Huntley Grade School Points To College

A press release from Huntley School District 158:

Currently, Martin Elementary School has 33 university pennants on display in their ‘Road to College’ themed cafeteria makeover.

The Martin Elementary School cafeteria is getting a makeover and will be transformed into a college themed eating area for our students!  A 20’ by 50’ mural will emphasize ‘The Road to College’ and will feature full-sized college pennants donated to the school which will hang from the ceiling.


Huntley Grade School Points To College — 2 Comments

  1. I commend the idea of a mural showing the route to college as the next step in education.

    However, learning a position in the trades or joining the military are equally admirable.

    Either way you advance in life, through college, trades, or military service all are excellent pathways that require hard work, dedication, and a commitment to self improvement if you wish to advance.

    Show casing a college only route demeans the other career areas.

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