Doug Truax Touts Endorsement Advantage Over Jim Oberweis for U.S. Senate Nomination

A press release from the Doug Truax campaign for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate:

Truax trouncing Oberweis 10-1 in early endorsements

DOWNERS GROVE — Demonstrating his ability to build a wide coalition needed to defeat Dick Durbin, West Point grad, Army veteran and successful businessman Doug Truax is trouncing opponent Jim Oberweis in endorsements for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.

Truax addressing crowdTruax has a 10-1 edge in endorsements or recommendations from Cook, Lake and DuPage County Republican organizations that have heard each candidate speak to them.

“We are extremely humbled that our message of giving pink slips to career politicians standing in the way of middle class prosperity is catching on,” Truax said. “Our campaign represents the best hope of defeating Dick Durbin, who has presided over the steepest economic decline in state history.”

Truax has gained the following endorsements, recommendations or pluralities from the following Republican organizations.

  • Cook County Republican Party (vote plurality)
  • New Trier (Cook) Republican Organization (endorsement)
  • Palatine Township (Cook) Republican Organization (endorsement)
  • Cuba Township (Lake) Republicans (endorsement)
  • Niles Township (Cook) Republican Organization (endorsement)
  • Northfield Township (Cook) Republican Organization (recommendation)
  • Palos Township (Cook) Republican Organization (endorsement)
  • Evanston Township (Cook) GOP (endorsement)
  • Federation of Illinois Young Republicans (endorsement)
  • Addison Township (DuPage) Republican Organization (endorsement)

Truax said he hopes to announce other endorsements later this week.

“Our campaign is gaining momentum every day,” he said.


Doug Truax Touts Endorsement Advantage Over Jim Oberweis for U.S. Senate Nomination — 5 Comments

  1. There is a good reason for this – Doug Truax is a great person and candidate, and has what it takes to trounce Dick Durbin in November.

    Jim Oberweis is a success in business and is certainly diligent in his pursuit of political office, having run 6 times and finally winning his present seat in the Illinois Senate, but it is time for all of us to lend our support to worthy younger candidates – ones who can put the State of Illinois back on the map.

  2. While I’m sure Doug Truax is a great person, if you believe he has what it takes to “trounce” Dick Durbin in November, I have a bridge to sell you.

    One thing Truax does not have, apart from zero elective public policy experience, is money in the bank to wage a competitive campaign against Durbin, let alone a winning campaign.

    Durbin, last I checked, had over $5 million in the bank for his re-election bid for what likely is his last campaign.

    Seeing this “Jon Knight” person’s post, the first thing I ask is “How much money have you donated to Truax’s campaign?”, knowing only a figure over $1,000 would impress me.

    While Truax is getting these once-coveted Cook County and other group’s endorsements, didn’t Dan Proft rack-up many of these same endorsements in his unsuccessful, 6th place showing in the 2010 gubernatorial primary?

    While I’m no big fan of Jim Oberweis, he does bring a little (1 year) of elective office experience.

    For U.S. Senate, I’ll likely vote for the Republican whom I see advertising on broadcast TV the most between now and March.

    It takes money to run TV ads, and the Republican who can show he will run an aggressive (and expensive) TV campaign in the primary will earn my vote, but knowing they will likely lose to Durbin in November.

    Don’t mean to be a negative, just being a realist.

  3. But shouldn’t your headline be: “…Touts Endorsement Advantage OVER Jim Oberweis”..? As it’s written now, it makes it sound like Truax is touting that Oberweis has the advantage…

  4. You, Citizen Editor, are correct.

    I shall change the headline as you suggest.

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