Zane Seipler’s “Back in the Saddle” of His Sheriff’s Race Blog

Back in the SaddleI don’t know whether it was a post from commenter Fukoku Kyohei or not, but former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler, who is running for County Board, is again writing articles on his blog, “McHenry County Sheriff’s Race 2014.

Fukoku Kyohei claimed (see here) that the letters–Andy Zinke’s appeal of his failure of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff’s Department sergeant’s exam and the reply from the Sheriff’s Merit Commission–were “forgeries until they are proven not to be.”

The letters are in Seipler’s “Back in the Saddle” post, so you can be the judge of their authenticity.  Or you can look in the article, “Discrepancies.”


Zane Seipler’s “Back in the Saddle” of His Sheriff’s Race Blog — 11 Comments

  1. So Zinke received his MBA in Leadership, so why is there so much disorder in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department . . .

    Just Asking!

  2. Good point.

    People resigning.

    Hate working for him.

    Bullying with people’s jobs does not sit well.

    He is cut from the Nygren school and that is a HUGE problme.

  3. So the dramatic claim is that allegedly some young Deputy failed a supervision test the first time they took it.

    Ummmm….Big Deal.

    What we could state as fact that Zinke is the only Republican candidate running that has ever passed the counties Sergeant’s test.

    As for those who have taken Mr. Seipler’s attacks on the department as gospel, created opposing political campaigns around them and don’t see how there is any track record to possibly doubt his credibility…ummmm…yeah…

  4. But Seriously, the fact that Andy failed the exam isn’t interesting in itsself, but it corroborates the fact that he’s not intelligent enough to effectively run an organization the size of the MCSD.

    All of the mail order, online MBAs in the world won’t change that.

  5. Mark, but Zinke did pass a later one.

    He was a Sgt. before he moved up to US.

    Sorry, but I agree with But Seriously…so what if a young Zinke failed a promotional exam early in his career?

    I guess you’re saying he should have deferred the exam (and the experience of taking it…) until he was 100% sure he would not only pass, but get promoted?

    That’s some convoluted logic.

  6. What I see is 2 points.

    1) Zinke failing the Sgt test, not intelligent enough.

    2) Then crying like a baby that he is, to the Merit Commission to review it ? Come on man, except the fact that you failed, and move forward …..Don’t go crying and kicking stones around like you are so known for at MCSO .

    And he concluded that his friend Lowry also failed it but had the test re-examined ?

    Now this would be one heck of a FOIA request to see the testing from Lowry, and did he really fail or did “The Machine of Good Ol Boys make a phone call and Poof, he passed !

  7. Its just silly to talk about someone not passing for a promotion on a first time when they try early in a career for the experience.

    I mean it would be like asking Prim to pass the final for an Associates, Bachelors, Northwestern staff and command school, National FBI Academy exam, or Masters level course…

    I’m sure if he applied himself, studied, committed the time, he could probably get through all those tests (hey maybe he has tried some already?)…but it wouldn’t be fair to say he is better off or more intelligent not having tried would it?

  8. Masters level course in Leadership?

    Still laughing…

    That’s the kind of degree someone works for when their not capable of anything else degree..

    Would like to see Andy Zinkes transcript..

    Then we can laugh some more..

  9. What I find to really be laughable is that Duncan, by his own testimony, states that he does not live in the State of Illinois.

    Therefore, Duncan has no rights to comment as a non-resident of McHenry County that does not involve him as he is NOT a member of this community. He does not even have the power to vote in this county!

    Why are you here Duncan harassing our taxpayers and our community?

    GO AWAY! Harass your own community!

    You don’t belong here, outsider!

  10. “Fukoku” Who made you the ruler of McHenry County?..

    Funny, that overbearing self-worth or self-importance of yours is shining brightly today….

    Just a reminder, Nygren is homeless in McHenry County, even though he has homes in other States.

    Part of the requirement of our County Sheriff is that he live in the County….

    So you just turn that finger right around “Fukoku” and go away because no one wants you in McHenry County.

    Well, unless they are part of the Regime…

    You have better things to do, like finishing that book of yours “Political Campaigning for Dummies”…

    Andy has done nothing but lead the way for teaching the public about “Political Dummies”

    That is the only leadership role he seems to be an expert at….

    More like laughing stock of our community..

    He really should go bury his head in the sand… Or better yet. he should be working on that big fat whole he has dug for himself.
    Whatsa matter to deep even of his buddies at the local 150?

    Don’t blame em.

    It”s not possible to help someone out of a hole they just keep making deeper and deeper…

  11. GO AWAY Duncan! Harass your own community!

    You don’t belong here, outsider!

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