Northwest Herald Says It Will Not Be Sponsoring a Sheriff’s Debate

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

In an article posted this afternoon, the Northwest Herald reports,

“The newspaper presently has no plans to host a debate.”

Friday a press release from Patriots United said that Andy Zinke “withdrew his commitment saying there would be two other debates between the candidates sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Northwest Herald and that a third debate was unnecessary.”

Subsequently, candidate Bill Prim issued a press release saying neither the Northwest Herald nor the League of Women Voters had contacted him about a debate.

Very Interesting

Very Interesting.

Now, it is obvious why the NW Herald had not contacted Prim.

The NWH isn’t sponsoring one.

What is not obvious is why Zinke told Patriots United that the paper was planning a debate.

And, former League President Judi Szilak told the paper that the League has not yet decided to sponsor a debate either.

Szilak, by the way, took out petitions to run as a Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Clerk, but did not turn them in. She still hopes to be nominated by her party’s central committee and get on the fall ballot.

As the Laugh-In character used to say, “Ver-r-r-r-y In-ter-r-r-r-es-s-s-s-ting.”


Northwest Herald Says It Will Not Be Sponsoring a Sheriff’s Debate — 17 Comments

  1. What a surprise!!!

    At a function Zinke did not show up at, Nygren asked if he could speak for Zinke.

    He was refused

    Zinke the puppet.

  2. The NWH “PRESENTLY has no plans”-doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, does it?

  3. “The NWH “PRESENTLY has no plans”-doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, does it?”

    I guess it doesn’t mean that the NW Herald won’t host one in the future, but it does mean that Andy Zinke PRESENTLY is a lying coward.

  4. Attended League of Women’s Voters debates.

    Very weak and soft ball questions for the Nygren debates.

    League women are supposed to collect the questions from the audience and use them in the debate.

    Only tough questions were for Nygren opponents.

    League women are NOT supposed to send their questions up.

    Saw league women (they sit in the front row) pass question cards to friends behind them to give to the person collecting them as if they were just from the audience.

    They are not giving honest debates.

    It was also obvious that Nygren already knew what questions he would get.

    Had answers fly out of his mouth without a nano second to thing about it.

    Lady sitting next to me brought that to my attention.

    This lady also said that the women in the League were in the “good ole boy” group.

  5. I find Zinke to be dishonest and clueless.

    He cannot stand the heat and should get out of the kitchen.

    Patriots has always had good, well run debates.

    They did the congressional and is was great.

    The candidates agreed.

    I was there.

    Had nice conversation with all of them.

    They also had a great turnout for Manzullo for an informative session about Obamacare.

    Very well done.

    I guess Zinke has a problem with “well done”.

    We need a sheriff with some courage and this guy is really short on that.

  6. Surprise, Surprise, the NW Herald is now carrying an article regarding Zinke and debates . . . a must read for everyone.

    Zinke must not like the publicity he is receiving and made a phone call or two.

    They sure are working hard to create an illusion that people might believe.

    I don’t think he was an Officer or Gentleman today when it came time for some more clean up time to cover his tracks

  7. Patriots should continue with Prim and turn it into a meet the candidate if Zinke refuses to show.

    No reason Prim shouldn’t be allowed to get his message out

  8. Now we’re talking, about a proactive way to approach the election for Mchenry County Sheriff.

    What a GREAT idea.

    A town Hall debate……How about it Andy?

    Will you be a “NO SHOW” or will it be a “SHOW” for everyone….LOL…..

    Sure hope everyone in McHenry County likes a Circus, because if Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren show up we are in for a show of a lifetime..

    Andy just aint man enough for the big questions like the Rita Corporation fiasco.

    And, let’s not forget that infamous finger act, and the f-bomb at the same public parade.

    Can you just imagine how he will explain why he shut down Cal’s blog with false allegations of stalking?

    Though, I have to give him credit, he can tell you anything with a straight face because he has had a lot of practice..

    And, how will Andy explain that “BIG FAT FIB” he told about two upcoming debates that have never been scheduled?

    Golly Gosh Andy,everything you do is done in such “GRAND STYLE”

    You must like the limelight Andy.

    WOW Andy that “BIG FAT hole you have dug just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

    Sure hope the boys from the local 150 will be there to help you out of the hell hole, you have managed to build around yourself.

    That fire is getting hotter, Andy, as legal proceedings in Rockford are scheduled to take place.

    Calling the local 150, prepare yourselves for another Zinke family emergency.

