Andy Zinke Pulls Out of Debate with Bill Prim

Four years ago, the Northwest Herald partnered with Patriots United to host a fall debate between incumbent Keith Nygren and challengers Mike Mahon for the Democrats and Green Party candidate Gus Philpott.

The following says that Nygren’s pick, Andy Zinke, has revoked his agreement to debate former Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim in a Patriots United forum.

A press release from Patriots United tells the tale.


Bill Prim

Bill Prim


Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

WOODSTOCK, IL – The scheduled debate between the Republican candidates for Sheriff of McHenry County, Andy Zinke and Bill Prim, has been cancelled.

The debate, which was to be hosted by Patriots United, was cancelled when Andy Zinke, who had previously agreed to participate, withdrew his commitment saying there would be two other debates between the candidates sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Northwest Herald and that a third debate was unnecessary.

The Board of Patriots United expresses disappointment in this cancellation, noting there are serious issues concerning this office which need to be discussed so the voters can make an informed decision about who will best bring reform to the Sheriff’s office.

The Board looks forward to the other two promised public debates in advance of the primary election so voters can choose the best candidate.

About Patriots United:
Patriots United is a not-for-profit organization founded on five pillars: pro-family, limited government, free market economy, national defense, and choice in education. Dedicated to educating the public on public policy that reflects our conservative Pillars and values, uniting all like-minded citizens, and encouraging individuals to use this knowledge to hold those in the public sector accountable.


Andy Zinke Pulls Out of Debate with Bill Prim — 42 Comments

  1. Is anyone really shocked at this?

    This is the “old guard” and its last stand.

    Too many newbies are flooding the GOP and they could care less about how things used to be done.

    If Mr. Zinke doesn’t debate it only makes Prim’s job easier.

    Andy says he will be at the other two debates.

    We shall see.

  2. This should be of no surprise to anyone, who knows Zinke . . . the Nygren/Zinke regime will continue with their belief of being true masters of the process and in total control.

    He learned well from the Bully Nygren, and he is still playing Follow The Leader.

  3. This should come as no surprise that Andy Zinke feels confident enough to pull out of a debate with Bill Prim.

    Zinke’s campaign sees the same diminished activity of Prim supporters that I do —

    No campaign contributions to Prim of over $1,000 from a single donor since Nov. 2.

    Do not be surprised when Zinke pulls out of the other 2 debates, too.

  4. Depositions will be taking place in Rockford.

    Believe me, Andy is busy pondering that web he will weave when questioned…. as he has a lot of explaining to do.

    If he can’t handle a political debate, he can’t run the McHenry County Sherifs Department.

    He is a “COWARD”

    Further, he needs to explain his role within the Sheriffs Department which includes his role in the Rita Corporation fiasco, that famous middle finger at a public parade, Kim Zinke’s f-bomb at the same parade, and the fact that Andy Shut down Cal’s blog with false allegations of stalking…

    If Andy Zinke is elected, the tax payers have no one to blame but themselves..

  5. I am trying to figure out if Fukoku is like Andrew Zinke or if Andrew Zinke is like Fukoku.

    They both have called people out, but coward down to their own debate.

    I guess they both know that they lack the wit, the integrity, and they fear the collapse of their false flag.

    I do give them both credit though.

    They foresee their own disastrous display in any attempt of demonstrating that they know fact and truth; and for not believing their own B.S. Fukoku is an excellent reflection of the character of the candidate that they support.


  6. I had heard the Good Ole Boys were not happy with Zinke . . . they must have him on a tight leash to re-make him.

    Character counts, that will not change with him nor his wife . . . but they will put up nice family pictures and sway the public.

    Beware of what goes on behind closed doors!

    Wake up McHenry County!!!!!!

  7. Another BIASED headine!!

    Makes it seem that Zinke will not debate Prim, which by your own story, ISN’T true!

    There are, per your story, two other scheduled debates; he pulled out because three isn’t necessary.

    If you want to listen to a debate, get off your ass and go to one of the other two.

    Another non-story in a blog that OBVIOUSLY backs Mr. Prim.

    That’ss ok, but it certainly helps shed light on the reason for most of these negative storys and headlines.

  8. Zinke won’t do this debate because he knows he will be asked the hard questions. T

    he other two “debates” are a sham run by Nygren’s cronies.

  9. McHenry County seems to have its own Twilight Zone Politics.

    I thought when I left Cook County things would be different.

    Only the names have changed.

    How about a purge across the board.

    If someone is a jerk, incompetent, corrupt, in office for too long, backed by the same King Makers, vote them out of office and ask them to move somewhere else where they can pull the same nonsense. I

    don’t care if they are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, RINOs, or Independents.

    Enough is enough.

    Our families and America deserve better than Chicago Style Machines.

    Grow some integrity for Heaven’s sake.

    If you don’t have that, YOU are part of the problem and behind the deterioration of the country.

