Barb Wheeler Endorsing Andy Zinke for Sheriff

Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

Confirming a report received recently, State Rep. Barb Wheeler says that she is supporting Andy Zinke for McHenry County Sheriff.

“I have worked with Andy for years and am proud of the work he has done. I have heard the rumors being spread about him and I am disappointed in the rancid discourse that has occurred.

“Out of respect for some of the people involved, I had hoped to stay out of the race.

“I no longer want to remain on the sidelines.”


Barb Wheeler Endorsing Andy Zinke for Sheriff — 52 Comments

  1. Smart woman, backing a good man and a winner!

    Let the wailing begin!!!

  2. It’s interesting that Ms. Wheeler no longer wants to “remain on the sidelines.”

    As a County Board Member, Barb Wheeler would frequently leave the room when a tough issue was on the floor for a vote, rather than stand up and be counted.

    As State Rep. she was unopposed, so we don’t really know if she would have survived an election.

    Her behavior at political events is an embarassment

    Your very thin record, Ms. Wheeler, is of little value in an endorsement.

    In fact, I would expect you to endorse someone also so poorly qualified for an office, as Andy Zinke.

    I wish you both an early retirement.

  3. Priest:

    Would you refresh my memory regarding the (Salvi) “political stock”, i.e., who served in what political office, and for how long?

    The last, and only one I can remember was Al Salvi.

    Thank you.

  4. Barb Wheeler endorses Andy Zinke.


    She must be one of the Zinke and Nygren Circus side show attractions who has has yet to make an appearance in the Circus.

    Anyone associated with Zinke is fool.

    Don’t cry yet, more Zinke antics to come.

    Barb Wheeler committed political suicide as it is just a matter of time before Andy Zinke falls into that “BIG FAT HOLE” he has dug and then will take all of his associates with him….

    Depositions in Rockford. YES.

    Gosh Andy, hope you are losing sleep and as you stay awake at night and ponder the web you will weave when questioned.……


    Let’s just say, Andy Zinke has a lot of explaining to do.

    Gosh Andy, I think orange is your color…..

    Barb what exactly, is your connection the the Regime?..

    Because, there might come a day when you will need the local 150 to assist you in any “BIG FAT HOLE” you have dug as a result of your association with the Regime…

    Sure hope orange is in your color wheel.

  5. Priest, say a prayer for Stinky, he’s going to need it to win.

    If he does happen to win, this is only going to get worse.

    What are Stinky’s merits ?

    Kissing Nygren’s ass?

    I’m tired of playing nice.

    It doesn’t work when the only local newspaper is just a puppet of the sheriff.

    What is the connection there? Do they share in the proceeds?

    Electing Stinky is like electing Nygren again.

    We have already had about 16 years too many of that a-hole.

    Some federal court depositions are coming. Lets see what we learn from those.

    Wasn’t Stinky buddies with the pedophile Sgt. Pyle?

    Good judge of character.

    And Stinky gave him special treatment when he was being booked in the jail.


    Why did they pay him for almost a year after his arrest.

    I think the video/picture evidence of him molesting his kid would be enough for a termination, don’t you?

    Maybe they paid him to keep his mouth shut.

    I hear he is making a deal, will he talk about his buddies at the dept.

    Why is Stinky buddies with a guy who runs a company that is being watched by the DEA.

    That business is also Stinky’s campaign headquarters! WTF!

    There is way too much smoke around this guy.

  6. This is only the beginning; the endorsements for Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for Sheriff will come out in waves now that the election is coming to a close as it becomes apparent that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke will become our next elected Sheriff.


  7. Fukoku, why comment?

    At the moment you have proved yourself irrelevant.

    You have called me out, by no provocation on my part I may add, but yet say nothing about the holes that you can poke in your sleep about Paul Scharff and his book.

    Your comments are right below Fukoku, have you forgotten them?

    “You are not kidding AZsupporter, back to that book again and again.

