Bill Prim Sets Feb. 17th Fundraiser

McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim will hold a fundraiser at the Bull Valley Country Club on Monday, February 17th.

The affair costs $45 for regular folks, but only $25 for elected officials and precinct committeemen and public safety personnel.

Caroline Cox & Tom Merryman  will be speaking on the past, present and future of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.

The invitation to Bill Prim's February 17th fundraiser.

The invitation to Bill Prim’s February 17th fundraiser.

This email was sent by Gary Rabine:

I am reaching out to you as a friend and asking for your support of Bill Prim for Sheriff and your presence on Feb 17th from 5:30-8:00 pm at a fundraiser at Bull Valley Golf Club, it will be $45.00 per person at the door.

Gary Rabine emceed the Bill Prim fundraiser at his home.

Gary Rabine emceed the Bill Prim fundraiser at his home.

Since then I have vowed to help support candidates with high political morals and values that WILL NOT LET BIG LABOR OR BIG BUSINESS shape the tough decisions politicians are charged with. Lou Bianchi was and is everyday an example of this.Over the last 15 years I have been made aware of corruption in our local government that I never thought could exist in my back yard.

Bill Prim is and will be a great example of this as our New Sheriff in McHenry County!

What I learned about Bill gave me more reason to take an active interest in his campaign.

His Twenty-seven years of proven principled centered leadership as a law enforcement officer, respect for the citizenry, and a clear separation from the exiting McHenry County political system provide clear distinction from his opponent.

We have learned over the years that you can’t reform nor change a corrupt institution from the inside, especially when there is

  • so much money
  • fear of retribution, and
  • so many favors at stake

Now we are certainly at the crossroads of changing the course of politics in McHenry County.

Electing Bill Prim as the next Sheriff will bring to our community the kind of lawman who has the honesty and integrity to represent every good citizen of McHenry County without favoritism of those that feed his campaign fund pockets.

Without favoritism for the Big Unions that currently dominate the opponent’s campaign.

Would you join me in helping Bill Prim win this race through a donation of $250 or more and lend your name to a Host Committee or $1,000 or more and join me as a sponsor at an event scheduled for February 17th at the Bull Valley Golf Club?

If you can’t make this event, please spread the word for Bill Prim for the primary in March and let me know if you have any questions.

If interested in sponsoring or attending the event, please reply back to this email.

Thank you for your consideration!

Hosting the event are

  • Gary T. Rabine
  • Brian Kelly
  • Tom Merryman
  • Paula Dorion-Gray
  • Mickey & Sharon Schuch
  • Former Congressman Joe Walsh & Helene Walsh
  • Robert and Diane Borchert
  • Matt Meyer
  • Steve & Evelyn Garrelts
  • Maida & Andy Korte
  • Steve Rooney
  • Dr. David & Lisa Menner
  • McHenry County Board member Sandy Salgado
  • McHenry County Board member Diane Eversten
  • McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz
  • McHenry County State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi
  • State Senator Dan Duffy
  • Irene Napier, McHenry County Right to Life
  • John O’Neill
  • Todd Wilke
  • Jeffery & Kathy Ladd
  • Christina Myers
  • Andrew Gasser
  • Joe & Beth Edwards
  • John & Patti Wuich


Bill Prim Sets Feb. 17th Fundraiser — 18 Comments

  1. What complete hypocrites the Prim/Bianchi supporting bunch is on the union issue.

    They all but brag about the support they get from local union members who actually have used high priced Union Attorneys to sue McHenry County and it’s citizens.

    They make a big deal about siding with these big money union attorney’s attacks on the Sheriff’s Department…and then when an opposing candidate gets a bit of money from such a source that isn’t dragging taxpayer dollars through court they whine and cry to high heaven.

    Oddly they claim to be true Republicans while running a campaign that would make Obama staffers blush.

  2. I mean isn’t the guy who is complaining in the above article about “big business and big unions” actually using money from his multimillion dollar business that is partnered with unions to support Prim?

    Isn’t the irony of the faux outrage is kind of funny if you ignore the level of hypocrisy?

    I mean good for him for supporting the candidate of his choice, I don’t hold it against him.

    I have many mutual friends that say he is a great guy.

    However, a bit more self awareness may be in order around if in fact he may possibly be the very example of “big business” with “big union” ties that could potentially bid on local business that he is decrying before he runs around pointing fingers every where else.

  3. I have to also say it is very disappointing to see those who claim to be leaders in McHenry County that supposedly have our counties best interests siding with taking pot shots at alleged “big money” local business’s who have stayed here in McHenry County along side someone who has moved business and tax base out of the county.

    It is not very comforting to see the McHenry county “leaders” above bring in a long time Cook County official largely supported by a Cook County based business while taking shots McHenry County based Business and a long term McHenry County public servant and resident. Just doesn’t feel right.

    As for the candidate can anyone help on the party support in the county?

    When I search the state site for candidate donations in the past the only McHenry County Candidate I can find Mr. Prim supporting with donations before this election cycle was a Democrat, am I missing something?

  4. It is good to see that one of the ‘victims’ of Generational Theft is going to be speaking at the Prim event.

    Anyone who knows anything about the Generational Theft will come out in full support of Prim.

    Prim’s opposition and supporters of his opposition want to continue down the road of expanding government and placing the burden on future generations!

    We need more Charlie Kirks!!!

