McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill’s Leave of Absence Statement — 5 Comments

  1. Thoughts and prayers go out to Chairwoman Hill.

    May she have a quick recovery.

  2. 1. Too, too much information Ms. Hill.

    2. You are the McHenry County Board Chairman not someone participating in a tell all social site.

    3. None of the details are our business. You need to bone up on the laws about medical privacy. Your choice now may affect what you reveal about others on the board or in the offices should they become ill or incapacitated.

    4. Has any of this contributed to poor decision making in the past?

    5. Find out from your docs when you can be back to your duties 100%. Depending on circumstances, it is possible you should resign to allow a permanent replacement to come in and perform on behalf of the people.

    This is not intended to sound unkind. It is intended to do what is right for others as far as business is concerned.

    Since I wish everyone with ill health best wishes for a quick recovery, I wish you well also. Politics plays no part in this.

  3. This is not intended to sound unkind anonymous, but you are an A$$hole!

  4. Best wishes for you, Tina.

    My prayers are with you for a quick, healthy, and full recovery.

    I appreciate the detail.

    It’s nice to finally hear a politician tell the pertinent truth about a hardship.

    Thank you, Tina.

    To me, you are brave and honest.

    We need more of this.

  5. Tina is a waste of space on the county board.

    She also supports that turd Andy for sheriff.

    Resign while you are still able Tina.

    Let someone with a brain run the county board.

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