Melissa Denker Off, Will Parker & Jenna Wing On the Ballot for Republican Precinct Committeeman

Hearings by the McHenry County Officers Electoral Board were held on four challenges to Republican Precinct Committeeman petitions on Tuesday.

Melissa Denker is currently the youngest GOP Precinct Committeeman in McHenry County.

Melissa Denker is currently the youngest GOP Precinct Committeeman in McHenry County.

In Dunham Township, the two candidates challenged each other’s petition legitimacy.

The first was a challenge to incumbent Melissa Denker’s candidacy.  (Besides being Dunham Township’s elected Precinct Committeeman, Denker is President of the McHenry County Young Republicans.)

She filed ten signatures, the minimum needed to obtain a ballot petition.

Her opponent, William Parker, contended that she had only nine legitimate signatures. One was from a person she testified she knew on Route 23, but he was not registered in Dunham Township when he signed Denker’s petition, argued Parker’s attorney Robert Hanlon.

The person in question was registered by Denker after her petition was turned in. Rebecca Lee of the law firm of Gummerson Rauch Lee Wombacher  LCC argued that was adequate.

The three members of the Election Board, McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz, Circuit Clerk Katherine Keefe and First Assistant State’s Attorney did not agree and voted to remove Denker from the ballot because ten valid signatures were required to gain ballot access.

Melissa Denker (center) confers with her attorneys Alexis Costello and Rebecca Lee.

Melissa Denker (center) confers with her attorneys Alexis Costello and Rebecca Lee.

After consultation between Lee and Hanlon, Denkder withdrew her objection to Parker’s petition. Apparently, they had received only one page of signatures, instead of the two filed by Parker. When the two pages were examined, it was clear that there were more than ten valid signatures.

The other contested case was filed by Bonnie Duresa against the candidacy Jenna Wing.

If she wins the Fox River Grove contest, Jenna Wing will be McHenry County's youngest Republican Precinct Committeeman.

If she wins the Fox River Grove contest, Jenna Wing will be McHenry County’s youngest Republican Precinct Committeeman.

The complaint, presented by attorney Laura Jacksack, contended that Wing was not a registered voter when she signed her Statement of Candidacy toward the end of November.

Wing’s attorney, Robert Hanlon, presented a certified copy of her November 3rd voter registration form and contended that was evidence enough that she met that qualification for Precinct Committeeman.

Jacksack argued that since the registration card was not submitted to the County Clerk’s Office until the day the petition for Precinct Committeeman was filed, that when she signed her Statement of Candidacy, she was not then a registered voter.

Jacksack presented three Illinois Supreme Court decisions in defense of her argument.

Instead of recessing for a day or so, the three Board members recessed to read the three opinions.

When the Board came back into session, reported his reading of the three opinions were not on point with the petition challenge.

The first case had to do with a judicial candidate who did not live in the subdistrict where he filed for office, but said he would move into the district. Vinton pointed out that Wing lived in the Fox River Grove precinct. He also found language in the document that said the Statement of Candidacy should “substantially comply” with requirements.

The second opinion dealt with whether a township assessor had accurately signed a statement saying, “I am eligible to take that office.” State law says an assessor has to be a township resident for a year. Vinton concluded there was not a similar time frame in the challenge being considered.

In the third opinion, a municipal aspirant’s candidacy was challenged because he owed money to his village. After appeals, he was kept on the ballot.

All three, Jacksack argued backed up her argument that the Statement of Candidacy had to reflect accurately the “present” situation.

The principals in the ballot challenge of Fox River Grove's Jenna Wing.

The principals in the ballot challenge of Fox River Grove’s Jenna Wing.

Vinton pointed to the evidence of the November 3rd voter registration form executed by a Deputy Registrar.

“I think there is a difference in registering with a Deputy Registrar than with motor vehicles,” he said.

“There’s nothing that says if a registrar fails to [turn in the paperwork in a timely fashion] that the candidate is then punished for that.”

Jacksack had pointed out that after a Deputy Registrar registers someone, it has to be mailed within two days or deliver in person in seven days.

Schultz found none of the cases addressed voter registration.

“This registration was taken by a Deputy Registrar,” she explained. “That means when the Deputy completes the form, one is registered.”

