Zinke Shuts Down McHenry County Blog Wednesday – Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke had someone working for his campaign complain to the service that hosts my web site that I was violating its terms of service by “stalking” him and linking to an obscene web site.

That web site was the one that Zane Seipler, the former Sheriff’s Deputy bold enough to run against Keith Nygren in 2010 who is now a candidate against Zinke for Republican Precinct Committeeman and is also running for the County Board in District 5.

Zinke lost his effort to take town McHenry County Blog, but his citation of two specific articles that he apparently found super-offensive leads me to show you them anew.

The first, about Zinke’s failing a sergeant’s exam in the early 1990’s was run yesterday.

Today’s is the one about finding Zane Seipler’s blog about the Sheriff’s race.

You can read it below, but, I would again suggest that, if you don’t look at Seipler’s blog at least once a week, you will be missing information that you won’t find anywhere else, especially not in the Northwest Herald, which I have predicted will endorse Zinke based on its otherwise unexplainable favorable coverage of Nygren’s choice.

Anti-Andy Zinke for Sheriff Blog Surfaces

It’s address is Zinke4Sheriff.blogspot.com and has at the top of what appears the first post the following:

McHenry County Sheriff’s Race 2014

It starts, “I’m back,” and has a photo of a toddler sitting on a chair.

The mission of the blog is explained in the part reproduced below:

The mission of the new blog is to make sure Andy Zinke is not elected McHenry County Sheriff.

The author points to what will be covered in future posts:

Come back after the holiday and I will discuss the following topics:

  • Ticket Fixing (Present Day not Gary Pack days)
  • Sexual Harassment (Present Day)
  • Traffic Deaths
  • The Immigration Unit MCCD
  • Sex with administrative assistants (You’re liking that one, right?)
  • Business managers
  • Legal Adviser/EEO
  • Zacatecas/ Monterey
  • Illegal…everything
  • And Much Much More!

Elsewhere in the post, it says, “I am going to educate McHenry County once again.”

Could this be written by Zane Seipler?

= = = = =
Confirmation has been received that it is by Zane Seipler.



Zinke Shuts Down McHenry County Blog Wednesday – Part 2 — 50 Comments

  1. It is important that everyone understands that Zane Seipler = Duncan Mchenry is a very bitter individual that ran unsuccessfully against Sheriff Nygren in the 2010 Republican primary election and lost terribly.

    Also Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler was fired for violating the department’s general orders when he lied under oath in his civil lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department. U.S. District Judge Kapala called his testimony a “fabricated narrative that conveniently explained what had transpired.”

    Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler made a deal with Mr. Corruption himself, Louis Bianchi and Bill Who, to spread immoral tactics to discredit Undersheriff Andrew Zinke in exchange to get his job back if corruption prevails.

    His credibility has been clearly obliterated as he is well known to be a liar.

  2. AS for this statement:

    “The first, about Zinke’s failing a sergeant’s exam in the early 1990′s was run yesterday.”

    Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler’s has a long history of lies and deception and these correspondences were forged in a failed attempt to discredit Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.

    STOP Corruption and join the fight against corruption in our county by voting for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for Sheriff.

    Read and learn about our next elected Sheriff, Undersheriff Andrew Zinke at http://www.zinkeforsheriff.org

  3. Support for Zinke can be translated to mean support for Rita Corp. type of phone calls.

    While the federal administration and Springfield exercise crony / selective capitalism, is the MCSO exercising selective law enforcement?

    The time to clean house at the MCSO is long overdue.

  4. Is that right Cal?

    You have the emails, Is Duncan McHenry Zane Seipler?

  5. Knowledgevoter; you seem to have fallen under some of Duncan’s thinking.

    To claim that State and Federal Law enforcement agencies are under the thought control of the Zinke camp clearly shows that your thinking is half a bubble off plumb.

    No other legal agency (DEA, FBI, CIA, AG) has filed any charges in the Rita Corp “scandle” because there was nothing done wrong to merit charges, and there are a few who disagree with that choice.