    It’s time to make me proud of who we elect and what they do in public or behind closed doors….instead of making me want to barf.

    If you are a piece of dirt, how do you kiss your children with that mouth?

  10. Re: Oscar G. on 12/28/2013 at 10:48 am said:

    Zinke won’t do this debate because he knows he will be asked the hard questions. The other two “debates” are a sham run by Nygren’s cronies.


    This wouldn’t surprise me, I’ve see it at school board candidate debates so it can happen anywhere.

    All the bleating about being unbiased moderators and such are just so much baloney in most cases. T

    hey are also intended to keep the same people in power so no newbies get in and shake out the stuff in the dark storage areas.

    All the more reason to put in someone new even if they have to learn from the start.

  11. The debate she be put on by ann objective outside party, not people or companies directly related to the Regime such as the Northwest Herald…

  12. Before the March Primary, let’s have 2-3 real DEBATES, not a repeat of the namby-pamby “forum” that was held at MCC before the election for sheriff in 2010.

    Let the candidates loose to go after one another. T

    he Zinke controllers will not want this to occur.

    Release Leist’s “investigative” report now.

    McHenry County deserves an outstanding sheriff with backbone and integrity.

    Zinke won’t have a chance if he can’t distance himself from Nygren and Nygren’s shadow.

  13. AZsupporter, glad to hear there are two more debates . . . please give me the date and time, and where they will be held. The sooner the better!

  14. You’ll have to check with Cal on those dates-

    he’s the one that said they existed, not me.

    But I digress; are you all saying that the League of Women Voters are a sham too? Don’t like women either, or is it that you can’t control them to ask the questions you want, not what the rest of the people want asked and answered?

    They used to think that back before women got the right to vote ; nice Dum Dum……

  15. AZsupporter, it was Zinke, according to the article,that said there would be two other debates.

    Will they do the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, will they discuss the Oath of Office you take, when you take the office and what it means to you???

  16. Another; don’t know about the pledge being said.

    You’ll have to go ask the Herald and League of Women if they plan on saying the pledge.

    I’d have no problem saying it- have been for 67 year, starting every day in grade school way back in the 50’s and when I served in the Army.

    How about you ?

    Still haven’t answered my question which is typical diversion tactic of asking a question instead of answering the one placed to you.

    Are the women a sham organization too, in your little minds?

  17. AZsupporter, The League of Women Voters is not a sham, I have been to many of their debates . . . they are a little to progressive to me and keep questions very generic and too politically correct.

    We need hard core questions and answers, on which way our County will go.

    I want to see the Constitution of the United States upheld!!!

    No NWO for me, Thank You!!!

  18. Thanks for the answer.

    I too want the constitution upheld, but don’t ask that of any democrat you may run into.

    Out federal government rules by executive order and nanny state thinking.

    PC has never been MY friend- the world has become a bunch of. ” me- me- me” and screw the way YOU think or feel.

    Those that don’t like one candidate or the other can vote how they choose.

    Either way, whomever wins will have to run again against the guy too afraid to take his chances with Zinke and Prim, Harrison, who, pulled out of the primary because he had no chance against two lifelong cops.

    It WILL be interesting.

  19. AZsupporter, yes our federal government rules by executive order, but the Nygren/zinke runs day to day operations with general orders.

    They cherry pick the ones they want to enforce.

  20. Zinke apparently told Patriots United they existed. That information was in the organization’s press release.

  21. Another; since you claim that Nygren/Zinke pick and choose which general rule they enforce, can we assume you have first hand knowledge due to employment there?

    Aren’t the corrections and street cops represented by a union, which has lawyers, which can defend them against unfair rulings?

    In Cal ‘s lists of employees elsewhere the deputy’s and corrections officers are listed as Union employees,so they would have legal representation in discipline hearings,yes ?

    Having been in the military ,and assuming that a police department is a quasi-military organization, one would have several layers of bosses above them before it got to Nygren or Zinke who would have reported UP the ladder of authority of wrong doing , so, although sh-t rolls down hill, the immediate boss would push it back up hill to complain.

    I doubt that Nygren it Zinke get down and dirty to the base level to file charges without several “officers ” below them complaining about the. “Foot soldiers “

  22. I read that there are no other debates scheduled. T

    he NWH or the League of Women Voters have nothing scheduled.

    So if this is true he just pulled out of the only scheduled debate.

    Says a lot in my opinion of his lack of integrity.

  23. jgkm6, you are right about that, Zinke makes it up as he goes along, he has created disorder within the Department . . .

    I am surprised he can even show his face.

    AZsupporter, you used the word assume twice in your last comment, be real careful with that word.

  24. Another,I know that assume can mean an ass outta you and me,but since I don’t KNOW, I have to guess or assume that which I post, as I’m fairly sure the rest of us who post here do too.

    Those who claim knowledge of goings on, other than Zane and Milliman,are as full of themselves as possible.

