Mike Tryon Announces Retirement as GOP Chairman at Lincoln Day Dinner

Mike Tryon

Mike Tryon

The McHenry County Republican Central Committee had its annual Lincoln Day Dinner at d’Andrea’s Saturday night with over 180 in attendance.

Mark Daniel

Mark Daniel

Probably the biggest news of the night was that State Rep. and County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon announced his retirement as County Chairman.  (He is unopposed at State Representative.)

He endorsed his Vice Chairman, Mark Daniel, as his successor.  (Daniel is also Nunda Township GOP Chairman.)

Alan Kaye and his American

Alan Kaye and his Mad Dogs and Americans group had feet tapping in the Woodstock Opera House Saturday night.  Next Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 3, Tom Becker, former member of the New Cristie Minstrels, will give a John Denver Tribute.

Tryon points out each year how he would rather be out on a Valentine’s Day date with his wife.

Next year, I guess he can select that option.

That’s what I decided to do this year.

We went to the Woodstock Opera House to hear a Joe Crocker tribute band, Alan Kaye with Bad Dogs and Americans, a play on Croker’s group’s name, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen.”

Our feet were tapping and, unlike d’Andrea’s, there wasn’t a bad vibe in the house.

A couple of people described the atmosphere at the dinner as “funerial.”

And, if the information in Kevin Craver’s front page article in the Northwest Herald is correct, the old McHenry Township-based regime, dating back at least to the time of Chuck Miller’s chairmanship, which ended in the mid-sixties,  may end if the team introduced to Precinct Committeemen, Precinct Committeemen candidates and activists last Thursday night win office.

The day after the McHenry County Lincoln Day Dinner, the Northwest Herald ran a story based on the Thursday night meeting of those who seek to reform the local party.

The day after the McHenry County Lincoln Day Dinner, the Northwest Herald ran a story based on the Thursday night meeting of those who seek to reform the local party.

Two candidates for Governor attended and spoke–State Senator Kirk Dillard and Bruce Rauner.

Both spoke earlier to the Winnebago County Lincoln Day Dinner, as did State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and State Senator Bill Brady.


Mike Tryon Announces Retirement as GOP Chairman at Lincoln Day Dinner — 10 Comments

  1. The slate’s makeup is intended to bring together the GOP’s various factions and promote a new, younger and more diverse party, members said.

    Salgado is a political moderate, Gasser and Evertsen represent the tea party, and Wheeler is African-American.

    ♬ ♬ One of these things is not like the others. . . ♬ ♬

  2. I didn’t know “African-American” was a political description.

    I look upon Chuck as an intelligent young American who shares values with many of us.

    The fact that his skin may be “black” and mine “white” doesn’t enter into the equation.

    I am not “Irish” American.

    Not all Africans are black, and not all persons with black skin are from Africa.

    Let’s drop the labels relating to assumed heritage – it is only divisive.

    Chuck will bring much to the McHenry County Board – and I thank him for stepping up to the plate to run for office.

  3. I quickly read this part “Mike Tryon Announces Retirement” of the title and was pretty happy

    until I read the part about “as GOP Chairman”,

    then I stopped smiling.

    He will still be the “State Rep.” and there will be another GOP Chairman in his place ” He endorsed his Vice Chairman, Mark Daniel, as his successor.”

    I don’t know Mr. Daniel, however, in Illinois, when this happens and the political torch is passed, I keep hearing the “Send in the Clones” song. (Deep Apologies to the author for the slight change of wording.)

    Sounds like everything will remain the same except that there is now a step up title move.

    I had hope for a very short moment and now I will return to my reality view that Illinois is what it is (a disaster) because of the people and agendas some of us keep voting into office – over and over and over again.

    Do the same thing and get the same results. I call that stupid.

    How about flushing everyone out of office in Illinois and starting new? Heck, do the same thing with D.C.

    What would new people find that would make daily newspaper headlines ZING? The possibilities are endless.


  4. This event exemplified everything that is wrong in the Republican Party.

    The energy level was dismal at best. The speakers were monotonous. Looking around the room, you saw anyone under the age of “30-something” tending to their smart phones, engrossed in social media, texting, etc.

    But, it was the message delivered, more than anything, that left anyone with any integrity/scruples, to look to the ground and shake their heads in disgust.

    Messages such as: “We need to put issues aside and focus on getting Republicans in office.”


    Another statement made from the keynote speaker whose name I would much rather forget than remember:

    “The problem with the Republican party is, in recent years, it has become a platform for debate. We need to get back to our core and remember that we are not here to debate each other, we are here to get Republicans in office.”

    And he was applauded!!!

    I challenge anyone, from any office,(or anyone not in office for that matter) from either party to defend and attempt to substantiate those statements! Show me an elected official who holds to these principles and I’ll show you the problem in our county, our state and our country!

    A little background…

    I am a new Committeeman candidate. As such I received an invitation to attend an event on February 13 2014, regarding new leadership and ideas for the Republican Party in McHenry County. I also received a letter from Mike Tryon explaining his concerns regarding this event and this group in general. He explained that this group was not authorized to hold an official event, that he did not approve of this event, and that he was concerned that this rogue faction would cause “splinter and division” within the Republican party in McHenry county. I must say, I, too, was concerned!

