Richard Duresa Announces Candidacy for Precinct Committeeman

I have to admit to never having seen an announcement of candidacy for the office of Precinct Committeeman, but one arrived today.  You can see it below:

Citizens to Elect Richard J. Duresa Proudly Announces Duresa’s Candidacy for the Republican Primary March 18, 2014 McHenry County


That’s the campaign slogan chosen by Richard “Rick” Duresa, candidate for Republican Precinct Committeeman Algonquin Township 45.

“Although I have always made time to help fellow Republicans with their campaigns;our country now faces critical issues and it’s time that I step-up to get our message out.

“Every vote matters!”

“I ask that you vote for me for your Precinct Committeeman of Algonquin Township 45.”


Richard Duresa

Richard Duresa

Rick believes that being more than a 20-year resident and voter in this precinct combined with his life’s experiences, will be of great benefit to this community. Without an established voting history, combined with mature judgment, no one could possibly serve as an effective committeeman.

As Republican Precinct Committeeman, Rick is eager to undertake the responsibilities of keeping residents well informed of each and every vital issue and referendum that impacts their families, their business, their property, and their taxes. Rick is committed to providing the voters with all the necessary data they need to make informed decisions as to choice of candidates before Election Day. He understands these critical issues impact lives of his friends, neighbors, and their families of our northwest suburbs.

As the owner of a successful business, Rick has cultivated relationships throughout the area over many years. Colleagues have come to reply on his judgment and integrity and know they will be well served by Rick as their committeeman.

“While the 45th Precinct has a respectful amount of Republicans, too few have not been inspired to vote in past primary elections. I am committed to delivering our party’s message and to re-energize voter turnout throughout the 45th

“There is no substitute for experience when it comes to hearing and understanding the needs of your constituents.”

Rick serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees on the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in Wisconsin and is a certified trainman. His past experience as a youth ice hockey coach demonstrates his energy in working with both younger and older members of our community.

“It would be my honor and privilege to serve the residents of Barrington Hills and Fox River Grove as their Precinct Committeeman.”

“I ask that you vote for me for Republican Committeeman on March 18, 2014.”

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Duresa and 18-year old Jenna Wing are facing off for the Republican Party position.

The current incumbent, Sharon Meroni won a write-in campaign two years ago.  She will be remembered for having called a special meeting of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee in an attempt to gain approval for Tonya Franklin to seek signatures to run for State Representative against Democrat Jack Franks.

With active opposition from those in control of the local GOP, that effort stalled when too few people attended the meeting to comprise a quorum.


Richard Duresa Announces Candidacy for Precinct Committeeman — 10 Comments

  1. “Without an established voting history, combined with mature judgment, no one could possibly serve as an effective committeeman.”

    Does Rick understand what a Precinct Committeeman actually does?

    Other than voting for party leadership, there’s no judgment required whatsoever.

    All you do is bang on doors, glad hand people, and drum up support for party candidates.

  2. Mark-I respectfully disagree about what a precinct committeeman does around statement “Other than voting for party leadership, there’s no judgment required whatsoever”

    That is the essence of what is wrong about the perception and what this position has been relegated to be.

    The position should not be a one way, only to do what the party leaders want.

    It truly should get feedback from our citizens (and hopefully, registered voters), help educate on issues and candidates, and yes, even have a recommendation to who one should vote for or on a proposition and/or levy.

    We have lost trust with are fellow citizens and friends in politics, religion, and relationships.

    Can we start again with a one on one communication in a friendly environment with our neighbors?

    True leaders lead by example.

    We have lost more than trust.

    We have lost our beliefs in each other to do the right thing.

    Please engage now.

    The people who step out of the box and have conviction in their beliefs, are very powerful.

    Please pray for all our leaders.

    They need all the help they can receive.

  3. Candidacy for precinct captain!!

    Definitely earth-shaking, quiver in my boots kind of news!


  4. Experience does count.

    Unlike his competitor, who is a Cary-Grove H.S. 2013 graduate and has yet to vote for the first time, Rick has a long standing Republican voting record, whose judgement I can trust.

    Rick’s getting my vote March 18.

  5. There is a difference between precinct captains and precinct committeemen.

    Captains are what people appointed to cover precincts in Cook County are called. They are not elected. Their township or ward committeeman run for election to gain the power to make the appointments.

    Precinct committeemen are elected party officials. They are elected at the party primary election. They may appoint captains to assist them and, back when most were men, they often appointed precinct committeewomen.

  6. So experience counts huh?

    Experience like 99% of the old committeemen who never did a thing but perpetuate a broken system of cronyism in McHenry County?

    Tell Me Rick- who will you support for GOP leader in McHenry County?

    Daniel, Davis and the establishment or Salgado, Gasser, and the new crowd?

    And I love how the establishment loves to put down the up and coming talent.

    The establishment tried to sing Melissa Sanchez too.

    Old white guy v young strong, and talented woman who wants to better her community?

    So sick of the thugs culling the new talent before they can even spread their wings.

    Lets have the New Republican Party start to build new leaders.

    We can all start with those who live in Fox River Grove and Barrington Hills supporting Jenna.

  7. Uhhhh… I don’t believe Jenna Wing even circulated her own nominating petitions.

  8. Who wants Jenna Wing a “YET TO VOTE” teenager to represent Barrington Hills & Fox River Grove ADULT experienced voters.

    I certainly have nothing in common with her.

    Besides that Jenna NOT been door to door in the precinct?

    I know Rick Duresa has…

  9. I am personally so happy to see a young person get involved in politics – especially in McHenry County where new people are not welcomed.

    I find it hypocritical that people on this blog post anonymously, yet criticize a young girl for putting her name and reputation on the line to represent her precinct.

    This girl has real courage and enthusiasm – something that is lacking in the McHenry County Party Leadership right now.

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