Does New Federal Budget Put Sheriff’s ICE Floor Funding in Jeopardy?

McHenry County Jail Control Center for the ICE floor.

McHenry County Jail Control Center for the ICE floor.

Gannett Newspapers has an article today that makes me wonder if continued funding from the Federal government to McHenry County to house illegal aliens will be forthcoming at the past levels.

The new budget cuts “about 25 percent — from a federal program that reimburses states and local governments for the cost of incarcerating undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes,” reporter Erin Kelly writes.

The program is call State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP, for short).

My assumption is that most of the Federal money received is to house illegals who have not been convicted of crimes.


Does New Federal Budget Put Sheriff’s ICE Floor Funding in Jeopardy? — 10 Comments

  1. Or maybe the carelessness at the McHenry County Jail that allowed a male inmate to get into the women’s section for a sexual rendezvous might cause ICE to determine that the Jail was not secure.

    What if they pulled out 170 detainees on Monday?

    The Jail’s income would drop $15,300(170 x $90) PER DAY ($459,000/mo. or $5,508,000/yr.).

    Maybe Keith should have had that door fixed 10-15 years ago.

  2. Frequently we see ’emergency’ budget adjustment items on the County Board agenda to permit the spending of ‘grant’ monies by increasing budget items.

    Will we see an ’emergency’ downward adjustment to compensate for the federal reimbursement for the incarceration of criminal illegal aliens?

    Will we see an increase in the $150 bonds issued to most everyone who is arrested for no driver license?

  3. I understand thank there is am election and both Gus and Cal hate Andrew Zinke, but this post is just bordering ludicrous.

    First, Cal, pure editorialized journalism – quit being lazy and ‘wondering’ at the MCSD and do the research.

    Are undocumented immigrants being housed? (illegal is pejorative FYI)

    Is SCAAP going to cut the funding by 25%?

    Does the Gannett article say anything about the MCSD?

    Second, Gus, what if the sky fell tomorrow chicken little?

  4. Front Page, FYI.

    I don’t “hate” Andy Zinke.

    I don’t even know him.

    I’ll remind you what I don’t like about Andy.

    When he outed the confidential DEA investigation to Brian Goode, that sealed the deal.

    There was no excuse for that.

    Where’s is Leist’s “investigative” report?

    How could Nygren possibly say it exonerates Zinke?

    Oh, Nygren lied?


    Now, about the jail.

    If one-half of the jail population (all the detainees) was pulled out tomorrow, there will be many lay-offs.

    Staffing has not been reduced as the numbers have fallen.

    Supervision is top-heavy and ratios of supervisors-to-employees are out of whack.

    How many unnecessary CERT teams are there?

    If Nygren is never around, then Zinke is in charge, including the jail.

    So the buck stops at Zinke’s desk.

    It’s time to bust up the “in-crowd” clique at MCSD and in the jail.

    By the way, detainees aren’t “undocumented immigrants”; try illegal aliens.

  5. @Gus – You’re right about them being illegal aliens.

    Should finish my coffee before commenting.

    Won’t comment on the Goode case because I don’t know enough about it.

    But all else you said is speculation…

    The sky probably isn’t and won’t be falling anytime soon, but if it is going to, would like to see facts.

  6. Research is in process, but the Sheriff’s Department regularly takes the maximum length of time allowed by law to answer routine questions.

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