    “This was not a mob-related mafia hit, but simply a killing by an angry jealous ex-husband.Paul Scharff is nothing more than a Mafia groupie trying to sell a fictional book by twisting the facts.

    “I could shoot holes in this book in my sleep.”

    You have called me a liar and slandered me in this public forum. Prove yourself worthy, tell the good people of McHenry County the facts twisted by me in efforts to sell my book of fiction.

    Stand up for yourself, don’t prove yourself a coward and weak.

    Zinke needs every blind shrill he can find and you were a good one.

    Don’t fail Andy Zinke in his time of need, because I am here to do what I can to knock him down.

    Prove Paul Scharff the liar, the teller of false fact as you claim me to be.

    Then I can let you go back to spouting your unwavering support of The Regime, that has victimized so many.

    Start the hole poking Fukoku, Andy needs this one, won’t you help?

  8. I think Zinke will get many endorsements from Attorneys . . . he will be a gold mine for them.

    I would hope Ms Wheeler follows the comments and maybe learns how the Nygren/Zinke regime works.

    Let us pray that she educates herself on this matter.

  9. Really sad to see this.

    I have always stood up for Barb when others had less than nice things to say.

    I could handle people like Mary McCann, Tina Hill, Mike Tryon, and John Jung endorsing Zinke… but Barb Wheeler?

    People, good people, can disagree on spending and policy.

    However, this goes way deeper.

    And I honestly thought Barb was staying out of it.

    She did nothing more than what Randy Hultgren did.

    She waited until the filing deadline passed and then came out of the closet.

    Which is fine.

    At least we know where Barb stands.

    Where does Mike Tryon stand?

  10. In another thread, someone (I believe “RegimeOver”) pointed out the son of McHenry County Board Chairman Tina Hill is in the “back pocket” of Andy Zinke.

    Doesn’t Hill’s son, Garret, work for State Representative Barb Wheeler as her legislative aide?

    I think he also worked for the House Republican Organization for a few years prior to that.

    Looks like we now see a connection if Garret Hill is part of the Zinke team, apart from Wheeler’s own connection with Zinke when she was on the McHenry County board.

    There is no question Zinke has tremendous momentum heading into the holidays.

    I calculate, given the flurry of campaign A-1 disclosure reports filed by the Zinke campaign, Zinke now has a 2-1 fundraiding cash-on-hand lead over Bill Prim.

    Looks like the Prim campaign and their supporters lost a lot of momentum over the summer and fall.

    This race is definitely Zinke’s to win or lose.

  11. It appears to me that Bill Prim better hit the streets come Dec. 26, 2013 as it appears the Zinke supporters have learned from the guy in D.C.

    No matter what facts are out there to rule you out as an upstanding person, ignore them and push on!

    With Zinke being tied at the hip to Nygren (Progressive) and being willing to call people at Rita Corp about a pending raid, he should never get the support of any upstanding Republican or honest conservative.

  12. Haven’t heard back from Priest about Barb Wheeler’s “political stock.”

    Public record shows brother, Al Salvi, as a one-term State Rep.

    Also, interesting was his use of list of state employees to which he sent tickets for fundraisers. (*source – Wikipedia biography of Al Salvi)

    Barb Wheeler is just one more on the list of lemmings that the Old Guard will dust off for endoresements.

    This will not surprise anyone who’s been around the County for a while.

    As for Tryon, his leadership and any positive impact no longer exists.

  13. “mchenry county combine watcher”..

    The Northwest Herald failed to mention the fact that Zinke gave Cal the finger at a public parade.

    Kim Zinke dropped the f bomb at the same public parade.

    Most recently, Andy Zinke shut down Mchenry County Blog with false allegations of stalking…

    The article is not objective..

    Clearly, no one has seen antics coming from the Bill Prim camp.

    The only antics during this election have come from the Zinke Camp and the Nygren and Zinke Circus..

    It is completely understandable why Kevin Lyons (A reporter) from the Northwest Herald was never prosecuted for drinking and driving..

