District 1 County Board Candidate David Stieper Uses Gravy Train to Emphasize His Opposition to Pensions and Health Insurance for Part-Time Board Members

Images of an upcoming mailing have been received from McHenry County Board candidate David Stieper. He is seeking one of two Republican nominations in the southeastern-most District 1.

McHenry County Board map

McHenry County Board map

(Other candidates who would like to share their campaign materials are welcome to send them to the email address on the left side of the screen.)

This piece focuses on his opposition to the part-time County Board members having Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) pensions and health insurance.

Previously, McHenry County Blog published what each County Board member was compensated during the last year.

The base pay is $21,000, but, when IMFR pensions and health insurance are added, the compensation package can be over $40,000. (See complete breakout here.)  Better yet, look below:

McHenry County Board members' salary and estimated fringe benefits.

McHenry County Board members’ salary and estimated fringe benefits.

Stieper is running in the southeastern-most of the six county board districts.

It has most of Cary, Algonquin, Barrington Hills and part of Lake in the Hills within its boundaries.

Board members up for election in District 1 are Republican Robert Nowak and Democrat Nick Chirikos.

Challengers Stieper and Andrew Gasser are running together in the Republican Primary Election.

McHenry County Board candidate uses the image of a gravy train to symbolize his opposition to County Board members getting pensions and health insurance for the $21,000 part-time positions.

McHenry County Board candidate uses the image of a gravy train to symbolize his opposition to County Board members getting pensions and health insurance for the $21,000 part-time positions.

The address and biographical side of David Stieper's mailing.

The address and biographical side of David Stieper’s mailing.

After being sworn in elected officials who have the opportunity to receive an IMRF pension must sign a document saying they wish to participate.

Once included, there is no way to back out unless the governing body withdraws. That would take a majority vote of the County Board, in this instance.

A similar majority vote would be needed to stop health coverage for county board members.


District 1 County Board Candidate David Stieper Uses Gravy Train to Emphasize His Opposition to Pensions and Health Insurance for Part-Time Board Members — 16 Comments

  1. Another lawyer on the board! Just what we need……….Barf.

  2. To Klatu, and others who like to diss lawyers. From what I’ve seen, people like you feel empowered when you make such statements.

    Who is that people turn to when they dig a hole so deep they can’t get out of it? a lawyer. and don’t give me that B.S. about how much lawyers make! with the exception of a few, it’s much less than what you’d like to imply, and believe me, they earn it.

    Let’s stick to the issue; County Board is a part time job and not meant to pick up insurance and pension. Take a look at Mike Skala’s figures; it’s shocking. Board Members also get an “allowance”; hope the Blog publishes the breakdown of these payouts. They should cover any “allowance” by their salaries, paid whether they show up or not.

    You should be glad there’s someone who’s trying to save taxpayers money.

  3. Klatu; people like you feel empowered when you diss lawyers.

    You should be glad there are pwople running for office that aren’t out for everything they can get, and who are trying to save taxpayers’ money.

    Take a look at Mike Skala’s benefits! a travesty. Pretty generous for a part time job where you don’t have o show up to get paid. and, oh yes, they receive an “allowance” too.

    Cal, can you publish the allowance breakdown to Board Members?

  4. Attorney or not, we are glad someone is calling out the McHenry Board members for the waste of taxpayers monies.

    8 meetings a month?

    For what?

    Where are the other candidates on this issue.?

    In case you haven’t heard, it cost the residence of Illinois $26,000 per person to pay for the bankrupt Illinois “Pension Fund”.

    Its time to STOP the WASTE.

  5. Let me reiterate my opinion. Another lawyer on the board! Just what we need……….Barf. The ones we have on the board all seem to have hidden
    agendas. Joe G. wants to be chairman, McClellan is seeking higher office. They have been on as short timers and seem to care less about tax payers. Try and attend some of the meetings before you come down on me. Lawyers have the knowledge and abilities to ply their trade
    where NEEDED, but in my opinion, not on our county board.

  6. David will bring transparency to the McHenry County Board and while being an employee benefit specialist myself I have another twist on this matter and I will go into that at the appropriate time.

    I do support the open dialog this will bring and I look forward to the discussion when it comes.

    We need fresh new faces on the board, and sometimes we need to re-examine what we are doing and why we are doing it.

    If what we are doing is OK there should be no fear in discussing it if it needs modification we should not be afraid of modifying it.

    As far as David Stieper being an attorney I think everyone has something positive to offer and he is stepping up to the plate and we need to welcome him being willing to serve and sacrifice.

    David will make a strong addition to the McHenry County Board and I support his candidacy.

  7. Just our point, Klatu Barrada Nikto.

    Your opinion “another lawyer” is just what we need…

    David Stieper isn’t just another Joe whose is running for the McHenry County Board.

    Maybe you should go back and read Mr. Stieper’s message again.

    Not outraged yet? — Part-Time jobs w/Full-Time Pension Benefits.

    Has any other candidate brought this to your attention??

    More importantly, you expressed that certain individuals on the County Board have a “hidden agenda”.

    If that’s the case, that is why its time for someone like David Stieper – Trustworthy, Dedicated and -An OPEN BOOK…

  8. Klatu Barrada Nikto:

    Is the occupation of a man or woman an acid test for their ability to hold public office?

    Shouldn’t we be looking for the best and the brightest to serve on the McHenry County Board?

    I think you might want to look into the qualifications of David Stieper, and his contributions to his community (which includes his Village, Church, Children and Neighboring Communities) before you rush to judgment.

    And if you really want to know what David Stieper is all about, you will have the opportunity to identify yourself and question him at a public event prior to the March 18th Primary.

  9. The health insurance kick by the tax payers for part time work borders on the ridiculous.

    A blind man can SEE why Illinois is broke.

  10. This is now a conservative message?

    Now that is just funny.

    Hey Dave- I suggest you look up who voted to keep that pension, keep that mileage payment and keep that healthcare…

  11. Does anyone care about the tax payer here?

    The incessant droning by the agenda seekers is boring.

  12. Stieper and Gasser have brought this up.

    They both are running in District 1.

    And it is a conservative message M. Maule.

    You do not see the two Dems renouncing the healthcare or pension.

    You do not see Paula or Nick term limiting themselves either.

    Nowak and Chirikos take the healthcare and Chirikos is taking the pension.

    I believe both Gasser and Stieper are term limiting themselves to two terms on the county board.

    Both have pledged to not take the pension or healthcare.

    No Brainer in County Board District 1 – Stieper and Gasser will give a much needed infusion of new blood into the County Board and the party.


  13. Rome was not built in a day – only so much change is tolerable.

    I think Stieper and Gasser is a good start.

    Hopefully Nancy, Chuck, Zane, and Mike all come along for the ride as well.

    We need new people on the board period.

    Not yes men and women… which is exactly what we have now.

    Nowak is a yes man for Hill and Miller.

    Yensen and McCann too…

    All just fall into line and do what they are told… cannot have that anymore in McHenry County.

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