GOP Precinct Committeeman Challenger Doesn’t Get Tryon Letter

Mike Tryon's Feb. 5,2014, letter to Republican Precinct Committeemen and candidates for that office.

Mike Tryon’s Feb. 5, 2014, letter to some, perhaps most, but not all Republican Precinct Committeemen and candidates for that office.

Jonathan Knight, who is one of those running against an incumbent Republican Precinct Committeeman (Sean Murphy), indicates in a comment under this article that he did not get a letter from McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman Mike Tryon.

It was not even sent to all elected Precinct Committeemen who are running for re-election.

Knight comment follows:

Representative Tryon:

My name is on the ballot running for Committeeman as a Republican in the March 18, 2014 Primary for Algonquin Township, Precinct 33. I have been a resident of McHenry County for 32 years. As of today’s date, I have not received a phone call from you or a copy of the subject letter, neither being expected.

I have met you at fundraisers in the past, but you seemed more interested in looking over my shoulder for someone more important to speak to, rather than having any interest in what I had to say about matters concerning McHenry County.

The tone of your letter reflects what I have long suspected, that you see yourself now as the Godfather of all that is political in McHenry County, and any proposed activities must be filtered through you. I find your attitude highly offensive.

Perhaps you should review the 1st Amendment to the Constitution as follows:


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I believe the meeting scheduled for tomorrow night, February 13, 2914 will be a group of citizens exercising their right to peaceably assemble.

Kindest Regards,

Jonathan J. Knight

Candidate for Republican Committeeman
Precinct 33, Algonquin Township, McHenry County
9906 Fox Shores Drive
Algonquin, IL 60102

An article about the contested Republican Precinct Committeeman races can be found here.


GOP Precinct Committeeman Challenger Doesn’t Get Tryon Letter — 9 Comments

  1. I’m sure the slight was unintentional.

    Tryon and Geri Davis need all the help they can get, and they were certainly more than willing to spend 49 cents of party money on the stamp to Mr. Knight.

  2. Oh good…another person wanting to run for an elected position that doesn’t understand what the first amendment means.

    How, exactly, does the Tryon letter have anything to do with the first amendment?

  3. Dave: My read of the Jonathan letter indicates to me that you may want to re-read it.

    It appears to me that Jonathan quoted the First, relative to: “a group of citizens exercising their right to peaceably assemble.”

    The Tryon letter does leave the impression that he is attempting to reduce attendance at meeting for Feb. 13.

    Mr. Tryon is being very divisive in his tone.

  4. Mr. Knight, I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night.

  5. @Knowledge voter — No need to re-read the letter.

    I know exactly what Knight was saying.

    Please do tell how Mr. Tryon is trying to pass a law that would prohibit one’s right to peaceably assemble.

    I am so tired of people have no understanding of the first amendment.

  6. Mr. Knight, I applaud you for bringing this to light.

    Hypocrisy abounds in Mr. Tryon’s letter.

  7. I’ll cut Mr. Tryon a break on saying “McHenry County has long been known as a Republican stronghold”

    Clearly, that must have been a grammatical error.

    I’m sure what he meant to say was “it has long been known that He and his faction have a stronghold on the Republican party”…

    But all this talk about inclusion???

    I know of more than one McHenry County resident who didn’t feel very “included” when they volunteered their efforts to the party by asking to be appointed as republican committeemen in the OPEN PRECINCTS in which they lived – and were rejected!

    But, I suppose in all of his infinite wisdom, Mr. Tryon knew that rejecting their requests and leaving these precincts open year after year after year was somehow a better strategy to “strengthen the party” and “keep those democrats away”!

    Actually, that brings up an interesting point…

    Why, up until now, have sooo many precincts been unrepresented by committeemen?

    and for sooo many years?

    and how is it that, this new rogue group… the one whose “agenda is consistent with dividing the GOP” as Mr. Tryon states, was able to recruit so many new committeemen in such a short amount of time?

    I mean, how was this group able to do, in less than a year, what the likes of Tryon, Jeri Davis and the rest, couldn’t do in the last decade??

    I mean were they just stupid?

    Were they just azy? Or could they have perhaps had an ulterior motive??

    If I didn’t know any better, I might actually believe that the Tryon regime wanted all the precincts kept open…

    I might even think that they felt that its easier to control 30 handpicked puppets than it is to control 130 who weren’t handpicked…

    And I might go so far as to believe that the true interest at heart was not at all to maintain a strong republican party, but, rather to a maintain a strong, self serving, special interest faction…

    Why all of a sudden has this new group of people who are actively pursuing better government in McHenry county, been able to stir up such an interest in participation from residents?

    Could it be that the jig is up?

    That their reign is over??

    Could it be that the people of McHenry County are sick of the dirty politics and are now making an active effort at taking their county back?

  8. Mr Tryon and Ms. Davis, in the best interest of the Republican Party and the people of McHenry County, please resign now.

    For the first time in your lives think about someone else besides your self.

    It’s Over can’t you count?

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