  25. “AZsupporter’

    There are plenty of people that know the truth about the “goings on” at the McHenry County Sheriffs Department…


    Telling lies “AZ”while you appear honest.

    The really sad thing is that you believe your own lies…

    You just admitted that Milliman and Seipler have knowledge of the “goings on” at the Sheriffs Department and they should be believed…

    Boy oh boy, the Republican Party needs to reign you in before you continue to do more damage.

    Oh sorry, they already have a short leash on you and “Fukoku”

  26. AZsupporter, I think you use the word assume when talking about Zinke, do not assume anything about him . . . he has played Follow The Leader, to wind up where he is at . . . not a good place.

    He will continue to disgrace McHenry County and the Sheriff’s Department.

  27. Thought I was having a conversation with Another; and Dum Dim chimed in.

    My point Dum Dum was that Zane and Milliman are the only two poster here who MAY actually know what’s going on there,FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW of feeling like their OX has been gored.

    Dum Dim and I KNOW nothing but what we’ve read or been told .

  28. “AZSupporter” You are the real DUM DUM….

    You have a habit of talking out of the side or your mouth…..

    You spoke the truth about Zane and Scott and you know it…

    They have knowledge about how the Mchenry County Sheriffs Department operates.

    And, you have a lot more information than you are willing to admit…

    That nose of yours gets longer every time you speak..

    You are arrogant and God Almighty and you need to be knocked off that pedestal of yours.

    Now get along and go help finish that book “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

    The Republican Party should have put a shock collar on the end of that leash they have you on.

    Nothing is going to prevent you from misbehaving…

  29. If that pedestal you speak of keeps my head above the ” Kool-Aid” pool SOME of you are swimming in, so be it.

    Zane and Milliman are the only two here who can post THEIR version of goings-on at MCSD, not you nor I .

  30. AZsupporter wrote on 12/28/2013 at 3:44 pm, “…

    Either way, whomever wins will have to run again against the guy too afraid to take his chances with Zinke and Prim, Harrison, who, pulled out of the primary because he had no chance against two lifelong cops.”

    I believe Harrison made a smart move.

    The loser in the March Primary cannot get on the November General Election ballot.

    To have a chance at winning the election for Sheriff, you must be on the November ballot.

    Harrison will be.

    Either Zinke or Prim will not be on the November ballot.

  31. Gus,correct, I agree.

    My point was that I think Harrison took the easy way out, to avoid answering questions against two long time officers who know more police work between them than he does about what he does for a living.

    Even his short time as a cop wouldn’t even give him, nor you, a fighting chance to respond intelligently, no matter what any of us think of either candidate.

  32. AZupporter, Harrison is backed by many of the same people that back Zinke, Harrison has baggage and too many ties to the Gary Pack people. What ever made Pack leave the State of Illinois . . . never really heard the real story.

    Zinke does not have the ethics, maturity, nor the experience needed to be Sheriff . . . somebody would be holding that leash they have him on. He has proven to the community he does not have what it takes.

  33. Yippeeee!

    Just won $20 from 2 friends that were undecided.

    I bet them Zinke would back out of Patriots because they run a good solid debate and have candidates answer hard questions.

    They attended the congressional debates and other events by Patriots and were impressed.

    They bet me that Zinke would NOT back out.

    Now they owe me and are solid behind Prim.

  34. This is a shock!!!

    Why would Zinke drop out of a debate hosted by a group of people that are acolytes of Bianchi?

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  35. Anton, the shock was that Zinke told Patriots United that three debates were scheduled, two would be enough.

    One with the NW Hearld and the other The League of Women Voters, there are no other scheduled debates . . .

    I would like to know too, who is behind the curtain, keeping a tight hold on the leash they have on Zinke.

    They had better tighten that leash, everytime he opens his mouth or gives a salute, he shows his true character.

  36. Andy Zinke gives Cal the finger at a public parade, his wife drops the f-bomb at the same public parade, Andy has Cals blog shut down because of false allegations of stalking.

    And now, he drops out of the debate and tells everyone he will participate in other debates, when in fact there are no additional debates scheduled…

    That “BIG FAT” hole Andy keeps digging gets deeper and deeper

    Calling the Local 150, come out, come out wherever you are, it is another Zinke family emergency

  37. Contrast that with Jim Harrison who wanted to debate Bill Prim on the Joe Walsh Show.

    Even though Walsh is a strong Prim supporter.

    IF Bill Prim wins the primary let’s hope he’s just as eager to debate then.

    And hey Gus and AZ Supporter, Jim didn’t back out in fear of “two life long cops”, both of whom are linked to numerous scandals.

    He just wanted a level playing field.

    Suing and defending police many misconduct cases gives Jim a view on where cops and police departments get in trouble.

    Lastly, Jim Harrison how do you reconcile Jim blowing the whistle on Zinke’s Hatch Act violations and the RITA Corp scandals with him being “backed by many of the same people that back Zinke”?

    Sure would like to know?

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