Dillard Lists More Scheduled Joint Gubernatorial Appearances than Rauner

Earlier today, GOP candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner announced five events with other candidates in which he will participate.

Now, GOP candidate for Governor Kirk Dillard has one-upped him with a list of 16 places he will be:

Dillard-Tracy Debate and Forum Schedule

19 public events scheduled – Rauner takes January off

Kirk Dillard
Kirk Dillard

LOMBARD, Ill. – The Dillard-Tracy campaign today released the list of debates and forums in which they will be participating in the coming months. This list is in addition to the many other forums that Senator Dillard and State Representative Tracy have already participated in.  [The ones in bold face type are the ones Rauner has said he will attend.]

  • January 11      Women’s Republican Club Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Forum
  • January 14      Will County GOP Tea Party Debate
  • January 16      Daily Herald Forum
  • January 20      Chicago Tonight/WTTW – Mikva Challenge (Gubernatorial)
  • January 21     WGN/Chicago Tribune Debate
  • January 22      Union League Club Debate
  • January 23      Illinois Public Broadcasters/League of Women Voters Debate
  • February 3      Sun-Times Candidate Forum
  • February 4     Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Debate
  • February 10     WLS-AM/NW Suburban Townships Debate
  • February 16     Illinois Forum Debate
  • February 18     Citizens Club of Springfield Debate
  • February 20     Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Forum
  • February 25     Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce Debate
  • February 25    Chicago Tonight/WTTW – Mikva Challenge (Lt. Governor)
  • February 27     ABC7 Chicago/League of Women Voters Debate/Univision
  • March 4     NBC5/University of Chicago Debate 
  • March 6     Chicago Tonight/WTTW Lt. Governor Debate
  • March 13     Chicago Tonight/WTTW Gubernatorial Debate  

Debates and forums are an important way for voters to learn more about the candidates and their positions. The Rauner campaign recently announced that it will participate in 5 events, none of which are in January.

“It’s curious that Bruce Rauner has decided to skip all debates and forums in January,” Campaign Manager Glenn Hodas said.

“Perhaps they interfere with his Montana fly-fishing vacation plans with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Regardless, we’ll be here in Illinois, talking about bringing more jobs to our state, and Bruce can return to the conversation after his trip.”


Dillard Lists More Scheduled Joint Gubernatorial Appearances than Rauner — 7 Comments

  1. More debates is better than less debates.

    Since Dillard was featured in a 2008 Barack Obama for President commercial, will Obama be in a 2014 Dillard for Governor commercial?

    The Illinois Education Association (IEA) endorsed Dillard for Governor in 2010 and State Senator in 2012.

    Even if the newly passed Illinois State public sector pension reform laws are upheld by the Illinois Supreme Court, there is much more reform that is required to offset the pension benefit increases passed by the Legislators and Governors the last 40+ years (since the pension benefit hiking clause was added to the Illinois State constitution in 1970).

    Rauner is much more likely to reform pensions than Dillard.

    Pensions are the biggest problem in the State.

    How do Dillard and Rauner and the rest stand on the proposed state income tax hike?

    Because without further pension reform the only way out of the State pension mess, and past due bills owed to vendors mess, is through tax hikes.

  2. I don’t particularly like the type of reform that Rauner will have in mind for education.

    If he’s as buddy-buddy with Emmanuel as it sounds, more of our tax money will be going to Chicago Public Schools.

    If you don’t have political clout, your kid won’t get into a decent school (like his daughter)

  3. Rauner’s platform for education is school choice, teacher accountability, and reallocating dollars from administration and bureaucracy to front line teachers in the classroom and technology.

    CPS isn’t going to get any more money under Rauner than they would under Quinn/Madigan/Cullerton, given all three of the latter are Chicago Democratic lawyers and control Illinois politics at this point.

    The teacher unions have been dominating Illinois educational policy and political spending for four decades.

    And Rauner has been advocating for school choice for 20 years, hardly singularly focused on his daughter.

  4. Want to stay on the same trajectory for educational spending in Illinois?

    In the not so distant future we could be spending more money funding pensions than educating kids.

    Now that is a travesty.

    All these decades you have been hearing, not enough funding for education.

    Well why if there was not enough money for educating kids, was the state hiking pension benefits in 38 of 40 years from 1971 – 2011.

    And the state renewed Early Retirement Option (ERO) in 2013.

    Public education spending in Illinois is a fiasco.

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