Algonquin Township’s Highest Salaries

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog published the compensation of those in Nunda Township who have total compensation of more than $75,000.

Today, you can read that information for Algonquin Township.

The salaries and fringe benefits for those Algonquin Township employees receiving more than $75,000.

The salaries and fringe benefits for those Algonquin Township employees receiving more than $75,000.

If you would like to compare the highest paid folks in the other large townships, the links to articles on the other four are below:


Algonquin Township’s Highest Salaries — 17 Comments

  1. I’ve been brainstorming a couple of new slogans for Algonquin Township:

    Algonquin Township–“A family owned business.”

    Algonquin Township–“Supporting full employment for the Miller family since 1990.”

    Anyone have other good suggestions?

  2. Good to have family connections!!

    Derek Lee – married to Becca Miller Lee (her father Road Commissioner Bob Miller)

    Andrew Rosecrans – married to Mallery Miller Roscrans (the other daughter of Road Commissioner Bob Miller)

    Anna Mae Miller – Road Commissioner Bob Miller wife and Mother in law to Lee and Rosecrans.

    Anna Mae also gets pd for being on the County Board

    AND Bob Miller getting a nice check on our dime too.

    Did I miss anyone in the Miller clan??

  3. There was always something about the Miller’s that never sat well with me, now I know why thanks to you two.

  4. And do not forget that Ms. Rebecca Lee is also currently the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee Chairman… which isn’t saying much because the party doesn’t do a thing.

    By my public school education the Miller family takes in $399,993.31 in wages and benefits (I am including Anna May’s county board salary in this calculation).

    Is it any wonder why this family fights so hard for bigger government?

    They are making bank!

    And do not forget the annual business trip to Napa Valley or all the comp time.

    This family lives off of us – the taxpayers – like they were kings and queens.


  5. “how about ‘Miller Time on your dime’?”

    Gus, I wish I could quit you.

  6. A bill was introduced last February to allow voters within a township to petition to put abolishment of their township on the ballot.

    Unfortunately, it was amended to narrow the townships that could apply the procedure to one.

    It passed both houses and Quinn signed it last August.

    Go to and search for SB1585.

    We should get our state senators to introduce a similar bill, only not let it get amended.

    This should apply to all townships.

  7. The Millers are big in township govt on the state level to protect themselves from any law changes that would negatively impact their family income.

    How much would they have been paid over all of the years they have been in the taxpayers pocket?

    I’m sure its staggering.

  8. Hahahaha, if you pull up Google Street View for Rebecca and Derek Lee’s house, there’s a Nunda Township pickup truck parked in front.

    I’m sure it’s there on “official” business.,+IL+60013-1885&ll=42.208834,-88.270118&spn=0.004649,0.010568&sll=42.208798,-88.269765&layer=c&cbp=13,116.07,,0,19.93&cbll=42.208834,-88.270118&hnear=49+Ivanhoe+Ln,+Cary,+Illinois+60013&t=h&z=17&panoid=rgnYvctURNl6Va4TLG0K3Q

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    McHenry Citizens TaxWatch, use social media.

  10. The trucks can also be seen at local eatery’s for hours during work time.

    Do they think people are blind!!!

    That will stop for a while now since this has been posted.

    Granted, lot’s of work for them this winter.

    But for most years, they do not do much year round.

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