Township Opponents Surface

Wonder Lake's Bob Anderson led the McHenry Citizens Tax Watch meeting opposing the McHenry High School tax hike referendum.

Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson led the McHenry Citizens Tax Watch meeting opposing the McHenry High School tax hike referendum.

On a letterhead from McHenry County Citizens Tax Watch, signed by longtime township government opponent Bob Anderson of Wonder Lake, comes a missive asking people to contact their County Board members asking them

“to take the necessary steps to pass a county board resolution which would direct the County Board to develop a plan to answer the township ‘What If Question.'”

The letter is below:
Twp Anderson letter 1-14

Panels of the pamphlet that was enclosed follow:

Twp pamphlet coverTwp pamphlet inside 2 factsTwp pamphlet inside 1Twp pamphlet inside 3 problemTwp pamphlet inside 4 big quesTwp pamphlet inside 5 solution


Township Opponents Surface — 9 Comments

  1. Bob Anderson appears to be one very unhappy man who is very ignorant.

    Is he doing the bidding of Jack Franks?

    BTW the web site link would insinuate that it is a not for profit registered in Illinois.

    It is NOT!

    How are his sales which he claims funds the web site being reported?

  2. Coo Coo,
    Coo Coo !!!

    K.V. above has it right. Anderson has been at this for over 20 years.

    It is an attention getting device and completely inane.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more with the 2 previous commenters.

    Bob Anderson’s concerns are validated every day we pay for this self serving, make-work, nepotistic, archaic, redundant, duplicative, money gobbling, family business, called “township government.”

    Bob Anderson recognized this problem many years ago; it’s just now the general public is catching on – WE DO NOT NEED TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT.

    I can see no better investment toward lowering our taxes than to send a check to this organzation, call the County Board members to draft that resolution so we can get the question on the ballot and remove, at least, one layer of government emptying our wallets.

    If all the township officials, employees, relatives, cronies were stacked like building blocks, they’d never measure up to Bob Anderson.

  4. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

    Right now you have nepotism gone wild in these townships.

    So many states get along just fine without townships – we can too if we have solid leadership.

    You do not need townships but you do need leadership.

    It will be interesting to see what the Old GOP does and what the new GOP does.

    So many want change – lets see what happens.

    Exciting times in McHenry County!


  5. The only people that would disagree with getting rid of this useless extra layer of government, are the legions of freeloaders, currently on the these Township doles.

    Hopefully Bob is able to educate enough people, to get these freeloaders out of our taxpaying pockets.

  6. Township reform might help but a little background and prioritization.

    The 17 Illinois counties that have precincts instead of townships are in rural areas in southern and southwestern Illinois.

    In some, maybe all, the property tax bill contains a line item for County Roads.

    In some, maybe all, of those counties, no line item for Precincts on the property tax bills.

    The Precincts in some or all of those counties are primarily or entirely for voting purposes.

    The use of the word township in some or all of those counties would only be for legal land description purposes that is used for every plot of land in the state (section, township, range).

    See the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) on the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) website.

    ISGS is part of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    If the goal is to reduce taxes spent on government though, townships is not the focus.

    Look at your property tax bill.

    Rank the taxing districts from High to Low.

    Park District.
    Fire District.
    Community College.

    whatever the situation for your property tax bill.

    Townships pretty far down on most property tax bills.

    Schools is more than 1/2 on probably every property tax bill.

    And guess what.

    That doesn’t include your State and Federal Income taxes devoted to education.

    For example.

    Illinois teacher union lobbyists have handed legislation to sponsoring Illinois state legislators.
    That’s how the system works.

    Who was countering union lobbyists on taxpayers behalf?

    Often no one.

    In some or many cases the legislation has been passed verbatim in the Illinois General Assembly.

    Simply because teachers provides lots of campaign contributions and votes and “more money for education” is what parents want to hear.

    For example new Illinois state laws in 38 of 40 years from 1971 to 2011 to hike teacher and administrator pensions.

    That’s how much of the “more money for education” was spent.

    “More money for education” included hiking teacher and administrator pensions.

    And those pension hikes are reflected in the State of Illinois contribution, which is paid for via state income taxes not your property tax bill.

    The school district pension line item on your property tax bill is for IMRF pensions.

    Not TRS pensions.

    IMRF = Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

    TRS = Teachers Retirement System of Illinois.

    Maybe the school district pension line item on your property tax bill also includes the 1/2 of 1% school district contribution to TRS, not sure.

