Zinke Shuts Down McHenry County Blog Wednesday – Part 1

Andy Zinke greets Independence Day crowd on Dole Avenue in Crystal Lake.

Andy Zinke greets Independence Day crowd on Dole Avenue in Crystal Lake.

If you were unable to access McHenry County Blog during Wednesday mid-day, you can thank McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke.

Undoubtedly, it was another way for him to express the same disdain he has for me that he showed at the Independence Day Parade right before reaching the Methodist Church while driving in a Sheriff’s Department vehicle with his private purchased sign saying, “Andrew Zinke, Undersheriff,” on its doors..

I don’t have time to write a detailed article, but he had a cat’s paw complain on his behalf that I was “stalking” him and linking to a web site that was obscene.

Two articles were specifically complained about.

Since he drew my web site host’s attention to them, I think it only fair I share their contents again.

Here’s the most recent one:

Skeleton in Zinke’s Closet

Andy Zinke.  Photo credit:  McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

Zane Seipler’s blog about the McHenry County Sheriff’s race is a place I keep checking, even though he does not update it daily.

The latest article, entitled “Discrepancies,” is ostensibly about the incompleteness of the replies of Freedom of Information requests.

But the evidence of an incomplete reply is about a 1994 sergeant’s exam that Andy Zinke, now-Undersheriff and Sheriff Keith Nygren’s choice to succeed him.

Two letters that the Sheriff’s Department couldn’t find are reproduced on Seipler’s blog.

One is a request from Zinke for his sergeant’s exam to be regraded.

It seems he failed the test.

The other is the reply to that letter from the Sheriff’s Merit Commission.

V.W. Townsend, the Commission’s Secretary, writes that regrading it wouldn’t result in Zinke’s passing because he scored so low on

  • Patrol
  • Investigation
  • Supervision

There are other stories about the Sheriff’s Office that those interested in the contest between former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim and Zinke might find intriguing.


Zinke Shuts Down McHenry County Blog Wednesday – Part 1 — 32 Comments

  1. Knowing Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler’s long history of lies and deception, it’s obvious that those correspondences were forged.

  2. – the picture goes right along with the foul language his wife (Kim) used shouting at the Prim float in a parade.

    Kids and families all around.

    Fuk can scream that it never happened but tooooooo many witnesses.

  3. Well Cal, these guys are getting serious now, trying to shut down your blog.

    Between Nygren’s office trying to run-out the clock on First Electric Newspaper’s FOIA lawsuit for the Zinke investigation (it’s now been pushed back to late January for the next court date), and now someone trying to crash the site, I just hope Cal has a good attorney, in case certain parties try the legal route.

    Hang tough Cal.

  4. When Zinke attempts to interfere with free speech, such as a blog, what sort of a tyrant would he be as Sheriff?

    very scary, I think.

    Zinke has been a pupil of Nygren too long. Electing Bill Prim is a MUST.

  5. Cal reminded me of Nygren’s allegation that I was stalking him. J

    ust yesterday I was laughing once again over that.

    Remember the deal?

    I was parked in the Jewel-Osco parking lot in Woodstock, when Nygren pulled in alongside of me.

    That’s a really strange and creative way to be stalked; right?

    The “stalker” is parked and minding his own business, when the “stalkee” comes out of nowhere and then pulls in alongside to glare at the “stalker”.

    Is Zinke a chip off the old block?

    McHenry County does not need more of the same.

    Is Nygren ever around?

    Is Zinke really running the Department?

    Who made the decision at MCSD to duck, when the complaint about Woodstock’s Amati was taken to MCSD on August 22?

  6. I have to laugh every time I read that Fukoku thinks Duncan McHenry is Zane Seipler.

    That continually shows how clueless Fukoku is.

    Come out, Fukoku; come out, wherever you are.

    What’s your true name?

    I don’t like new laws, but I would favor a law to require authors of comments posted to blogs and in newspapers to use their true names.

  7. Actions speak louder than words.

    Clearly, Andy Zinke has demonstrated that he lacks the professionalism and integrity, to run the McHenry County Sheriffs Department.

    This was a desperate act from a desperate man who can’t face the fact the the truth about he and the regime is posted on this blog and other blogs everyday..

    He likes to perform in that “Circus Act” of his.

    Bye Andy, the people of McHenry County have had enough of you..