    Kevin also plays cards with many police officers and has very strong personal and professional ties to McHenry County Government…

    That is a fact…

    “Hey Kevin if you see Dave, send him my regards. Thank God he retired”

  14. Al Salvi served two terms with me in the early 1990’s.

    He ran against Dick Durbin for the US Senate in 1996.

  15. Is Barb’s Naperville “friend” also supporting Zinke?

    Perhaps he should be asked next time he accompanies her to a local fundraiser.

  16. Of course Barb would support Stinky, they have been very cosy for along time.

  17. I saw an explosion after reading the Northwest Herald article, after the smoke cleared, all that was left was Bill Who’s shoes smoking as any of his chances to become Sheriff went up in smoke.

    Like I have stated, this is only the beginning.

  18. This is a warning to the Northwest herald.

    You have the right to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and you can’t even do that..

    They reported that Prim brought in thousands of dollars for confiscated drug money.

    The truth is Bill brought in over $20 million in confiscated drug money………..

    The Northwest Herald, may want to think about getting their facts straight before they decide to print untruths as facts.

    Keep in mind, this is not the first time that has happened…

    Boycott the Northwest Herald.

  19. God help McHenry County and all the good people at MCSO if Zinke wins. \\

    There are very few at the department who want him running the place

  20. I thought you boycotted the Northwest Herald Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler.

    Was this just one of your many lies that I have uncovered once again?

    You just make it too damn easy for me.

  21. “Fukoku” = Kim Zinke Listen here you nut..

    No one should purchase the Northwest Herald, including me.

    However, there is a public poll and I will vote. That way they are not being supported financially.

    Now get along and return to the Cuckoos nest..

  22. Cal I stand corrected.

    Al Salvi served from 1992-1996, 4 years.

    I had forgotten that State Reps’ terms were 2 yr terms.

    Still not impressed by Salvi record, nor with any puff pieces about Barb Wheeler.

  23. Back in the day, there were Republican parties at my home.

    While Gary Pack, Keith Nygren, Marene Lantz, and others were downstairs, I was upstairs talking to the FBI…

    The agents had specific questions about the following people, Marlene Lantz, Gary Pack, Keith Nygren, Bill Lefew and Mike Tryon…

    Gosh guys, why would they possibly be interested in all of you?

    The blog is open for discussion and surely the people from McHenry County would like to hear what you all have to say…

    Come out, come out, wherever you are…

    Also, Duncan was there the day one of the republican committee people informed Bill Lefew that they were retiring and moving out of Illinois.

    Bill Lefew assured that person that they could continue as a committee person, even though they were moving out of State and would no longer be living in the district they were representing.

    The committee person said no thank you.

  24. So let me try to understand your intelligence.

    As long as you don’t financially support the Northwest Herald, you are boycotting them?

    However, you are still using the Northwest Herald as a news source as long as you don’t have to pay for it?

    Some may ask-what does boycott mean?

    “To cease or refuse to deal with something such as an organization, a company, or a process, as a protest against it or as an effort to force it to become more acceptable.”

    This is why the Misfit Club’s deceptiveness just doesn’t work. You lack the smarts and that is one good reason why Bill Who lost this race to become Sheriff.

  25. “Also, Duncan was there the day one”

    Don’t you mean “Also, I was there the day one?”

    Did you forget to change your post name again?

  26. Whatsa Matter “Fukoku?”

    Something got your tongue.

    Sure hope its the Republican Party because they should have shut you up years ago…..

  27. “Prim stopped short of saying he’d immediately give Seipler his job back…”
    – NW Herald, December 21st, 2013.

    Why do you support Bill Prim again Duncan?

  28. Zane Seipler should have never been fired.

    He should have never had to fight for his job in federal court….

    I have first hand knowledge of corruption in Mchenry County and know for a fact that Bill Prim has no connections to corruption..