    Again, the State of Illinois contribution for TRS pensions is paid for once again through state income taxes, not property taxes.

    Focus on the education mess.

    The so called 2013 pension reform did not come close to fixing that mess and may have made it worse especially if the funding guarantee is held up in court.

    The 2013 pension reform replaced the Edgar Ramp with the Quinn Ramp.

    Both the Edgar Ramp and Quinn Ramp are a joke.

    The Edgar Ramp was a 50 year payment plan ramp to bring pensions up to 90% funding, and was backloaded, meaning the contribution increased each year and substantially increased in the final years.

    That’s a big reason for this years pension reform.
    The State of Illinois could not afford the ever increasing payments coming up in the horizon, so they just created a new ramp.

    And prior to Pension Reform in 2013, ERO Renewal was passed.

    As soon as ERO Renewal was passed we knew pension reform was a complete joke.

    Because ERO would have expired if not renewed.

    Didn’t hear much about that in the press did you?

    That would have been true reform.

    Because ERO has been hiked over the years through legislation.

    But Early Retirement Option was renewed for 3 more years.

    So teachers and administrators can retire earlier than their normal full retirement.

    Normal full retirement WITHOUT ERO is 35 years.

    Normal full retirement WITHOUT ERO can be reduced from 35 years to 33 years worked by exchanging 2 years of accumulated
    sick leave for 2 years of service credit is 33 years.

    Think that’s a great idea?

    Can you exchange 2 years of accumulated sick leave to Social Security to retire 2 years early?

    Of course not.

    First of all your employer does not allow 2 years of accumulated sick leave, unless you work for some government agency that allows it.

    Second of all Social Security would never accept a single day of accumulated sick leave in exchange for years of service credit for a very simple reason.

    An unused sick day does not fund a pension 1 penny.

    Every single unused sick day exchanged for a years of service credit under funds the pension.

    But that’s not good enough for teacher unions.

    Teacher Unions and Administrators want ERO so they can retire EARLIER than the previously described scenario.

    So while teachers and administrators are spending time with their grandchildren, the private sector is working an additional decade to qualify for full Social Security retirement.

    See those perks were not always present for teachers.

    Those perks have been gradually increased over time through state legislation which comes from teacher union lobbyists and their chummy legislators.

    That type of stuff sucks more money from your wallet than townships.

    So the 2013 education reform may have reigned in some of those perks, but not nearly enough to solve the pension underfunding problem in a way that is fair to the taxpayers at large not part of the government pension special interest group.

    And decades of abusive pension legislation and abusive salary hikes granted by some school boards have been primarily responsible for creating the mess.

    For instance the State of Illinois has contributed TWICE the amount teachers have contributed to fund TRS pensions over the last decade or so.

    School boards endorsed by teacher unions have increased pay schedules substantially in most Chicago suburbs.

    And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

  7. A few other points to put this in perspective.

    How many employees in each township?

    What’s the total payroll and benefits package in each township?

    Are you sure the County could handle that more cost effectively than the township?

    Are you sure the county is run better than the townships?

    There may be townships that are run better than the county.

    Need more financial analysis.

    The more government is scrutinized the more likely your tax dollars are being spent effectively.

  8. As usual, Bob Anderson appears with his anti-township grudge.

    Bob, do you want us to say we’re sorry that the voters rejected you when you ran unsuccessfully for township office?

    Do you want us to say we’re sorry that your Township Assessor refused to give you a preferential assessment reduction, which would have shifted your property tax onto your neighbors?

    I know what Bob DOESN’T want us to say: that although townships in Cook County have no real duties or responsibilities (because Cook County controls everything), the rest of Illinois is a very different story.

    In the REST of the state, our property tax assessments, road maintenance, and public assistance are all done by our locally elected townships, which we the local voters control.

    But it appears that Bob’s solution to Illinois’ problems is to make our communities more like Cook County, an opinion that is definitely shared by our State’s illustrious Democratic rulers…

  9. And “you can keep your doctor if you want” and “read my lips – no new taxes”.

    No matter what happens taxes will continue to increase and the larger the government the more difficult to get them under control.

    Evidence the State of Illinois spending and the Federal Government spending.

    Smaller governments are just easier to control than bigger governments with layers of bureaucracies.

    If this is such a good idea, why stop at eliminating townships?

    Eliminate the counties and let’s turn over everything to the great State of Illinois.

    They do such a great job now.

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