    Get over Rita; there’s nothing there.

    And, if Zinke camp complained that some of these blog sites are trying to “get him”, there’s no way in he__ anyone who reads any of them couldn’t agree with his assertion.

    This site IS back up and running, so someone obviously didn’t agree with him, so………….

  6. “Nothing there”- then release the investigation info.

    The Northwest Herald has it.

    Seems to think there is some smoke.

  7. “Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler’s has a long history of lies and deception and these correspondences were forged in a failed attempt to discredit Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.”


    Are you seriously suggesting that it’s a forgery?

    That’s patently ridiculous.

    Nobody has ever accused Andy of being a smart man.

    His resume speaks for itself on this point–two years of community college and an correspondence course bachelor’s degree fifteen years later.

    Nobody with that resume has ever won a Nobel prize.

    And if you’ve ever had the chance of speaking with him for more than five minutes, it’s obvious that there isn’t a lot going on between his ears.

    But you don’t have to be a genius to be a county sheriff.

    Integrity is far more important.

    And you pretending that there’s some conspiracy to make it seem like Andy is a moron (and he is) only detracts from his integrity.

    If he doesn’t have the backbone to admit to something stupid like this, he doesn’t have a backbone at all.

  8. @AZsupporter, agreed no other legal agency has filed any charges in the matter of Rita Corp., but since the internal investigation exonerates Andy Zinke for the part he played, why does Sheriff Nygren simply release the entire investigation report, per the First Electric Newspaper FOIA request?

    Instead, he has been foot-dragging its release, in a blatant and transparent attempt to run-out-the-clock to prevent its release prior to the March primary.

    The next court date is January 29, so they are nearly home.

    The current sheriff’s action trying to protect his chosen successor (including allowing the Northwest Herald editorial board to view the report) is reason enough to vote for Bill Prim over Andy Zinke in the Republican primary for sheriff, regardless of the content of the sheriff’s investigation.

    Throw in the insulting way Nygren and Zinke go out to tarnish the Republican brand through their open support for Democrat State Representative Jack Franks is more reason to nominate Prim over Zinke in March.

  9. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke.

    You clearly live in an imaginary world Kim.

    First you deny dropping the f bomb at a public parade.

    Your husband Andy Zinke flipped his middle finger at Cal at the same parade and accepted no responsibility.

    Now your husband tries to take down Cal’s blog and neither of you accept responsibility for that..

    And, now Andy does not want the DEA report released.

    That clearly shows he has a lot to hide…

    The fact that you claim Zane is Duncan is nothing more than an attempt to justify the actions of the Zinke family..

    Zane is NOT Duncan..

    Your argument Kim that Duncan is Zane has no credibility and by using that defense proves more and more the guilt and lack of integrity of Kim and Andy Zinke.

    You would make for a really bad attorney and it’s time for the both of you to shut your mouths.

    Any Sheriffs officer endorsing Andy Zinke should run for the hills and never look back.

    Nygren has a connection to Christopher Grote.

    Surely, he would put a phone call in for you.

    Nygren is good at that..

  10. I never claimed that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke did NOT flip his middle finger at Cal stupid.

    I just supported his decision based on Cal’s twisted attacks on Undersheriff Andrew Zinke, his friends, family members, and all others that are not influenced by his corrupted lies.

    As of Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife using the F-Word during a parade in Crystal Lake, this accusation came from the only reported eyewitness in a crowned parade, former Deputy Scott Milliman, who was terminated by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    Scott Milliman also has a wrongful termination suit against the county and is obviously a member of the Misfit Club against Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for personal reasons. T

    herefore, Scott Milliman has no credibility and is a close friend of a well known liar, YOU Zane Seipler = Duncan Mchenry.

    Also, we know YOU are Zane Seipler!

  11. Scot Milliman has a very interesting case in Federal Court against Zinke/Nygren. T

    he Zinke/Nygren lawyers have tried to get it thrown out but the court says “NO, the case has MERIT.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, fuk!!!

