Slot Machines in Algonquin

The December report on money lost by patrons on video slot machines has been posted by the Illinois Gaming Board.

$37.9 million was lost statewide.

Below you can see where people lost how much in McHenry County towns:
Vidoe Gaming Dec 13 report headingViideo gaming heading far right
Gam Alg #

  • Battaglia’s Pizza
  • Fisholee Enterprises
  • jTATB
  • Karlarose Enterprises
  • PPB Restaurant


Slot Machines in Algonquin — 2 Comments

  1. I tend to be quite libertarian on gambling issues, but if you’re going to make an argument for more stringent regulation of gambling, saying that “$37.9 million was lost statewide” is a meaningless statistic.

    yes, that is a lot of money.

    And yes, that is the amount of revenues the slot machines brought their proprietors.

    But is that necessarily a socially bad thing?

    I’m no so sure.

    What if this figure is the result of tavern patrons shifting around their tavern budget (i.e. instead of spending $100 per week on drinks, they’re now spending $60 on drinks and $40 on slot machines)?

    I think we all could agree that gambling would be a good thing if that were the case.

    Or it could be the case that tavern patrons have now increased their tavern budget from $100 in drinks to $100 in drinks plus $40 in gambling, to the detriment of their needy families.

    Public policy debates won’t answer this question.

    In order to determine whether slot machines in bars are a good thing, we need empirical data on the pre- and post-slot machine budgets of tavern patrons.

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