“No Surprise”

That was the headline on a letter to the Chicago Tribune Saturday about that paper’s lead article about people speeding on the Tollway.

The Chicago Tribune letter about Tollway users speeding

The Chicago Tribune letter about Tollway users speeding

It was about as newsworthy as the forthcoming editorial endorsement of Andy Zinke for Sheriff by the Northwest Herald.


“No Surprise” — 16 Comments

  1. Well, of course Cal the Northwest Herald will endorse Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for Sheriff.

    The endorsements for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for Sheriff will come out in waves now that the election is coming to a close as it becomes apparent that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke will become our next elected Sheriff.

  2. I need to get something in my stomach before I read anything from the Northwest Herald OR about Andy Zinke.

  3. No spell check in the headline feature of my program.

    Thanks, citizen editor.

  4. FUko..

    Hey Fuko,..let me explains something..

    1.050.75(a) states :

    Employees shall not use their Departmental position, uniform, badge, or credentials for solicitation of funds or other goods nor attend any such functions as a representative of the Department except as sanctioned by the Sheriff.

    You Know, like attend Port Edwards Zinke fundraiser while in MCSO UNIFORM, or the Nunda Twsp Parties, or like the Parades,..SINCE STINKY REGISTERED AS ZINKE FOR SHERIFF on the roster, NOT MCSO .


    1.5.064(a) states :

    Members shall not fail to work diligently, nor in any way inconsistently with the image of a professional Sheriff’s Office employee, including but not necessarily limited to:….
    a1) states : Unnecessary shouting or using obscene language, gestures, or actions.

    Unnecessary using obscene gestures ?…OBSCENE =offensive to the mind.
    Gesture = Show,express or direct through movement of the finger or hands.

    WOW..So Zinke while driving a marked McHenry County Sheriffs Squad car makes a very upsetting obscene gesture by use his middle finger at someone that he didn’t like…TO ME STINKY ZINKE ONCE AGAIN VIOLATES YET ANOTHER MCSO GENERAL ORDER. .i wished i saved a copy of that picture, but don’t..does anybody out there still have that picture to post on this blog.

    Again, how does this clown expect anyone to take him serious if he himself violates General Order and General Order over, and over, and over again ?

    McHenry County citizens deserve the best when it comes to our next Sheriff, and thats Mr. Bill Prim !.

    And didn’t Zinke wife go crazy and yell F ^() words in front of little children during parade?..Class act again by another example of zinke.

  5. I have read your explanations and that is the reason why I call you facts of crap.

    Let us examine your hypothesis with simple reasonable common sense.

    Let us start with the upsetting obscene gesture by using his middle finger at someone that he didn’t like. That someone was Cal Skinner, who filed an ethics complaint against Undersheriff Andrew Zinke. Undersheriff Zinke’s defense was he was holding the roof of a vehicle with his middle finger instead of all fingers.

    The McHenry County Ethics Commission voted 4-0 that Cal Skinner’s ethics complaint against Undersheriff Andrew Zinke was not sufficient. This matter is NOW closed.

    Now we have the issue of Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife using the F-Word during a parade in Crystal Lake. This accusation came from the only reported eyewitness in a crowned parade, former Deputy Scott Milliman, who was terminated by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren. Scott Milliman also has a wrongful termination suit against the county and is obviously a member of the Misfit Club against Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for personal reasons. Therefore, Scott Milliman has no credibility and is a close friend of a well known liar, Zane Seipler = Duncan Mchenry.

    As for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke attending Port Edwards fundraiser while in uniform, badge, and credentials, I have no information to support your claims. What I do know is that in Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s Website and Facebook to elect him Sheriff, he does not appear in his uniform, badge, or credentials. Therefore, I must conclude that your facts are crap.

    However, you do bring up an excellent point that should be investigated. In Bill Who’s Website and Facebook, he appears to be wearing an unidentified uniform with a badge and credentials.

    I wonder if that is ethical?

  6. Fuky nut job, the picture of Stinky in uniform at Port Ed’s has been posted on the blogs.

    There are your facts.

    Prim does not work for Des Plaines anymore so he can wear what ever he wants where ever he wants.

    Your hubby though is still employed by the taxpayers (unfortunately) and he is wearing his uniform at a political event.
    he finger incident was well photographed.

    Just because the ethics commission doesn’t know WTF they are doing does not mean that it was not improper for a uniformed deputy driving a marked vehicle while giving the finger in a parade attended by hundreds of people.

    Just because your hubby did not receive punishment does not mean he is not an a-hole who is undeserving of being the sheriff.