  12. Every good attorney’s strategy is to try to get the case thrown out.

    Maybe if you were not smoking crap in your pipe, you would know the common strategy that has been used for over a 100 years.

  13. Fukoku=Kimmy=Nut Job=Porn star sister=Wife of clown=Zane=Duncan Mchenry.

    For the last time, Duncan is not Zane.

    Zane will openly bash you and Andy under his own name.

    He even has his own website.

    There are plenty more people that hate you and your hubby than just Zane.

    Zane has never been proven to be a liar about anything.

    A judge issued an opinion, that does not mean it is proven. I

    f the judge had proof he could charge Zane with perjury.

    He did not.

    I have an opinion that your are an a-hole.

    I guess that means it is a fact.

    Your hubby is not going to win the election.

    So start updating his resume.

  14. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    the fact that you dropped the f bomb and Andy gave his middle finger to Cal is a fact.

    And, the only witness was not just Scott Milliman.

    There were many, many witnesses Kim…

    You just continue to live in your fantasy world Kim. You and your husband Andy have crucified his chances for election… You and Andy have no one to blame but yourselves.

    Duncan is not Zane..

    Prove it Kim, you have no proof.

    Unless of course, it comes from your imaginary world.

    Further, Scott Milliman does have credibility….

    Now go take care of that “BIG FAT” hole you and your husband have dug for yourselves.

    Surely, the local 150 will assist you with that one..

    Calling Christopher Grote, the Zinke family needs you.

  15. FukyNut, depositions for Milliman’s federal case are coming.

    People are lining up to talk.

    Nobody wants to take the heat for Keith and Andy’s shenanigans.

    Maybe Keith and Andy can be cellmates.

    Partners in crime, partners doing time.

    There goes the pensions.

    Who’s on “top” tonight.

    Maybe sis can make some prison videos.

  16. DEA report?

    What DEA report?

    The report everyone claims to want is an internal, personnel report of an employee who may or may not have violated in internal rule of conduct.

    Sine NO ONE from an outside legal agency has filed any CRIMAL charges, including the DEA, there’s nothing there.

    Internal business reports are generally not available to the public; I.e. Look at how long the judge has needed to form an opinion on what many of you claim is a simple rule of law.

    Must. Not be that simple

  17. “AZsupporter”

    Your rationalizations are not going to work here..

    If there was nothing to hide Judge Meyer would have released the report and Andy and Keith would not be fighting to keep it confidential….

    Judge Meyer is a “COWARD” and he is delaying those legal proceedings and Nygren and Zinke are fighting to have the report kept confidential and doing everything they can to extend the legal proceedings….

  18. ClownSupporter, since they are hiding the report I would guess there is something in it they don’t want the public to see before the election.

    The taxpayers paid for that report to be done.

    Any moron can clearly see that Andy violated several general orders.

    Those general orders were previously posted on this site.

    The facts are clear, Andy is GUILTY.

    Why was he not disciplined by the sheriff.

    Because the sheriff is covering it up for his boy, his suck-sessor to the throne of corruption.

    I’m sure the report includes a less than flattering letter from the DEA saying that Andy screwed up their investigation.

    Let the public see the report and decide for themselves that Andy is a self serving A-hole who does not deserve to hold any position in the MCSO.

  19. Any other judges you all don’t like beside Graham and Meyer?

    You guys/ gals are frightening and as I’ve posted elsewhere, battling with unarmed people is useless.

    Believe whatever you want.

  20. Zinke cries to the Merit Commission when he can’t pass a 8th grade level testing process…

    Zinke violates several General Orders by flipping off a local, well respected blog author..

    ( I personally feel that Stinky Zinke should have been charged with Disordely Conduct.)
    Zinke wife F %()_

    YOU out load as children and senior citizens parade day is ruined..

    Then the Rita incident:

    Zinke violates General Order 1.5.08 a) Except as authorized, employees shall not communicate information
    which might assist persons suspected of or charged with criminal acts.