    Andy will be in dire need of your excavating skills at the debate.

    Just mind your “Ps” and “Qs” boys as there is freedom of speech even in Mchenry County and the public will have none of your shenanigans, as there will be many witnesses there to keep the Local 150 boys in line. GOT IT?

    And, just so everyone knows there will be no bribery, extortion or corruption at the debate..

    If you are not interested in attending the debate you can go join Gordy in his Judges chambers for some awesome reruns of “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right’

    All of the fine folks of McHenry County are welcome to “Come on Down”

    No charge to anyone of course.

  9. Gosh Gordy, your cheeks are cherry red.

    You could have been Santa for Christmas.

    When you are deposed in Rockford, just make sure you raise your right hand and swear to tell the tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help the fine people of McHenry County.

    Now that will be a show you wouldn’t want to miss.

  10. Just read the latest in the NW Herald, regarding Zinke and the possibility of debates, before the March Primary . . .

    Zinke says Prim has no clue.

    Well we all have a clue, Zinke wants to run the Sheriff’s Department the Nygren/Zinke regime way.

    The Zinke behavior is based on lies and creating an illusion.

    This is the bully way of working, “my way, or no way” and control the media.

    I really like what the Woodstock Advocate had to say . . . hold a debate and put an empty chair there for Zinke.

    Yes, I think Clint would like it.

  11. Well well well, look at this excerpt from that Northwest Herald article:

    “Zinke said he rejected the invitation because the debate’s sponsor, Woodstock-based Patriots United, has board members who openly support Prim.

    “Two of Patriots United’s seven board members – Gary Rabine and Brian Kelly – have donated more than $10,000 combined to Prim’s campaign, according to financial statements filed with the Illinois StateBoard of Elections.

    “’What makes you think that I want to go be in a debate for your group when it’s clearly going to be one-sided?’ Zinke said.”

    The reason Zinke told the NWH were not a part of the Patriots United press release posted here in another article.

    Either Patriots United didn’t disclose the full reason why Zinke pulled out, or Zinke didn’t give a real reason why he pulled out of the Patriots United debate.

    One thing is certain, Zinke should have posted a press release fully disclosing his real reason for pulling out of the debate, and not let the newspaper do it for him.

    Though a minor skirmish, a victory for Bill Prim.

    But something I said earlier is noted here.

    Zinke is watching campaign contributions, and used it as a reason to reject Patriots United, given the 2 high-dollar donors who are Patriots Untied board members.

    Speaking of financials, today (12/31/13) is the last day to give a generous contribution to your sheriff candidate of choice for it to show up and be itemized in mid-January.

    And finally on this “debate about debates”, I hope either the LWV McHenry County, the NWH or some other acceptable group (McHenry County Republican Central Committee??) will dedicate 1 debate where the entire evening is the sheriff’s race.

    LWV always tries to bundle its races, and have too many offices up for debate on 1 night.

    That only gives 1 office at most 20 minutes of a debate.

    That’s not enough for any office, especially the sheriff’s race.

    We’ll see.

  12. You can’t win an election after being caught on camera flipping off the public in a parade in uniform in your police vehicle.

  13. Mark, the Nygren/Zinke regime have been in control for too long, I hope your prediction is true.

    As you can see Zinke can spin everything, in his mind, to his advantage.

    Say it often enough, and the people will believe is his motto . . .

    I don’t think he has ever been held accountable.

    UNTIL NOW!!!

    Would be interesting to learn what kind of child he was.

  14. “anotherwatcher”

    Oh my goodness, lets not go there.

    The thought of Andy as a child would cause nightmares for anyone….


  15. Zinke was quoted in the NW Herald article that he has no problem debating Prim, and then said “He has no clue about the Sheriff’s Office on how it’s run”.

    Well Zinke we all have a clue on how it is run, I am sure Prim does too, so you are going to have some real problems being accountable.

    Many questions you are going to have to answer.

    By the way, the answers will not be multiple choice

  16. Hey Fuko, where r u now ? Get out from under andy desk .

    I warned you before, that when stinky appears for his debate, he is going to have a
    closet of skeletons come tumbling out.

    just tell andy the loser that by hiding from the debates isn’t going to shut the closet door.

    I see that he looked up coordinates from my previous post.

    Ha, now he knows.

    So Fuko, call me “full of crap ” one more time please.

    I will then post something special for him.

    Like i have said before, The citizens of McHenry County deserve a true leader, and that will be Mr. Bill Prim.

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