Sheriff’s Department Gets Speaking Slot Before CL Seniors Eight Days Before Primary Election

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Department used its Nixel announcement system to let people know the following:

Sheriff's Office Nixel heading 1-14
Save the Date: The Sheriff’s Office on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 11:30 AM will be at Senior Services in Crystal Lake to educate about current scams and identity theft cases. Learn more during this program on what to watch out for and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Will Undersheriff Andy Zinke be the featured speaker?


Sheriff’s Department Gets Speaking Slot Before CL Seniors Eight Days Before Primary Election — 18 Comments

  1. What NIXLE announcement?

    There is none on the MCSD website, and I didn’t get any message through the NIXLE system.

    What CL Seniors group will be the captive audience for a political message?


  2. This is one of the many reasons why I appreciate the excellent leadership of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

    They haven’t forgotten the seniors that had build our nation’s foundation into this great country that we live in today.

  3. Sheriff and Andy must think Seniors are stupid not to see through this as campaigning.

    Next thing you know they’ll have Greg Pyle speaking a daycare centers.

  4. @Gus – I love when you make ox dung up!

    “Obama’s third term this; MCSD public meeting is a political function that.”

    Sometimes I wonder about you….

  5. You are right anonymous, but I think the word should be SNAFU too!

    Nygren does not look healthy, Zinke will be left with the burden of guilt, and Fukoku will still be a cheerleader.

    Sad situation at the MCSD when they can not see, the eventual demise of the Regime.

    The Good Men and Women will no longer look the other way . . .

    Truth will set them free.

  6. I called Senior Services (815.356.7457) and spoke with Claudia, who scheduled this program with Dep. Aimee Knop.

    I explained that I felt there was a strong political motivation on the part of MCSD to the date selected and asked that the program be delayed until after the Primary.

    If the date isn’t changed promptly, call to express your opinion.

    Fukoku, thanks for your comment (above).

    I needed a good laugh this morning!

  7. Fukoku said, “They (MCSD) haven’t forgotten the seniors that had build our nation’s foundation into this great country that we live in today.”

    Maybe Fukoku would like to contact Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Pavlin and ask them if MCSD deputies had a little “memory lapse” on 3/15/2008 that cost MCSD about $250,000.

  8. Gus, Fukoku statements are nothing more than a pathetic attempt to save Andy Zinke and the Regime.

    Bill Prim will win by a landslide..

    Andy is scheduled to talk in front of seniors because clearly they know nothing of what has been truly going on in the Zinke Camp.

    Further, the seniors are one of the few groups that will not hold Andy Zinke accountable for his shenanigans.

    I suggest that everyone that has an elderly relative, that they put a stop to this nonsense immediately and do not allow them to be there…

    Their time would be better served going to BINGO…

    I for one would not want to see that charming sack of sh…t standing in front of me and therefore would not allow a relative to be put in the situation either..

  9. I am happy that I was able to entertain you Gus; I hope you are still laughing on the morning of the 19th of March after you read that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke has won the Primary by a landslide.

    Also, thank you for the Senior Services phone number as I have also spoken to them and the program will NOT be delayed.

    Thanks for the thumbs up buddy.

  10. Fukoku, I am sure Gus would like to thank you too, Gus does give a thumbs up when deserved, unlike Zinke who salutes with the bird.

    Birds of A Feather Flock Together.

    Zinke has the burden of guilt with Pyle and that white glove treatment he received . . .

  11. So their are active scams going on against local seniors and the Prim crowd wants to stop any more education reach out until after the election?

    Who is really politically motivated?

    How about instead of the constant politicking perhaps the Prim/Bianchi crowd can try to something productive and also host an event to get the word out on the current scams.

    You guys are so wrapped up in your “team” winning no matter what cost you don’t even see that you are not bringing anything positive to the discussion and safety of our community.

  12. I mean…pressuring the senior center to delay getting this info out for your own personal political benefit?



  13. aretheyserious, stop with your twisted garbage talk . . . give the Seniors some respect . . . I am not sure they want to get up close and personal with Zinke and those white gloves.

  14. Good thing another watcher is representing the entire senior population of McHenry county!

    What would we do without them!

  15. Probably have more accurate opinions on this blog comment section.

    You’re still flapping about Fingergate?


    Can’t wait for the next tribune puff piece about Zinke picking his ass.

    Lou and Prim have quite the motley crew.

  16. ‘aretheyserious’ Yep, you are nothing but twisted garbage talk…. Andy Zinke dug a whole do big for himself, not even Nygren can get him out of it.. So “HAPPY DIGGING” “aretheyserious” When you meet with the local 150, you might want to ask them for assistance… Now go back to the Regime where you belong…

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