    General Order 1.5.08(b) Members shall refrain from associating with person(s), organizations, or places that are less reputable ,who are under criminal investigation or indictment is prohibited, because of other personal relationships to the deputy.

    Now zinke cries and try to shut down Cal’s blog ?….



  21. And i too feel that Milliman is highly creditable information,

  22. Yes that is correct Watching, Duncan McHenry is Zane Seipler.

    Let me explain to you how I made this discovery.

    When Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler was saying the same worthless repeated babbling crap, he was talking about Zane Seipler and refer to himself as “I”.

    Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler forgot to change his author name as he became so worked up in defending himself.

    Of course, when I pointed this fact out to him, he began to claim that I was Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife as a diversion.

    As Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler would say, “and that is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

  23. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    You think you have all the answers “NOT”

    You are just so paranoid. Duncan is not Zane…..

    There is no point in arguing with someone that lives in imaginary world…

    Sure hope the scenery is nice…

    Go back to the Cuckoos next Kim before there is another knife incident..

  24. I think FukyNutjob has a thing for Zane.

    She thinks everyone is Zane.

    I bet she yells out “Zane” when she’s riding the clown.

    I think the Dorr 10 precinct committeeman race between Zane and Andy should be decided by a few minutes in the octagon.

  25. I went on the Seipler website and what I found interesting it the Sherriff’s office dropping Kevin Lyons’ DUI arrest.

    No apparent reason was given.

    Lyons’ didn’t contest the facts, his case was apparently just “dropped”.

    LOL….now I know why the paper “objectively” writes supportive articles on the Sherriff’s Office and Nygren in particular.

    What a wonderful democracy we live in.

  26. You guys are really starting to open my closet doors..

    i sure hope that Kim doesn’t find out about the girl I’m with.

  27. Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, if you put just half of the energy that you put in this blog looking for a job, you wouldn’t have to live off your Mamasita.

    You really need to do something with your life.

    Living for this blog is not healthy.

  28. Milliman creditable?

    Holy crap Batman!

    his is the guy who went to the FBI with what he claimed was proof of corruption and such, and they basically told him. “Go away”.

    Creditable; not

  29. “AZ” Talk about lack of credibility, you are the one that told me that you are retired with kids at home You even stated they have towels at home with their initials on them. You are the one weaving webs..

    Yes Scott Milliman is credible and there is proof of corruption..

    Please make sure Kim sets up an appointment for you with her psychiatrist. You need it..

  30. “Talk about lack of credibility, you are the one that told me that you are retired with kids at home You even stated they have towels at home with their initials on them.”

    What does that have to with credibility idiot?

    You need a psychiatrist for immediate help and go back to your Cuckoos nest where you watch your infamous TV shows “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right.”

  31. Fukoku, time for you to go to bed. You are repeating other peoples comments and using them as your own . . .

    I do believe everyone realizes that and it makes you look daffy.

    By the way daffy is not good!

  32. RegimeOver, are you Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler clone?

    You both sound so much alike.

  33. Regime Over

    I started feeling sorry for Andy a long time ago.

    Since the campaign for McHenry County Sheriff started my sympathies go out to the entire Zinke family as Andy and Kim Zinke have become the laughing stocks of McHenry County.

    Andy is suppose to be upholding the law and he shut down Cals blog… Somewhere along the line he decided the badge he wears means he is above the law..

    We do not want someone like him running the McHenry County Sheriffs office.

    Bye Andy…

  34. You will be the one feeling sorry for yourself Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler after it becomes official that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke has been elected as the next Sheriff of McHenry County.

    All of your hopes in getting your job back will go up in one big wisp of smoke.

  35. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke

    Listen here Kim Duncan is not Zane. You are paranoid..

    Duncan has never worked for the Sheriffs Department.

    You are using Zane to lend credibility to your arguments.

    What you fail to realize is that you have no credibility.

