Randy Hultgren Polls Constituents

The following went to those on Congressman Randy Hultgren’s email list:

Randy Hultgren

Randy Hultgren

Dear Friends,

As we enter the second session of the 113th Congress, I want to hear from you about the issues you think are important in the coming year and what I can do to help address them.

Last month, Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, the first budget agreement passed by a divided Congress since 1986. I had pressed for the agreement to be more robust, but in the end found great value in passing a bipartisan piece of legislation that addresses the long-term spending of your taxpayer dollars. This was an important first step in tackling our massive $17 trillion debt and improving oversight of how American tax dollars are spent.

Our economy continues to recover, but many are still out of work or are living paycheck to paycheck. I am committed to passing responsible legislation that will create jobs and remove the undue burdens the federal government has put in place that stifle economic growth and new hiring.

But I want your input as I continue to represent you in 2014. Please take a few minutes to give me your thoughts by completing my online survey below.

If you haven’t already, be sure to like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter (@RepHultgren), or check out my YouTube page to stay informed on everything I’m doing on your behalf in Washington and in Illinois.

As always, thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you.

In Your Service,
Randy Hultgren
Member of Congress
14th District, Illinois

Constituent Survey 2014

Please take a few minutes to answer the survey below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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