McHenry County Board Compensation Slightly Revised

A person commented on yesterday’s story on salary and fringe benefits for County Board members during the first year of their new terms.

Here’s the comment:

There appears to be some errors here. Schofield and McClellan — dental insurance but not health insurance.”

The revision is below:

McH Co Bd Compensation Revised FY 2013


McHenry County Board Compensation Slightly Revised — 2 Comments

  1. It appears that some County Board Members simply because they have more dependents participating on the County Health Plan receive higher compensation than others while “hopefully,” doing the same job.

    Why not have all members receive the same amount and they spend it on their welfare benefit the way they deem fit?

    The balance of any cost would then be the cost of the plan participant, not the McHenry County Taxpayer!

    No member other than specially designated members (Chairperson or Committee Chairpersons) should receive higher compensation than another member.

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