  36. There is no unity anymore in the Republican Party… and we need it.

    For years up and comers were kneecapped and discarded so “institutionalized” players could continue to run and control “the party”.

    This has caused “the party” to whither.

    Its not dead – but the current leadership is strangling talent.

    We cheer Melissa Denker and her Young Republican movement – but just how many YRs are there? 10?

    We are dying not because of the MCDP but because we are killing ourselves.

    Zinke is a direct reflection of this.

    When I get a call saying that “Mike” cannot publicly endorse “Andy” but wants me to support “Andy”, I have an issue.

    “Mike” if “Andy” is so good could you please put out an endorsement to your precinct as the precinct committeemen?

    The rules say you can do that.

    Prim v Zinke is good for the party.

    Everyone has to choose a side and while I want unity in this party…

    I want to know who is where and this race provides every voter in McHenry County window in to our Party.

    You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice

    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice

    You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill

    I will choose a path that’s clear

    I will choose freewill

    There is no freewill inside the Republican Party right now.

    Right now it is ridged and crumbling – much like the leadership.

    There will be UNITY! Yes – Unity.

  37. Feb 02,2009 zinke acknowledges and makes a tube video about the Heroin problem in McHenry County.

    Zinke helps Nicholas by not charging him with possession of Heroin ..

    Why Andy ?

    How close were you to Nicholas mother ?

    Wow, remember walking down that hall way Andy, bragging about her, and how much fun you had ? ..

    Stinky sure fits your nick name pal.

    So, 4 years later when Mr. Prim announces that he is running for McHenry County Sheriff, and identifies a well plan of attack against the heroin problem plague the County, including Drug interdiction, recovery and support programs, joining with the States Attorney Office to help curb the problem, Zinke decides he wants to try something now about the problem ?

    Come on, every voter can see that Zinke is only talking about this now because he failed to do nothing for the past 4 years to help,..

    You failed once again Andy, just like you always do..

    That is why its so well known thru out MCSO that you are called STINKY ZINKE..

    You are not credible , …

    McHenry County residents will vote Mr. Bill Prim in as their next Sheriff, and return the Sheriffs Office back to its citizens….

    By removing you and fat Nygren will be a huge step in removing the cancer that affects the hundreds of hard working men and women at McHenry County Sheriffs Office, in Patrol,Corrections, Court Security, Process Div,Detectives, Special assigned units, and of course our much loved and highly talented TRAFFIC UNIT that you shut down ( after another one of your well known temper tantrums
    By the way, I still feel sorry for the Garcia family that Kim hit with her squad car..

    Why Andy?


  38. Boy, Fuk/ Kim/ Andy for an elderly grandma, ordinary citizen, you seem to have pretty specific info on the Sheriff’s Dept.

    You have really been spinning yourself into a web you will not be able to undo.

    Remember folks with them you get a two-pack of nutty!!

  39. I made a stop by Zane’s Zinke Blog and saw something that was sort of funny.

    He is saying that Democrats are helping Zinke petition, but Mr. Zane, you are wrong.

    By petitioning for someone that is running in a primary (be it Democratic or GOP affiliate), if you sign or circulate a petition for a candidate running for a major party, one is saying that they are part of that party.

    Zane just proved that he really is a political newcomer especially if he doesn’t understand the petitioning process and otherwise is leveling charges against Zinke for having “Democrats” work for him.

    If Mr. Rivera signed a petition/circulated a petition for Andy, he is part of the GOP.

    Sorry Zane/Duncan McHenry – you are wrong.

  40. “Fair Play” You are wrong and Zane is not Duncan. Get a grip. Is Zane wrote it, it is true. And, I have told by an insider that Nygren plans to come in as a Democrat if Zinke loses the primary…. You are just too funny Fair Play.

  41. Duncan – I am right, if you sign a petition for a primary, you are saying that you are part of that party.

  42. Nygren isn’t running if Zinke loses.

    He’s retiring and he’s no Brett Favre – if he says he is retiring, he is retiring.

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