call. The second time, I spoke to a person that was polite.

Lets get an Olive Garden in town…Please!!! Huntley does a good job and I enjoy living here.. I’ll be here until I pass on…Thanks..

Please focus on improving traffic flow infrastructure and attracting businesses along 47 and in historic downtown.

Nothing is more attractive than a well kept quaint old historic district like Long Grove and yet having the
convenience of a larger current reataurant/retail area along 47.

It would be nice if people were not allowed to remove the snow from their driveways and deposit it in the street. Countless times the plows have come through and cleaned the streets then homeowners move the snow from their driveways into the clean street.

Coordination of traffic signals once construction is finally completed on Rt 47/I-90 should be a top priority. It is just brutal getting through Huntley. Same applies for lights that intersect with Haligus–all seem to be based on the presence of any kind of cars/traffic, which means that no you never make the light regardless of direction.

The police should stop issuing citations when you do not stop behind the white line..I have never been stopped but seen other citizens, especially in del webb, this smacks of revenue generaion, not law enforcement..

We would like a family type restaurant on 47 such as a chili’s, red robin type place.

Please make more paths/sidewalks-especially down Kreutzer Rd behind WalMart-a ton of kids go there and walk on the road – put a path in from Wing Pointe subvision There is a safety concern (see #13) every day with the lack of access to the High School. The roads are grossly inadequate to handle the usage and the single point of access is an incredible liability for the saftey of the community. This is beyond an embarassment, it is negligent. Be an advocate for this change regardless of responsibility.

We need better restaurants like Red Loster and Olive Garden not the fast foods.

Need a Sams Club and Costco desperaterly.

Tired of having to drive into Crystal lake and/or Randall Road.

The perceived safeness of the village has absolutely NOTHING to do with our police. Don’t confuse the two. Our police is viewed as bullys, they don’t help with traffic and give tickets for rediculous offenses. They should be reduced in size and play a more useful role in our village. It’s a disgrace and is a running joke among people in Huntley.

I would like to see a Metra train stop in Huntley. For year, I have been driving to Crystal Lake or Elgin. It would be nice to have a stop in Huntley.

Huntley needs to concentrate on new major business. without a major business, town development will not happen.

That's All, Folks.

That’s All, Folks.

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