Prim Says He Hasn’t Heard of Two Debates Zinke Used to Duck Patriots United Sheriff’s Debate

A press release from the campaign for Bill Prim for Sheriff reacting to the press release from Patriots United that Andy Zinke has pulled out of the organization’s debate:



Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim Saturday called Andrew Zinke’s decision to pull out of the only scheduled debate a decision that denies the people of McHenry County a chance to weigh for themselves the qualities and abilities of the two candidates.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

“Mr. Zinke has now deprived the voters of an excellent opportunity not only to learn our positions on the issues but to get a sense of the people behind the positions, and how we conduct ourselves in a high-stakes, high-pressure environment.

“The Sheriff’s Office, and law enforcement in general, is frequently stressful,” Prim added.

“Voters want to see for themselves how a candidate for that office operates when he has to think on his feet and make rapid decisions.

“Mr. Zinke has just denied the voters that chance, and that is a feeble showing indeed.”

The Prim and Zinke campaigns had previously both formally committed to the debate, to take place under the sponsorship of Patriots United.

No other organizations,

  • neither the Northwest Herald newspaper
  • nor the League of Women Voters

(both of which have been mentioned as possible debate sponsors), have contacted the Prim campaign regarding a debate before the March 18 primary election.

Either of those groups would be fine with him, Prim said.

Prim said voters should be on the lookout for Zinke to find scheduling difficulties or other reasons to avoid any other debates. “Mr. Zinke will have a very hard time

  • defending his decision to give the RITA Corporation, and his political donor, early warning about DEA surveillance of a drug shipment,
  • not to mention the huge budget run-ups in the Sheriff’s Office over the last several years with nothing to show for it.

“I expect him to drag his feet regarding debates in order to avoid defending himself on these and other issues.”


Prim Says He Hasn’t Heard of Two Debates Zinke Used to Duck Patriots United Sheriff’s Debate — 10 Comments

  1. Andy is too dumb to gain anything from a debate.

    He just doesn’t have enough going on upstairs to answer questions off the cuff.

    It’s shrewd for him to duck these debates because there is no upside and tremendous downside.

  2. Had an opportunity with Zinke.

    He cannot carry on an intelligent conversation.

    Comes to large events and brings a baby with him.

    The prop for an easy out and escape from questions.

    Ask anything direct and he gets nervous and has to “take care of the baby”.

    This is like ” Weekend At Bernies”.

    Take a dead guy and put him on the front seat for show.

    Create an illusion and people will believe it!

  3. You can bet that the NW Herald and the League of Women Voters will now try to schedule debates . . . and say they have been in the works for a while now . . . they help with that illusion, to make people believe.

    Zinke seems to like the pity pot, who is holding that leash???

    The way he is going he needs a choker chain collar, with that leash, to control his behavior.

    Maybe it is time for him to think about a move to Missouri.

  4. “Zinke seems to like the pity pot, who is holding that leash???”

    That’s the thing.

    The old guard loves people like Zinke–too dumb to think for themselves, so when Old Al comes calling with a diktat they can trust it will be carried out unflinchingly.

  5. While I like how the Prim campaign has handled the bumbling Andy Zinke’s decision to pull-out of the Patriots United debate and noting no other debates had been scheduled (and a check over the weekend of the LWV McHenry County on-line calendar confirms this), the real day of reckoning for Bill Prim’s candidacy will be in mid-January, when 4th quarter Campaign Disclosure reports must be made public.

    Prim’s supporters need to show they are truly backing their candidate with their wallets, and we need to see these contributions on next month’s D2s.

    Zinke’s campaign definitely cranked into high gear during the summer and fall (and yes, $11,000 came from 1 household in Lake County), as the establishment started leaning on their donors and cronies to financially support Zinke.

    Now, the real grass roots supporters for Prim need to do the same, and they have until tomorrow (12/31) to get their checks to Prim’s campaign if they haven’t done so already.

    Hopefully, Prim’s vocal supporters will have their names listed in the disclosure sections next month.

    If the 4th quarter was financially dry as the 3rd quarter was, than people people had better get used to “Sheriff Zinke”.

    My feeling is Zinke’s decision to debate Prim face-to-face hinges on Prim’s strength in fundraising, which will be revealed by mid January.

  6. I get why the NWH does wont report these things, but why does the Trib not pick them up?

  7. @The Oncoming Storm:

    Last time I checked, votes won elections- not money.

    Personally, I’d much rather have more votes than more money.

  8. @Accurate Reader:

    Go recheck whatever you checked.

    If today’s date were in the month of March of 2014, instead of 12/30/2013, I would completely agree with you.

    Problem, on 12/30/2013, the money is the only true indicator to who is winning the election, and lately, it’s been Zinke putting up the significant campaign contributions, not Prim.

    While money may not predict the results, it’s a good indicator of who is going to win.

    The same will apply in mid January when 4th quarter disclosure reports must be made public.

    If you’re a Prim supporter, and you haven’t written a contribution check lately, do so by tomorrow night.

  9. On Coming Storm, I wonder how many phone calls from Nygren and friends, were made expecting campaign donations to Zinke . . .

    It is the word “expecting” that bothers me . . .

    Nygren knows who to put the squeeze on, after all, he goes by his name recognition and that cell-phone.

    Isn’t that using County Property to aid a campaign.

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