Crystal Lake Warns of Flooding from Snow Melting

A press release from the City of Crystal Lake:

Crystal Lake residents should prepare for the risk of flooding from melting snow

Northern Illinois has accumulated a significant amount of snow throughout this winter season.

Snow is the Skinner's back yard.

Snow is the Skinner’s back yard.

Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing in the next week, which will melt the accumulated snow. Since the ground is still frozen, this increases the risk of flooding. Precautions can be taken to prevent flooding near your home, including:

  • Ensure your sump pump is working properly. If you have a backup sump pump available, make sure it is located near your sump pump pit in case a pump failure necessitates a quick switch out. Now is also a good time to test backup sump pump batteries, if you have one.
  • Test your sump pump by pouring water into the pit.
  • Check that the sump pump discharge pipe outside of your home is not frozen, clogged, or blocked by a mound of snow. Do not connect the sump pump discharge to the sanitary sewer.
  • If you have downspout extension pipes, make sure they face away from the house. Be sure they do not extend more than half the distance between the house and property line.
  • Check to make sure your gutters and downspout extension pipes are free of snow, ice, and any other objects. Remove any snow, ice, and debris.
  • Keep interior drains clear of debris.
  • Clear street drains of snow, ice, and debris. Check storm sewer grates to make sure they are free of ice and snow. Please do not remove the storm grate cover. If you see a storm sewer grate cover that has been removed, please contact the Department of Public Works at 815-356-3614.
  • Move snow on the ground away from your house. Provide a clear drainage path around and away from your home.
  • Repair leaking or cracked basement walls and cracks in basement floors. Seal basement walls with waterproofing compounds to avoid seepage.
  • Elevate the furnace, water heater, and electric panel in your basement if you are susceptible to flooding. Please note that a Building Permit is required for these items. For more information or to obtain a building permit, please contact the Community Development Department at 815-356-3605.

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