Rolland Burris Running for Office Again

With the death of former Republican State Representative Phil Collins, a vacancy was created on the General Assembly Retirement System Board.

Seven annuitants have stepped forward to fill his place.

All are former legislators, except one.

He is former State Comptroller Rolland Burris.

If they choose, statewide elected officials may be members of the same lucrative retirement fund as legislators. (The only one who made another choice was Governor Jim Thompson and that was only until he contemplated retirement, at which time his credits were transferred from the State Employees Retirement Fund to GARS, as is the shorthand name.)

The former legislators seeking the office are
Dan Pierce (D-Highland Park)
Dr. Bruce Douglas (D-Chicago)
Lee Preston (D-Chicago)
Bob Winchester (R-Roisclare)
Robert Bugielski (D-Chicago)
Bob Terzich (D-Chicago)

Terzich certainly has the most experience in pensions, having been sponsor of many of the pension bills passed during his twenty years in the Illinois House of Representatives


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