  5. “ButSeriouslynow” you are on the defense because you know Gary Rabine is absolutely right about corruption in McHenry County. He spoke the truth and you can’t deal with it. Never did any of us affected by corruption ever think for one moment that it would affect and change the course of our lives forever. I was made an offer by a McHenry County Attorney to pay off a judge in exchange for keeping custody of my child. The case was moved to another State and there were no deals, no kickbacks or bribes and there was no custody battle, as it was agreed that I would maintain custody. A judge never intervened in the custody or divorce agreement. Corruption in McHenry County is real and has been in the County for decades.. Bill Prim means that our community will have a new start at a real Government that works for the people not the politicians and Government officials. Let’s put a stop to those famous TV shows “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” It is time for change and Bill Prim is the answer.

    Primaries Tuesday March 18, 2014

  6. ButSeriously had made some excellent points that should be considered when the people vote on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Primaries.

    Unfortunately for Duncan, he cannot vote because he is not a resident of McHenry County, or does he even live in the State of Illinois.

    However, I do agree with Duncan and Gary Rabine that corruption is in McHenry County, and that is the reason why we need Undersheriff Andrew Zinke to be elected as our next Sheriff of McHenry County to stop the flow of corruption in our county.

  7. Re: “why we need Undersheriff Andrew Zinke to be elected ”

    So he can warn people of DEA raids in advance?

  8. “Fukoku”

    You will never learn your lesson.

    It is true that you have been served papers for Lou Bianchis defamation law suit and you are still on this blog?….


    Now that is arrogance at it’s finest.

    Those persistent fantasies about attaining success and power if Andy is elected, are nothing but delusional thinking.

    Every word you type on this blog can be used against you in a court of law…

    Any credible Attorney, should be telling you to shut your trap.

    Boy oh boy, have to feel sorry for your Attorney, because you just can’t accept “NO” for an answer..

    In fact, any Attorney that accepts you for a client, has a fool for a client.

    Now really “Fukoku” children with oppositional behavior can’t accept no for an answer, not grown adults..

    Time to go bury your head in the sand along with Andy Zinke…

  9. I think Fukoku has to get his/her head out of the sand for a breath of fresh air, therefore comments are made, when the Attorney talks, the head is in the sand.

    I think sympathy is needed here.

  10. Gary Rabine stated that over the last 15 years I have been made aware of corruption in our local government that I never thought could exist in my back yard.

    I am just wondering who made him aware of corruption in our local government and who is he referring too as being corrupted?

  11. Hey coo coo’s nest, I’m so confused.

    I thought Duncan = Zane?

    But now Duncan lives out of McHenry County.

    Since Zane lives in McHenry County you’re now saying Duncan does not = Zane?

  12. “Fukoku” Now that is a question that you are more than capable of answering on your own..

    Gary Rabine is right about the corruption right in his back yard..

    Corruption does exist inMcHenery County.

    I was made an offer to pay off a judge in exchange for custody of my child and then there was an additional attempt at fixing another custody case involving me years later.

    Corruption has been in McHenry County for decades and so has organized crime…

    We can change everything by voting for Bill Prim. March 18, 2014.

  13. Zgone, let me unconfused you.

    I never believed that Duncan was Zane, I just said that to irritate Duncan in response to him referring me to Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s wife Kim.

    It was nothing more than a game between Duncan and I to get under each others skin, and I must say, it worked very well as Duncan would get so infuriated as he denied being Zane.

    I decided to stop calling Duncan=Zane long before Duncan made his announcement that he is not a resident of McHenry County and does not even live in the State of Illinois.

    I stopped calling Duncan=Zane because I realized that I was insulting Zane, who has a much higher level of intelligence than Duncan.

  14. “Fukoku”

    Who are you to asses my intelligence.

    Remember, that famous book “Political Campaigning for Dummies’ belongs to you and Andy Zinke.

    You have both done nothing but make a mockery of his political campaign.

    In fact, that hole you have dug is so deep, Keith Nygren can’t even help you find your way out.

    We all know that Keith Nygren is an expert at finding his way out of any hole.

    After all, he does have the assistance of his buddies at the local 150.

    Now “Fukoku” there is a box of rocks sitting in your garage, go join your clan.

  15. Let’s take a look at your intelligence level Duncan.

    I truly do pity you my friend as you are too dense to see beyond your own snout.

    You have expressed that I am arrogant because I was served papers from Lou Bianchi’s defamation law suit and I am still on this blog.

    I know this is hard for you to understand Duncan, but I have the right to give my opinion as a resident of McHenry County and a citizen of the United States to express myself based on what I have heard, read, and experienced as I am protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    Duncan, as a non-resident of McHenry County, your comments have no merit as the issues in this county do NOT affect you or concern you personally.

    Your comments about Undersheriff Andrew Zinke, Keith Nygren, Kimberly Zinke, and so many others that you refer too as the “Regime” is nothing more but personal malicious attacks towards these individuals to discredit them.

    Duncan, you make slanderous statements that do not involve you as a member of this community, so therefore you are unprotected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution because you do not live here.

    You might have cleaned up your act since Lou Bianchi’s defamation law suit against Fukoku, but unfortunately for you, the damage has already been done.

    Did you forget your comment when you stated that “Sheriff Nygren asked someone to kill Dave Bachman because he was upset about Daves blog and the revelations of the Sheriffs Department and potential illegal activities.”

    Yes, I do question your intelligence level Duncan as you have put yourself in a real compromising position as you should be preparing yourself to “Lets Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right.”

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