CL Police Report Superbowl Enforcement

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

The Crystal Lake Police Department Completes the Superbowl Weekend Crackdown to Save Lives

CL Police mastheadThe Crystal Lake Police Department recently completed participation in the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Sustained Traffic Enforcement Program conducted for the Superbowl Weekend.

Over 200 law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois participated in this statewide effort from January 31st through February 2nd to save lives by encouraging motorists to refrain from drinking and driving and to buckle up during late-night hours.

During this period, the Crystal Lake Police Department participated in three separate enforcement campaigns and added fifty-one additional patrol hours specifically dedicated for traffic enforcement to increase safety on our community’s roadways.

As a result of these additional patrols, the Crystal Lake Police Department:

  • Conducted traffic stops on an additional 64 motorists for traffic violations
  • Issued a total of 81 additional traffic citations which included:
    • 17 safety belt citations
    • 25 citations for unlawful use of an electronic communications device
    • 7 citations for operation of an uninsured motor vehicle
    • 12 citations for speeding
    • 20 citations for other equipment and moving violations

The recent law enforcement crackdown was funded by federal traffic safety funds through IDOT’s Division of Traffic Safety and is part of the statewide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” and “Click It or Ticket” campaigns.


CL Police Report Superbowl Enforcement — 19 Comments

  1. So glad that we’ve given up our freedom for a money grab by the police.

    Some real bad guys caught in that net

  2. How embarrassing for the CLPD. “Serve and Protect” is supposed to be the policeman’s motto.

    Today it’s more like “Screw and destroy”.

    Police departments are now led by thuggish bullies who insist that their patrolmen terrorize the citizenry.


    Our society now is in the toilet.

    Here’s an idea CLPD: Go after jay-walkers now…they’re doing it in Canada.

    Stand on Williams street and give grandma a $250 ticket on her way to breakfast.

  3. Look at the growth of the Lakewood Police Department in the last 30 years and the growth of the population and physical size of the town.

    The people of Lakewood must be extreme criminals who need to be controlled by an ever increasing police presence.

    This is happening everywhere.

    Then the police are issued automatic weapons, personnel carriers, artillery, tanks and personnel not vetted through any coherent system of psychological profiling.

    How many departments have removed the motto “To Serve and Protect” from their vehicles?

    How many police are actually “peace officers” anymore?

    We live in times where The People have hired, outfitted and trained their oppressors rather than their saviors.

    We live in hard economic times where the average person driving the street will be attacked for the little money they have in their pockets to pay for tickets which cite them for equipment violations they cannot afford to be fixed due to little to no money in their pockets.

    Vicious circles tend to become more vicious.

    Then the police are told they need to bring in more money or see their budget cut because the taxed to death public cannot afford to be taxed anymore without severe political consequences to those in power.

    At what point does this horror show become untenable as a plan for a peaceful society?

    When the police send out press releases crowing about how much they got to attack the public and actually think the public will receive it positively.

  4. Are tax dollars still being spent by the State Attorneys, prosecuting and appealing after they lose, the taping of cops violating civil rights still?

    Last I saw they were told by the courts, to stop misusing that wiretapping law, to prosecute citizens.

    Illinois once again proves it’s a national leader in idiotic public policy.

    With clueless Illinois Taxpayers, actually paying to have their rights taken away.

  5. I am so glad to see people that understand and see through the mini Gestapo.

    Good comments, folks.

    And the perpetrators are so proud of their illegal stops!

  6. I must agree that during this economical chronological time that so many are struggling just to pay these asinine property taxes, that now those property taxes are financing these Gestapo tactics against the taxpayers with the only intent to get more money from the already bleeding taxpayers.

    We are all victims from big and small government as candidates blow sunshine up our butts promising change when nothing is changing as it is only getting worst each year.

  7. If this were to be educational, why would they not give warning tickets for the minor offenses?

    No, this is a money grab and the fine is only a tiny fraction of the cost to the “guilty” motorists.

    Every traffic ticket carries with it very substantial “court costs” which can exceed $225.

    Court costs are outrageous and increase every year.

  8. I don’t know Bill, but we will find out after he is elected our next Sheriff of McHenry County.

    If he becomes one of them that supports these Gestapo tactics during his term, he can kiss my ass too.

  9. I was one of a very few County Board members who voted against this funding.

    I believe it was just over $45,000, in the form of a grant from the State Law Enforcement initiative, to be used for roadside checks during holidays and other events (like the Superbowl) where impaired driving is suspect.

    I also spoke out prior to the vote in an attempt to urge other members to consider rejecting these funds, which are mostly for overtime for officers.

    There is no reason for law enforcement to micro-manage the driving public this way.

    It would be far better to empower drivers to rely on their own sense of safety and responsibility when operating motor vehicles.

  10. Nice job, Nick. (And nice way to clean up the language.)

    Pray tell, who are the Gestapo agents that voted FOR this?

  11. This was a resolution that passed by a 16 to 6 vote at the December 17th 2013 County Board meeting.

    Most County Board members support these initiatives by the Sheriff’s department without question, in the name of ‘safety’.

    It was an emergency appropriation to the Sheriff’s FY 2014 budget, funded by IDOT’s Sustained Traffic Enforcement (STEP) Program.

    In my view, roadside blockades and overtime enforcement are excessive use of valuable police time.

    The full text of the discussion and vote details can be found in the December 17th 2013 minutes packet at the bottom of this page:

  12. The Ohio National Guard held war games a few days ago which had the scenario antagonists listed nebulously as “right wing second amendment terrorists”.

    National Guard units are not federal troops.

    They are profoundly local and meant to protect the people.

    Our LEO’s stand against the citizens who pay them.

    The National Guard is being taught constitutional protections and their adherents are terrorists.

    When the law no longer holds sway no man is equal or safe with or from others.

    Thank you, Nick.

    Be faithful and strong. We may yet recover our government from over reaching administrators.

  13. Thanks Nick we need more board members like you to protect the rights of the people. This is an overreach by the police and in my opinion only meant to generate more money.

    Follow the money…

  14. Hey Nick!
    Thanks for the link to the discussion! Yet again, it was the member from D-6, Diane Evertsen, who yanked the item off the Consent Agenda. We need more like her on the board!!

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