She contrasted that with the process where one applies to be registers at the Secretary of State’s Office or mails in an application. In those cases, the person would not be registered until the person’s identification was checked out by the Clerk’s Office.

Schultz pointed out that one can vote on Election Day whether or not one’s name is on the election rolls, if one has the duplicate copy of one’s registration card. (This is provided to newly-registered voters by Deputy Voter Registrars.)

Keefe agree with the reasoning. She quoted language from one of the opinions which said that an individual’s right to run for office should not be “lightly denied.”

Schultz added that had the registration been by way of application, she “might have gone the other way.”

Erik Sivertsen

Erik Sivertsen

Wing will face off against Richard Duresa in Algonquin Township Precinct 45.

Robert Hanlon provided legal representation in three of the cases, all of which he won. Rebecca Lee faced off against him on the two Dunham Township cases and Laura Jacksack on the Algonquin Township case. Jacksack said she would consider filing an appeal.

In the fourth challenge appointed Precinct Committeeman Erik Sivetsen represented himself in his challenge to remove John Doles from the ballot.

Sivertsen succeeded in providing that Doles did not live in the precinct.


Melissa Denker Off, Will Parker & Jenna Wing On the Ballot for Republican Precinct Committeeman — 35 Comments

  1. The old “heir and a spare” applies to politics too.

    If they want 10 names, give them some extras to avoid being dumped. If it’s a hot race, you gotta give them a lot of extras.

    Sadly, a lesson learned the hard way.

  2. Let us pray the same integrity / knowledge will be on display in future elections after Kathy retires.

  3. I personally would like to congratulate Melissa Denker for wrapping up the 2040 McHenry County Republican Party chairmanship. Considering past precedent, someone too dumb and/or lazy to get 5 extra signatures on a 10-signature petition is a shoo-in for the job. Here’s to you, Melissa, may your Tracy-Flick-esque ambitions amass you all the power you desire.

  4. With no disrespect meant to Miss Denker, it’s really stupid to turn in a petition with only the minimum number of signers.

    She should have turned in 20-30 signatures, in order to be certain of surviving a challenge that would be expected in any contested race.

    Now she can run as a write-in and swamp the others, but it will take more work.

  5. Really..This must be where the old people here are the so smart.

    She is 18!

    Cut her a little slack.

    I am sure when you all were 18 you were not any wiser!

    When it said get 10 people to sign she got 10.

    I am sure it wasn’t in her mind that the 10 may not be enough because of a challenge.

    Plus she obviously thought that they were all legit.

    Obviously Mark you are a a**.

    It’s a precinct committeeman/woman position.

    About the lowest on the totem pole for running a elected spot.

    If she got elected to Springfield at 18 she couldn’t do any worse then a lot of the idiots down there now!

  6. Live on – this is NO KID- She is about 20 by now.

    She has been doing political things for about 2 years now and is not new to the process.

    She has done it before.

  7. Live, Melissa’s website says she is 21 years old.

    She is also the chairperson of the mchenry county young republicans.

    You would think she would have a little more political smarts.

    Here bio also says she is from Serbia.

    Is she even a US citizen?

    How long has she lived in Dunham Township?

    She appears to have a lot of political ambitions.

    Maybe she is working with the wrong people.

  8. LOL!!! This is GREAT!

    Another young person eaten alive by the hapless GOP.

    Keep it up and send the entire next generation to us and become completely irrelivant, that is if the GOP isn’t already there.

    Melissa, it is alright, come to the darkside.

    Not only will we not cut you down, we will actually use your youth and energy to further a great cause, something the GOP can never offer you.

  9. There’s another story here.

    Did you notice Mark Gummerson threw his associates under the bus when he chose not to go up against Rob Hanlon who successfully represented Melissa Denker’s challenger?

  10. Serbia?!? WTH?!? No, no…this isn’t right, THIS ISN’T RIGHT!!!

    How are we going to get our anti-Kosovo movement off the ground without Salt infiltrating the McGOP?!?

    Очигледно, ово је велика шала магарче.

  11. If the law required voters to be US born citizens and have at least a third grade education that would eliminate about 40% of the democrat votes.

    Robbie, what’s that gibberish at the bottom.

  12. 3rd grade education?

    Hey, Regimme, I’d like to introduce you to Jim Crow…methinks you two will get along…

  13. Actually, the title of the office is “precinct committeeman.”

  14. YellowDog, by “darkside” do you mean the communist Obongo Democrap give ’em a hand out party. Your great cause is to ruin our nation.

