More on Andy Zinke’s Backing Out of the Patriots United Sheriff’s Debate with Bill Prim

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Andy Zinke

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

The plot thickens…or at least more details are being revealed by Patriot United’s Brian Kelly about Establishment Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke’s refusal to debate Bill Prim at an event sponsored by the civic group.

Here’s what was sent in an email:

“Patriot’s United’s primary goal has and always will be to provide the public with

  • transparency on policy
  • issues and
  • campaigns
Brian Kelly being interviewed at the Patriots United event on health care.

Brian Kelly being interviewed at the Patriots United event on health care.

“Although we are very disappointed that Mr. Zinke has, ‘through the advice of his advisors,’ decided to no longer participate in a Patriots United sponsored event, we are hopefully optimistic that Mr. Zinke will follow through and participate in a debate with some organization of his choosing.

Mark Gummerson and Andy Zinke

Mark Gummerson represents Andy Zinke successfully before the McHenry County Ethics Commission with regard to his using his Sheriff’s Department email to explain his gesture at the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

“Several close friends of mine who are active in their support of Mr. Zinke, have been very supportive to have Mr. Zinke engage in a constructive public discourse with his opponent Bill Prim and  were instrumental in setting up several constructive meetings between Andy and I over the last 6 months.

“These discussions allowed us to address his concerns regarding my support of his opponent and the advice he was receiving from close friends that an incumbent should not and does not need take the risk in debating his opponent.

“For the record, Andy has been very aware of my personal endorsement of Bill Prim since the beginning of Bill announcement in Sept 2012.

“After our discussions, Andy respected my personal decisions to endorse and/or donate to various campaigns and concurred that this has not tarnished my role in Patriots United – especially since several of Patriot United’s active sponsors are close friends with Andy.

Jack Franks attacks cronyism on the McHenry County Board.

Jack Franks attacks cronyism on the McHenry County Board at the Patriots United debate on the County Executive Referendum as Mike Tryon listens.

“Even Rep Jack Franks has participated in several Patriot’s United events including the town hall discussion on the County Executive referendum on the 2012 ballot.

“Jack was very pernicious in voicing his concerns about my active role in the Republican Party over the years and the campaign donations that I have given to Mike Tryon – Jack’s counter point on this particular town hall event.

“These affiliations were all disclosed per Jack’s request and he still honored his commitment to participate in this public event.

“Jack also insisted on having an independent moderator manage the discussed.

“We complied with Jack’s request and were honored that Mr. Dan McCaleb – Senior Editor of the NWH accepted our invitation.

“It was one of the best programs we had to date and provided the public will solid arguments on both sides of the issue.

“It also showed the community that two publicly elected officials (Jack and Mike) can professionally disagree while being held accountable to their constituents.

“Since 2009 Patriots United has held many debates through various elections cycles including

  • County Board
  • Congressional race
  • State Rep and
  • the County Executive Referendum.

“Many other events have been focused more on policy and issue discussions.  Until Mr. Zinke’s withdrawal from our planned Sheriff’s debate, no one has yet backed out of our events.

“So it is understandable why our Board of Directors is very disappointed in Mr. Zinke’s decision.

“I am hopeful that Mr. Zinke will listen to other supporters of his and take the high road that Andy believes is his hallmark, while serving under Sheriff Nygren and demonstrate what is the hallmark of the law enforcement profession – To protect and to serve.

“The Sheriffs’ office is the highest office of authority in the county.

“There are very serious issues that need to be discussed, especially given the many controversies that have plagued the Sheriff and State’s Attorney’s office over the last decade.

“Such a debate gives the candidates a chance to answer questions that pertain to

  • competency
  • character
  • experience and
  • integrity

“If there is nothing truly to hide, then there should be no reason not to face the public in an open and objectively constructed debate whether it is sponsored by

  • Patriots United
  • The League of Women Voters or
  • the Northwest Herald.”


More on Andy Zinke’s Backing Out of the Patriots United Sheriff’s Debate with Bill Prim — 9 Comments

  1. ” advice he was receiving from close friends that an incumbent should not and does not need take the risk in debating his opponent.”


    When was Zinke elected Sheriff?

    Is Zinke and his friends absolute morons or am I missing something?

  2. “Oscar’

    Zinke and company live in an imaginary world…

    Andy is always claiming to be something he is not..

    He claimed to be a victim of his own Circus acts and now they think he is the incumbent..

    The only candidate that has any semblance of competency, character, experience and integrity is Bill Prim…

    Just wait and see how angry the people of McHenry County will be once they find out what Andy Zinke and Keith Nygren have been up to….

    Deositions in Rockford.


  3. Why does a debate really matter?

    They are both great candidates, but Zinke has the support of all the local police chiefs.

    He has all the support of the local sheriffs except ONE and that’s Lake County’s Sheriff – who is giving Bill Prim a part time security job.

    Also, if Prim gets the job, it’ll be his second pension – do we really need MORE double dippers?

    Zinke has degrees in Law Enforcement and is finishing his masters; Prim doesn’t have any formal education.

    Zinke has done his time in the McHenry County Sherriff’s office and worked his way up; Prim is an outsider who hasn’t lived in McHenry County as long as Zinke.

    And to all those people who think Andy is Keith’s puppet: Zinke actually supported an opponent of Nygren a few years ago, and yet Nygren still has the confidence in him to support him.

    It’s really not that hard of a choice – Andy Zinke of Sheriff.

    Now cue Duncan with the circus…

  4. Front Page.

    The only “GREAT” candidate is Bill Prim… Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke have have been performing in that circus act of theirs for years….

    Remember, the Rita Corporation Fiasco when Andy Zinke Interfered in a DEA investigation by informing his friend Brian Good, owner of Rita Corporation, that there was an ongoing investigation?

    No one can forget that infamous finger at a public parade and the fact that Kim Zinke dropped the f bomb at the same public parade…

    He also had Cal’s blog shut down because of false allegations of staking.

    If you think Andy Zinke is a great candidate then you come from the same imaginary world as Zinke and Company..

    Believe me once depositions take place the plot will only thicken.

    Coming to a McHenry County theatre near you..

    “Front Page” Surely Judge Gordon Graham has some awesome reruns of “Let’s Make a Deal: and “The Price is RIght” being played in his judges chambers at the is very moment. “COME ON DOWN”

    Andy Zinke has a degree in leadership.

    In other words, he is obtaining a meaningless degree just so he can say he has a degree.

    He really should be taking classes in morals and ethics.

  5. Front Page, I guess you will be at Zinke’s fundraiser . . . birds of a feather . . . this really is a problem.

    When the Zinke’s behavior and Pyle’s behavior is considered acceptable, McHenry County needs real help.

  6. @DuncanMcHenry & @AnotherWatcher – Continue your Gish Gallop. Yee Haw.

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