McHenry Right to Carry Schedules Personal Safety Meeting

A message from Mickey Schuch, President of the McHenry County Right to Carry organization:

McH Co Rt to Carry Assoc mastheadWho is responsible for your personal safety?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Is it the police, fire department, armed forces or government?

If your reading this you are probably too old to say your mommy or daddy.

Who is then?


Only you can always be there to rescue #1.

Only YOU have the ability to always be vigilant for the protection and safety of you and yours.

I most certainly not suggesting we don’t need the police, FD, armed services and  government.

I am suggesting that we who take the liberty we hold so dear to heart begin to act like it.

How do we do that? You know whats coming.

We need to educate and train ourselves and not just for self defense situations but for life’s situations.

I helped a young girl get her car out of a snow bank last week.

She was luckily close to home but she was under dressed for the weather and without any tools one would use to extricate a vehicle from snow, let alone the clothing required to tough it out even for a few hours.

Who was she relying on for her personal safety?

Chance and luck are two items that the prudent, intelligent and prepared don’t count on for success and victory.

In fact we plan for the worst, is that not why we seek to go armed? This week on February, 6th MCR2CA is hosting Master Instructor John Krupa for a 2 hour presentation.

He is generously donating his time for us.

Please take advantage of this event and carve out the time.

Bring a friend, loved one, co worker or whomever you feel would benefit from this presentation.

If you are serious about the personal safety of you and your loved ones we will hope to see you at 7pm at the VFW Hall in Woodstock.

Come early and get a seat, stay after for a cold drink.

Here are the details

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