    So, in the spirit of weighing the evidence and making an informed decision, I decided I would attend both this “un-official” event hosted by this new group of self-proclaimed “reformers” on February 13th, as well as The GOP Lincoln Day Dinner(as this was the only event/opportunity I would have to hear thoughts from the current party leadership).

    At the Feb 13th “Reformers” event I, along with scores of other newly engaged and currently engaged Committeeman and Committeeman candidates, was introduced to the proposed new leadership of the party for McHenry County Central Committee, as well as proposed new leaders for offices throughout our State government. They also explained the need for reform in McHenry County, they explained their purpose, their ideas, their goals, the need for inclusion, and more.

    I do have to admit, half way through this event, my mind was made… this group was not only legitimate, but, I truly believe that they want nothing more than to return McHenry County government back to serving the best interests of the people and away from the self-serving, special-interests which it seems to have been serving for decades. I was convinced; this group is indeed the future of the Republican Party!

    The energy level, quite literally, brought goose-bumps to all in attendance and was cause for dozens in attendance to continue talking and networking for another 2 hours after the close of the event until the facility management regretfully asked if they could close shop.

    But, as I said, in the interest of forming an informed, unbiased belief, I still attended the Lincoln Day Dinner with an open mind.

    As I already stated, the dinner event was chock full of empty, and quite fallible, rhetoric. The summation of the message conveyed at this event was very simple and very direct. And I was in vehement disagreement with it, in whole!

    The message conveyed from the current leadership can be summated as follows:

    [“We need to put issues aside and focus on getting Republicans in office.”

    “The problem with the Republican party is, in recent years, it has become a platform for debate. We need to get back to our core and remember that we are not here to debate each other, we are here to get Republicans in office.”

    Our current leaders including (these are the specific names given)Mike Tryon, Barb Wheeler, Pam Althoff hold true to these horrible principles. And, the current McHenry County Central Committee leadership supports and promotes both these principles as well as these named elected officials.]

    In closing, their message left me with 3 thoughts…

    1. The current leadership including the 3 officials named should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

    2. As a new Committeeman, I will absolutely vote for and promote the New Leadership including:

    – Sandy Salgado for Chairman
    – Andrew Gasser for Vice Chair
    – Diane Evertson for Secretary
    – Chuck Wheeler for Treasurer

    3. I sure am glad I didn’t have to pay for my ticket for this event!

  5. Thank you, Paul – I applaud your articulation of the problems facing us today. I can add nothing to your argument.

  6. You express my feelings exactly, anonymous!

    Thank you, Paul for the editorial.

    Doing the research is valuable to others when we can’t hear with our own ears.

  7. Sandra Salgado and outsider? Huh?

    The current group of claimed Republican “outsiders” in this county have done more to help ensure this states Democratic majority by their nasty attacks on fellow Republicans than Democrats in this county have done in decades.

    The problem isn’t necessarily the belief but the actions.

    I am a fiscal conservative thus I want badly to support others who claim to be so…but when you just label yourself a fiscal conservative, push very little way in the form of fiscal change and spend most of your time launching personal attacks at others also claiming they want fiscal conservative policies you are part of the problem not the solution.

    It’s just a shame that many claiming to be “new blood” in this county are so policy light and personal attack heavy.

  8. I would like to thank Mr. Knight for his astute comments which I observed myself after reading the article published in the North West Herald yesterday.

    The paper failed to state or research that I am a life long conservative and a former member of the Republican Party in Bloomingdale Township, a two term Village Trustee, and served as Congressman Henry Hyde’s Bloomingdale Twp. Campaign Coordinator; that would have made things perfectly clear on my political leanings.

    But the Herald just sees things in one dimension and just said that I was an “African-American” as if that was a qualification for serving in this capacity.

    I forgive them for their ignorance or their ability to compare things equally.

    Oh well what can I expect from a liberal rag that only views success blacks as recipients of their own liberal “affirmative action” policies.

    But I will pray for them and hope they will see past “the color of ones skin view a person by the content of their character!”

  9. RE: “We need to put issues aside and focus on getting Republicans in office.”

    I suppose multi-tasking is out of the question?

    Another reason Illinois is a disaster.

    1. Stop being one of the good old boys.

    2. I don’t care if you are cute – or charming or can make ladies swoon. Do your job or I won’t vote for you.

    3. Don’t start worrying about your re election the day after this one is decided.

    4. Talk to and LISTEN TO your voters AFTER the election too.

    5. Make our lives better/safer/financially protected. Spend wisely and don’t worry about directing work to cronies.

    6. Think less about schmoozing at social political gatherings and do your job like a business person and not someone who’s going to a “coffee and pat yourself on the back event”. I don’t want you to be personal friends, I want you to work hard together to come up with great ideas and actually get things done without worrying who will get a street, school, statue named after them some day. I don’t need your photo with my baby in your arms.

    7. If you don’t like these comments then become a real Democrat instead of a RINO and move to Chicago. Remember Detroit – what kind of leaders helped it crash and burn?

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