Detroit Police Chief Says More Citizens Should Be Armed

"More Guns, Less Crime" by John Lott.

“More Guns, Less Crime” by John Lott.

“Detroit Police Chief James Craig believes crime would drop in the violence-ravaged Motor City if more citizens were armed,” a recent article in Newmax reports.

In an interview, the Police Chief notes that burglars “don’t want to go inside of a home where the resident’s at, because there’s a likelihood they might be armed.”

He suggests residents should be prepared to defend themselves because the criminals are, now, including wearing body armor.

Chief Craig debunks Chicago myth-makers by noting,

“”It’s troubling when I hear people suggest to me that, ‘Well, Chief, you’re trying to introduce more guns into a society; that increases crime. How do you figure that?’ So I guess it’s OK for the criminals who carry guns illegally. Do you think they’re going to be sanctioned?”

The article references a researcher who has talked to prisoners.  The inmates say they are more afraid of armed residents than armed police.

What a turnaround from what the Sheriff in Wayne County, the county where Detroit is located, asserted right after concealed carry was passed in Michigan.

It was passed shortly before I ran for Governor on the Libertarian Party ticket.

The Sheriff expected shootouts in the street.

A year later, I found a story in the Traverse City paper (which no long seems to be online) that he had been wrong.


Detroit Police Chief Says More Citizens Should Be Armed — 2 Comments

  1. Crime would drop in Chicago, too, if many civilians were armed.

    The politicians have taken care of that, though, with high fees and training requirements, plus Chicago’s set of Stone Age laws.

    Let’s say a couple of punks roll up to a pedestrian and pile out to rob him.

    Suddenly, there are 20 guns aimed at them.

    The word would get around quite quickly that street robberies were no longer safe to pull in Chicago.

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