Zane Seipler Ordered to Pay $240,500 for Trial Misconduct

Here is the order that Judge Frederick Kapala issued on Friday:
Seipler heading


Defendants’ bill of costs [447] is accepted in part and rejected in part. In accordance with this court’s previous order [446], plaintiff is hereby directed to pay $240,499.66 to defendants for their reasonable expenses incurred as a result of plaintiff’s misconduct.

Seipler Fine 1Seipler fine 2aSeipler Find 2bSeipler Fine 3a 2nd attemptSeipler Fine 3bSeipler fine 4aSeipler fine 4bSeipler fine 5a Seipler fine 5bSeipler fine 6aSeipler fine 6b


Zane Seipler Ordered to Pay $240,500 for Trial Misconduct — 3 Comments

  1. Remembering the old Proverb, “It is always Darkest before the Dawn”.

    The light of day will take care of the Nygren/Zinke regime.

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