Operating Engineers Local 150 Courts Local Republicans and Jack Franks

When candidates report receiving contributions from the International Union of Operating Eng Local 150 State County Local Area PAC, they uses different designations.

Here is how it is listed with the Illinois State Board of Elections:

Intl Union of Operating Eng Local 150 State County & Local Area PAC

Given the different listings, the search for contributions made to local politicians back to the year 2000 may well be incomplete.

What was found is listed below:

Local 150 masthead

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

  • $500, 7-17-12
  • $1,000, 6/23/2009
  • $500, 10/13/2008

Mark Beaubien

  • $1,500, 10/1/2010
  • $250, 8/13/2007
  • $250, 8/28/2006
  • $500, 2/10/2006
  • $200, 9/19/2002
  • $200, 2/25/2002

Dick Klemm

  • $200, 9/11/2002
Ken Koehler

Ken Koehler

Ken Koehler

  • $250, 10/31/2009
  • $250, 1/18/2008
  • $500, 1/26/2007

Bill LeFew

  • $500, 10/16/2008
  • $500, 11/16/2006
  • $500, 10/29/2004
Karen McConnaughay

Karen McConnaughay

Karen McConnaughay

  • $500, 8/27/2010
  • $5,000, 1/26/2010
  • $500, 7/20/2009
  • $250, 2/3/2005

Linda Kvidera Murphy

  • $361.25, 4/23/2012, In-Kind Contribution – Campaign Letters & Envelopes by Bond Brothers Printing
  • $1,000, 3/10/2012
  • $300, 10/18/2011

Republican Central Comm of McHenry County

  • $300, 2/22/11
  • $500, 2/9/2009
  • $900, 1/16/2008
  • $150, 7/20/2007
  • $300, 7/11/2007
  • $455, 7/21/2006
  • $500, 2/10/2006
  • $180, 9/21/2005
  • $750, 3/13/2005
  • $530, 7/7/2004
  • $850, 1/14/2004
  • $800, 2/4/2003
  • $675, 7/18/2001
  • $600, 7/14/2001
  • $750, 1/15/2001

Aaron Shepley

  • $200, 4/15/2007

Phyllis Walters

  • $200, 9/18/2007
  • $180, 9/21/2005
  • $180, 10/22/2004
Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

Barbara Wheeler

  • $5,000, 12/31/2013

Andy Zinke

$12,308.50, 9/20/2013, In-Kind Contribution  РCampaign Signs by Stars & Stripes Silk Screening


Operating Engineers Local 150 Courts Local Republicans and Jack Franks — 5 Comments

  1. And people wonder why I am supporting Bill Prim. Heh – this says it all.

    And to think there are sitting county board members complaining about grassroots Republicans being the problem with the party…



  2. It does not take much money to buy a Republican!

    McConnaughay and Wheeler will be in the pocket of the unions as long as they are in office.

  3. A little context would help.

    Who does IUOE 150 represent (i.e. how many public workers in McHenry County at what levels of government)?

    My presumption is that union donations are always to curry favor, and it would be nice to know who’s asking.

  4. IUOE members will be present on a union road construction project as heavy equipment operators.

    Like a lot of unions they are diversified so represent other classes of employees also.

    They do have a public employees division.

    They do inside maintenance work also, boilers and the such.

    They have had some scandals in Local 150, though haven’t heard of any involving McHenry County.

    Local 150 covers a large area, it’s main office is in Countryside (Cook County), with offices in Lakemoor (Lake and McHenry Counties, Joliet (Will and Kendall Counties), Rockford (Winnebago County), Utica (LaSalle County), and Rock Island (Rock Island County).

    IUOE City of Chicago pension scandal:

    The Federal government investigated Dennis Gannon & James McNally.

    Dennis started in the City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation dept and rose to be the President of the Chicago Federation of Labor, which is a very politically powerful Chicago area network of labor unions.
    James was a VP in IUOE.

    The Chicago Tribune had an article(s) about the fiasco that involved, no surprise, a legislative change to pension law which allowed public pension benefits to accrue while working as an employee of the union itself.

    These type of scenarios tend to fade from the public’s mind so here’s a few refreshers.

    “The reports focused on a 1991 law that allowed union leaders who once worked for the city to receive credit in public pension plans for their private union work. When they retire, the union officials’ pensions aren’t based on their old city paychecks but on their much higher union salaries.”
    Chicago Tribune

    Watchdog Update: Feds probe union pension deals

    Subpoenas show feds investigating how 11 leaders qualified for inflated retirement payments

    December 08, 2011

    by Jason Grotto

    Here’s another article about the fiasco.

    Chicago Tribune

    Law gives huge pension perks to union leaders

    September 21, 2011

    by Jason Grotto


    The Wall Street Journal has an archived video and article about the fiasco.
    Wall Street Journal

    The Five Million Dollar Man

    How government unions rip off the taxpayer.

    by James Taranto

    September 21, 2011


    Former IUOE President Bill Dugan had misdemeanor convictions.


    To understand what unions might get from political contributions, note Dugan was appointed to public boards for casinos, the CTA, and the tollway.

  5. Thanks, Mark.

    That was a better informed answer than I expected.

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