  8. Calling all Psychiatrists…

    The most recent actions of Andy Zinke clearly shows that a Psych Evaluation would be appropriate.

    The people of McHenry County do not want a “Passive Aggressive” person such as Andy Zinke running the McHenry County Sheriffs Department.

    He is definitely a person who thinks it is appropriate to “GET EVEN” with those individuals Andy perceives has done him wrong.

    Gosh, that same scenario sounds familiar.

    Remember, Nygren asked someone to kill Dave Bachman because he was upset about Daves blog and the revelations of the Sheriffs Department and potential illegal activities.

    Watch out everyone, Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke will get even if the decide you have done them wrong.

    You should be commended Keith, you have taught your obedient soldier, Andy Zinke, very well.

    Passive Aggressive behavior is nothing but “Sweet Revenge”

  9. Calling Doctor Christopher Grote.

    Come out, come out. wherever you are….

    Oh sorry forgot, he is a Nygren friend..

    Calling all Psychiatrists, it is a Zinke emergency.

    Gosh, I hope that they get that done before the primaries in March..

    Now Andy, did you really think you would get away with shutting down Cal’s blog?…

    Just one more dishonest action by Andy Zinke…. It’s time to turn that finger right around and point it at yourself..

  10. If McHenry County Blog was shut down for even a minute at the direction of any law enforcement it is another example of the disdain they treat core constitutional rights.

    There seems to be a pervasive attitude among law enforcement of a class system where The Citizen is The Subject and those in political or law enforcement positions are completely above any law they want to enforce on those outside their class.

    Cal, I do hope you get to the truth of who shut this site down, when they ordered this shut down and then you treat them to a world class law suit….

    Before the elections so we may see the evidence from third parties clearly and make our determinations about who we allow to lead in elected positions.

  11. Time to start putting up vote for Prim signs.

    Hope he has ordered a few thousand.

  12. By making a false report he brought viable cause for a slander suit…

    Let the games begin…

    Perfect time for a round of depositions…

    Take em to the cleaners……

    Make sure they can’t do this to anyone else..

  13. I totally agree with “Priest”.

    The Law Enforcement agencies in our nation are rapidly morphing into armed political enforcers supporting a political system out of control.

    They are beginning to feel comfortable enforcing outlandish laws that clearly go against the Constitutional rights of citizens.

    The taxpayer is now becoming their enemy.

    The political class ensures that the Police unions are supported, their bloated pensions are continued, and they in turn attempt to destroy the lives of anyone who contests them.

    “Sturmabteilung” is the name for it in German.

  14. Hey “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    Whatsa matter girlfriend, something got your tongue?

    Sure hope its Andy.

    Because it’s about time he shut you up…

    Boy oh boy, if you ever run for a political office consult with Andy and Kim Zinke.

    They have a new book coming out.

    It will be called “Political Campaigning for Dummies” I

    t’s not likely Keith Nygren can get you out of this one Andy..

    That “Big Fat Hole” you have dug for yourself is too deep even for Keith Nygren…

    Call the local 150 they are experts at excavating….

  15. Hey Cal…Waiting for part two. Sure hope part two is just as much fun as part one…

    Hey Andy, where you be?

    Hope you are not going door to door trying to garner more votes.

    Because let me tell you, you are just waisting your time…

    Don’t you all, just love that social media?

    That internet Andy, has changed your life forever.


  16. Gus, why do you want to know my true identity and support a new law that would require authors to use their true names?

    Well, let me tell you why Gus, because you and the members of this Misfit Club have psychological problems and you and your tugs want to victimize people that don’t agree with your mentally ill way of thinking.

    A perfect example is when a member of this Misfit Club, John Lovaas, hunts me down in Facebook and sends me threatening and harassing messages to harass me because I support and defend Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.

    I have even been asked personal information by this lynch mob in an attempt to discover my true identity.

    Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler has even gone as far asking me for the name on my land trust in Kane County, what a putz.

    If you evil snakes want to know my true identity, I will be wearing a name tag at Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s victory celebration when he is elected our new Sheriff of McHenry County.

  17. “Fukokuko” = Kim Zinke.

    you are clearly out of touch with reality. J

    ohn Lovaas never stalked you and you know it.

    You and your delusional thinking Kim…

    However, the fact that your husband Andy Zinke had Cal’s blog shut down, now that is “STALKING” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Zinke family.

