McHenry County Board Compensation, Including Retirement Benefits

When I looked at the annual compensation provided to McHenry County Board members made readily available by county government, I noticed that pensions and Social Security were not included.

Health insurance was included in the figures, but not the taxpayer-financed Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund contributions and the county contribution for Social Security.

So, I asked for more complete figures.

You can see the estimates for the current Fiscal Year (FY14)  below:

Compensation for McHenry County Board members.

Compensation for McHenry County Board members.

A note under the table reads, “Health Insurance is based on a projection for the plan year which runs 7/01/13 – 6/30/14. With the new Health Care Act, changes may be implemented into the County’s program on July 1, 2014 that could changes the above

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