    Rob, are you one of them?

  15. Regime,

    None other!

    Give me your tired, your weak, your poor, and every meaningful election for that matter.

    You go a head a quibble over precinct committeewhatever and we will go on governing the state.

    Your shunning of youth and minorities does a much greater good for my cause than I ever could. For that, I am deeply thankful.

    You make a fine Democrap indeed.

  16. Sad to see Melissa Denker will not be an elected precinct committeeman again. She really brought a lot to the party, and the only reason some people dislike her is she went out with the wrong guy.

    Looks like she is not going to go the write-in route, as she’s removed the precinct committeeman reference from her Twitter home page.

    While her removal from the ballot was caused by her own mistake careless mistake, I do hope she remains active in local politics.

    Her detractors will move to take her out of her McHenry County Young Republicans leadership role, but I hope they fail there.

    And on the Jenna Wing case, while she was ruled to stay on the ballot, who was the deputy registrar who registered her to vote and waited 2-3 weeks before submitting the registration to the county clerk’s office??

  17. “the only reason some people dislike her is she went out with the wrong guy”

    And because she jumped into bed with the sociopaths currently in control of the party who literally tried to ruin Bianchi’s life simply because they wanted to dole out his office to someone else. Let that sink in for a second.

    There needs to be a serious purge, and if you align yourself with those sorts of people, I do not feel bad if you are caught in the mix.

  18. Always fun to watch politicos of the same party eat their own.

  19. This is the best the McGOP has going forward?

    We are in trouble.

  20. Will Parker wasn’t the right man for the Mayor of Harvard.

    What makes you think he’ll be the right person for a simple “office” such as a Precinct Committeeman?!

  21. Mindless, (perfect fitting name) no the people of Harvard would rather keep the incest going with a mayor that just hands out jobs to his buddies.

    At least Parker has lived in the area for a long time, unlike Denker.

  22. Robbie, I see you posted me on your little blog.

    You sang “rock on” to your lady friend ?

    You’re a douche.

    I doubt it was actually a girlfriend.

    That song sucks too.

    Were you friends with Denker in the MCYR.

    Maybe you should have advised her to get a few extra signatures.

    ” Where do we go from here?” .

    Hopefully not in the direction Obongo is taking us.

  23. YellowDog, you guys keep giving out your Obongo phones , food stamps, and free health care to illegals.

    When the economy collapses there will be no more handouts for your paid voters.

    Then what?

  24. If by douche you mean I have the voice of an angel…well, you are partially right.

    I’m good, but I’m not that good.

    BTW, thanks for reading. The visits really bump up the ad revenue.

  25. Regime,

    It seems Miss Denker has rejected you in the past.

    Tough break.

    Let me give yoi some advice.

    Most women are Democrats.

    We prefer men who support policies that appreciate their lady parts, not ones that seek to control and demonize them.

    Your affinity for that, ah hem, hygene product is very Freudian.

    So, if you ever want to shake off that 40 year old virgin vibe, I suggest stop picking on young women amd start supporting more progressive policies.

  26. YellowDog, Most women in Mchenry county are not democraps.

    When you say appreciate their lady parts, do you mean killing babies.

    There is a very large right to life population in this area.

    We might appreciate you keeping your lady parts closed so we don’t have to fund your birth control and abortions.

    I’ve never met miss Denker, but she looks like she could use some time with a man.

    If you want to be a slut that’s great, there are a lot of guys in the bars looking for you.

    Most of the Dem women are pretty homely though.

    Hillary is like walking birth control.

    The term douche is not a literal reference, look it up.

    Also, if your so worried about the poor, give them your stuff.

    Keep your hands out of my pockets.

  27. Why doesn’t someone with knowledge of common challenges just list them?

    Besides not getting enough good signatures (I recommend getting twice the number needed), how about

    1- not numbering one’s pages. (Such a challenge knocked Marc Muneretto’s Township Clerk primary opponent off the ballot and gave him a free ride to the office.)

    2- not stapling one’s Statement of Candidacy and the petitions together. (Paperclips are not good enough.)

    2- not filing the receipt of one’s Statement of Economic Interest for all offices but Precinct Committeeman.

    Can others add more?

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