    Thats for sure.

    Now get along Kim you have a book to finish.

    “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

  18. Fukuoku/Ms. Zinke-

    My attorney thanks you for the comment you posted here. I

    believe they law term he used was ‘slam dunk’.

    And folks, let us be fair and accurate.

    There was obscene material on Zane’s website.

    It was produced by Andrew Zinke’s sister in law…

  19. And, Fukouku/Ms. Zinke- lest there be any confusion about your accusations, here is our conversation on Facebook:

    John Lovaas

    Hi, it looks like the name on this timeline isn’t a real name. Here’s info on how to change your name: https://www.facebook.com/help/112146705538576
    Jul 26

    Fukoku Kyōhei

    Greetings, my name is real to only my friends and family.
    Aug 1 · Sent from Web

    John Lovaas

    Thank you; I’ll forward this to Facebook staff- Facebook does not allow profiles with false names.
    Aug 1

    Fukoku Kyōhei

    Ki o tsukete, buk-korosu!
    Aug 1 · Sent from Web

    “Ki o tsukete, buk-korosu” translates to “be careful- you will be beaten to death.”

    That comment speaks volumes about Mr. Zinke and his supporters- I presume you still post as “Fukuoku” on Mr. Zinke’s Facebook page, Ms. Zinke?

    Stay classy!

  20. Another perfect example of the connection of the Misfit Club between Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler and this group of tugs.

    Thank you for your post Lovaas, you clearly backed up my point that you have psychological problems and you and the Misfit Club tugs want to victimize people that don’t agree with your mentally ill way of thinking.

    And by the way Lovaas, bring on your attorney, I will chew him up also, schmuck.

    Now go back to your homely little bizarre world

  21. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke..

    You are the one with psychological problems Kim.

    It is a fact you have been seeing a psychiatrist for a long time….. R

    emember the knife incident and the fact that you drove your squad car into another car.

    That case was quickly settled out of court…

    Hopefully, for everyones sake you are taking your meds.

    Now, now, Kim, if you plan to bring a civil case into Judge Gordon Grahams chambers you might as well hang that up..

    Everyone in the county knows that Judge Gordon Grahams favorite TV shows are Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Everyone can be assured the any attorney John Lovas hires will “NOT” proceed with a case in Grahams court room…

  22. Come on Judge Gordon Graham, Where you be?

    Whatsa matter too afraid to defend yourself on the blog?

    Don’t blame you.

    Where were you this summer?

    You didn’t even make an appearance in the parades..

    My guess is that your cheeks are Santa Red because you are too embarrassed.

    Usually, your car is right behind Keith Nygrens entourage..

    Oh sorry forgot you were watching your favorite TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”..

    Next time there is a parade Gordon “Come on Down”

    There are depositions going on in Rockford and people are lining up.

    You must be there in your spare time? Just asking..

    Just remember Judge Gordon Graham, you have the right to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God…

  23. Duncan is right on with “Judge” Gordon Graham.

    What a dolt that man is.

    Graham is a disgrace.

    He is dumb as a door nob and he’s a total Nygren sycophant.

    He has brown-nosed his way to his lazy-man’s job with a bloated pension and all he just does is what he’s told by Keith Nygren.

    He has never had an individual thought in his life.

    Whenever you see him in public, he is at Nygren’s side like a little kid in a crowd. To think he’s a “judge”! Our County is the laughing stock because of losers like “judge” Graham.

  24. Skeptic, Grahams bloated ego and bloated pension go hand in hand…

    Can’t wait until the day he walks out the door…

    Have seen Graham operate in Court and have often wondered how he made it through law school.

  25. Graham with a “bloated ego”?

    Are you sure. I know him and he lacks confidence and he is almost shy.

    Graham knows he’s an idiot and that he’s along for the ride as long as the system allows him to stumble through life.

    With Nygren out, the court jester Graham may hang up his useless jock.

    Even Graham knows he’s incompetent.

    I know him pretty well.

  26. Thank you so much, Fukuoku!

    Ask your co-workers what “hoist oneself by one’s petard.

    That’s today’s phrase that pays.

    You are(quite clearly) not an attorney, therefore you will be unable to chew mine up.
    Unless I’m missing a sexual innuendo…

    I must ask- how does one stalk an anonymous coward?

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