    And your potty mouth was heard by several people not just the deputy that is going to bury your hubby and his boos in court.

    Why again was it that you resigned from the SO? Did an ambulance come pick you up from your house? How did you ever get hired at Kane County.

    Take those meds.

  7. I wonder, what was the cause of the motor vehicle accident that got Kane County, and Kane County Sheriffs Office named in a suit ?

    Court records show defendant = Zinke, Kimberly …Hum ?

    Did Kane County have full disclosure from Andy when he recommended Kimberly to Kane County Sheriffs?…Did Andy know anything about Kimberly that could affect “officer safety , or safety to the public ?

    Was this crash that injured Mrs. Garcia avoidable ?

    Like, if Andy would have told the truth to Kane County during the hiring process, about some knowledge that he FULLY IS AWARE about ?

    Oh thats right, General Orders are for the honest hard working men and women of Law Enforcement,…Andy believes that he is above everyone else.

    This same type of mentally that the citizens of McHenry County want to change, and are going to change when they punch Mr. Bill Prim’s name on the ballot…McHenry County residents deserve to have the Sheriffs Office back to them, not the Nygren-Zinke circus .

    Oh, by the way Fuko, I understand that Stinky was pretty shocked when he found out about those GPS coordinates posted last week.

    He knows that 2 other people know.

    And guess what ?

    He is going to be awfully shocked when that guest from that night appears at his first debate.

    Lets see how fast Andy runs then.

    Im just saying, u know.

  8. So let me understand this numb nut, are you telling me that Bill Who is impersonating a peace officer?

    This is fantastic, more and more that you misfits speak, the more you put a nail in Bill Who’s coffin.

    When the ethics commission cleared Undersheriff Andrew Zinke, they don’t know WTF they are doing because you don’t agree?

    Well, may be the ethics commission understands common sense and YOU don’t understand WTF reality is.

    When you are cleared of all accusations, the matter is closed numb nut.

    As of Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife using the F-Word during a parade in Crystal Lake, no complaints were filed, only the testimony from that ONE person that has a retaliation motive.

    Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s Regime is not Over, it’s has only just begun!

  9. You are absolutely correct facts of crap, everyone involved in a motor vehicle accident has some mysterious reason behind the cause of the accident in your fabricated mind.

    I am also sure that in your fabricated mind, everyone involved in a motor vehicle accident received a personal recommendation by Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.

    And I am the one that can’t wait for the first debate as Bill Who stumbles for the words as he looks desperately at Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi, to pull his strings for the right answers.

    You and your fellow members of the Misfit Club will GO down in disgrace along with Mr. Corruption career.

  10. Fuky nut job, he is not impersonating a police officer.

    That is what you currently do at Kane County.

    Perhaps it was an older picture that he is using on his website to show he was in law enforcement.

    Are you that stupid!

    I believe the ethics commission’s first case was Andy’s and they didn’t know WTF to do because they had never done it.

    They got scared when big mouth Gummerson spoke.

    Can’t wait to hear Andy speak at a debate, he gets flustered speaking at command meetings.

    I hope the audience is allowed to participate. He will hammered with questions.

    The regime is over Kimmy!

  11. So in your round about way, you are telling me that Bill Who is impersonating a peace officer.

    As for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke becoming flustered speaking at command meetings, I would too trying to explain reasonable common sense to an idiot like YOU!

  12. I love it when Stinky Zinke is caught in his own lie (which happens often), and he goes on his little temper tantrum .

    I heard that those poor elderly couple who lived in the house along the parade route where Zinkys wife was swearing f-bombs all over the place. Those residents, along with all the families that had children watching what was to be a fun, family day quickly turned into extremely “ALARMED AND DISTURBED “by the white trash zinke family arrival

  13. Zinke violates General Orders …He should be held accountable for his total disrespect for

    the citizens of McHenry County…VOTE ZINKE OUT .

    Why did he recommended Kimberly Furst to become Kane County Deputy, after her departure from McHenry County Sheriffs Office ?. Why did Kim leave MCSO ? Under what conditions did she leave ? Did something happen ?

    Oh, yeah, then she married the Clown and became Kim Zinke..Then Crashed Kane County Squad car hurting that poor Garcia family members.

    Again, was this preventable ? Did Stinky the Clown tell Kane County the truth on his hiring recommendation of his wife Kim before the crash ?

    Did you Andy ?
    Why didn’t you ?

  14. Fuky nut job, you and Andy are the only ones impersonating police officers.

    Double your meds Kimmy. Maybe some day they will find a cure.

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