    Also,I know who for a fact is not only watching “Lets Make a Deal’ and “The Price is Right” but who is making deals and who has made deals.

    Zane Seipler is a whittle blower who exposed corruption and Nygren and Zinke retaliated by having him fired.

    If we the people want to stop corruption the answer is Bill Prim.

    That is why I support Bill Prim.

    I have lived in Mchenry County since 1977 and have been made an offer to pay to play.

    In other words, I was made an offer to pay a bribe to a judge for custody of my child.

    There was an additional case whereby the participants tried to fix a case against me and they were caught.

    It doesn’t get any better than that.

    Don’t think for a minute that corruption is limited to those 2 cases, because it is not.

  29. I’m kind of confused with all of the anger and vitriol flying back and forth.

    What corruption did Zane expose?

  30. Chicago Tribune did a front page story on him.

    So did other Chicago magazines.

    He also took Nygren to task with his illegal use of taxpayer funds for his political campaign.

    Bianchi wouldn’t look into the allegations and when the County wanted to sue Seipler the judge warned them to reconsider because of what could follow.

    Meaning that there was evidence of corruption and if the County went after Seipler it would be up to the judge to decide if Seipler’s allegations were legit.

    County didn’t want that so they dropped the motion.

  31. Oh yeah, he also called out Pyle as a deviant who was violating General Orders long before he was arrested for being a child molester.

    Perhaps if someone would have listened the victim would have been rescued sooner.

    I think he had a part in getting that older couple cleared from the false charges that some deputies made in order to cover their civil rights violations.

  32. Anton, listen to Oscar, he has a good grasp on what is going on.

    I think Zinke must have been on a pity pot, in order to get Ms Wheeler to endorse him.

  33. Anton Read about the “Whitey Bulger” and the recent trial that finally put him behind bars.

    There is a lot of insight in regards to that information.

  34. @Watching – DuncanMcHenry is a very very interesting individual who has been trolling this blog for about a year.

    He started to come out of the shadows when Zinke first started to run.

    Since, he has been basically the sideshow drawing traffic on this blog.

    Duncan likes to accuse another user of being Kim Zinke despite the fact that I know he has no proof to prove who anyone on this blog is.

    He also likes to support Zane Seiplers sham blog

    Also, he likes to support Zane Siepler’s other blog.

    So, he’s basically a nut bag and possibly Zane Seipler, yet, alas, but, nevertheless, I cannot confirm this, but it feels right.

    As for AnotherWatcher, no idea.

    They seem to be a well adjusted individual who is a bit of a moderate.

  35. “Front Page” You apparently are from the Zinke camp.

    By the way, I do have proof as to who certain people really are on this blog…Which shows you know nothing about me…

    Zane Seipler should be supported,

    He is a whistleblower who was fired because he exposed corruption within the McHenry County Sheriffs Department.


    Therefore, Zane Seipler should have never been fired. ”

    Fukoku” will be back after the first of the year.

    She will be busy with one of her favorite pastimes “ANTIQUES SHOPPING”

    And, you thought I knew nothing about the people on this blog..

    YIKES! You should really find another line of work..

    Bill Prim is the only appropriate candidate for McHenry County Sheriff.

    If Andy Zinke is elected we are all in trouble.

    In fact, the Nygren and Zinke Circus should have swept up their act a long time ago. Sure hope they both get a broom for Christmas, even if it is too little too late…

    SO next time you have any doubts about me, please let me know.

  36. Front Page, I would hope you had more to think about on Christmas Day, than who is who on Cal’s Blog!

    I have been following the comments for some time now, most are trying to educate the voters on what goes on in McHenry County, under the guise of law and order.

    With the Nygren/Zinke regime we have a problem with disorder and corrupt law used to discredit those telling the truth.

    I for one want to see Nygren and Zinke held responsible and accountable for what they have done in the name of their law and order.

    May the good officers at the Sheriff’s Office take a stand without retaliation and come out to expose what happens to team work, when disorder is the norm.

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