Would Anyone Who Knows the Difference Between Right & Wrong Like to be on McHenry County’s So-Called “Ethics” Commission?

Zinke Finger 7-7-13 CL Indepednece Day Parade

Andy Zinke at Crystal Lake’s 2013 Independence Day Parade.

McHenry County is seeking applicants for various commissions, including the McHenry County Ethics Commission.

You remember its performance, right?

When Undersheriff Andy Zinke used his office email account to send a blatantly political message to County Board members, the so-called “Ethics” Commission found no wrong-doing.

My complaint was not about Zinke’s salute in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

It was about his email about it.

The Northwest Herald Editor agreed that the email was political in nature:

“How can the McHenry County Ethics Commission read this portion of an email sent from a county email address and not see anything political?

“‘Since announcing my candidacy, I have been accused by local bloggers of working with a drug cartel, corruption, and now, publicly driving down the Crystal Lake Parade giving everyone ‘the finger.’ The personal attacks by my opponent and his supporters on my family, my friends, my wife, my children, my in-laws, co-workers, and county board members is despicable and have no place in a legitimate race.‘” [Emphasis added.]

You can read about all the openings below:

Board and Commission Appointments

Have you ever wanted to serve on an appointed Board or Commission in McHenry County?

The McHenry County Board is accepting applications for appointments to the following Boards and Commissions:

  • McHenry County Housing Commission
  • McHenry County Ethics Commission
  • McHenry County Conservation District Board of Trustees
  • McHenry County Community Development Block Grant
  • McHenry County Agricultural Easement and Farmland Protection Commission

Please click here to view Board and Commission descriptions and to obtain an application.


Would Anyone Who Knows the Difference Between Right & Wrong Like to be on McHenry County’s So-Called “Ethics” Commission? — 23 Comments

  1. Really starting to feel the desperation.

    A complaint went to the board about Andy Zinke in his official capacity he addressed and responded to the complaint to those who oversee the Department through official communication methods.

    It was the only appropriate manner to respond as it is communication that can be fully transparent.

    If he had responded to the complaint from a personal email or a campaign email then there may be a problem.

    I mean are you really upset he responded to the complaint to the board in such a transparent manner or are you just upset he got to respond and tell his side of the disagreement at all?

  2. Not a shred of impartial reporting here.

    It is obvious that he is supporting his arm not flashing the finger.

    It is sad that you Cal, continually print that ridiculous photo.

    If a Prim had any real credentials, you wouldn’t have to resort to such tactics.

  3. GulfGuy, it’s obvious you are a Zinke supporting douchebag.

    It’s also very obvious that Andy was giving the one finger salute to Cal.

    Andy doesn’t like Cal’s stories that make him look like an idiot.

    But it is actually Andy that makes Andy look like an idiot.

    Keith needs Andy to carry on the regime.

    Why would the retiring old fat guy give a crap what happens after he retires.

    Gotta keep certain things rolling as usual.

    ButQueeriously, Andy is the one that is worried.

    Can’t wait to see that debate at MCC and watch the idiot try to answer questions.

    I hope the audience is allowed to ask some questions.

    So many topics to talk about.

    As far as Andy using the county email, you don’t talk about your campaign on the taxpayer funded email system- period.

  4. “But it is actually Andy that makes Andy look like an idiot.”


    It’s behavior like this that will not allow me to even consider voting for Mr. Zinke.

    Nobody supports their arm using the middle finger.

    Pointer finger, yes.

    All 4 fingers, yes.

    He was flipping people off.

  5. I love how Cal posts this picture almost every week. It’s on par with sign stealing.

  6. Sh…t starts at the top and rolls down hill.

    At least, that is how it works at the McHenry County Sheriffs Department..

    The pull of gravity is very strong…

    Hmmmm or is that the odor?

  7. I love how Cal posts this picture every week… and 100 people who never saw it before say, “WTH this man wants to be sheriff?”

    Keep on keepin on.

  8. I had to explain to my children why the police man was doing something naughty.

    NOT OK & I wont ever vote for someone so irresponsible.

  9. Anyone who knows Zinke knows that he was not resting his hand.

    Not the first time he has done this to people.

  10. Zinke intentionally gave Cal the finger.

    Those defending that he was resting his hand are delusional.

    If you wanted to rest your hand you would lay your arm on the whole window frame.

    Bottom line is this is just another example of Andy doing what he does to most of the people at the Sheriifs department everyday.

    He does not deserve your vote to be Sheriff.

    Despite his degree, he is immature and ethically challenged.

  11. Who cares. Zinke has the experience, has the credentials and now has more legitimate endorsements from candidates, papers and people.

    Prim is a Rabine pawn who will look the other way when he ovelaods when he overloads his trucks.

  12. FAir – I have met and spoke to several people in the DesPlaines and Mt Prospect area that hold Bill in very high regard.

    Instead of covering up problem people, he fired them.

    Unlike what is done in the Zinke administration.

    Do not find your issues credible.

  13. Until the man who wrote the letter to the editor that was recently posted and now taken down gives permission for its publication, it will not go up.

    That is the procedure I have used previously with letters to the editor.

  14. The Rabine shot probably is a low blow.

    Nevertheless, Prim’s old boss gave a hellova endorsement to Zinke.

    That’s about has credible as you can get.

  15. Fine, Cal, have it your way. To anyone who is interested, here is a link to the Northwest Herald website that provides a letter to the editor from Bill Prim’s old boss stating that he is not supporting Prim in the Sheriff race.


    In the letter, Former Des Plaines Chief Jim Ryan articulates, “…I have worked with Bill Prim for many years and am familiar with former police department employees who are involved in his campaign. For these reasons, I endorse and support Zinke…”

  16. Front Line, what ever the election results are in the Primary Election, Zinke will be watched.

    Better get those Bumper Stickers out, you have an Honor Roll Student in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

    Good Luck to you All!

  17. Now you are in line with what I understand the copyright law to be.

  18. “FairPlay” The endorsement for Zinke from Prim’s boss is not a reason to vote for Zinke..

    If you are using that to lend more credibility to Zinke, it’s not working..

    Zinke has proven during his entire campaign to be unprofessional, and childish…

    How is it that you are able to come up with those half witted rationalizations?

    Oh that’s right, you are from the Regime….lol..

    Prim is a class act that has carried himself with professionalism and integrity through out his entire campaign.…

    Zinke’s actions are unforgivable and unforgettable…

    In my opinion, he is an embarrassment to our community…

    Not ever, have we heard of a candidate giving his finger at a political parade, during their own campaign..

    Not only that, but his own wife dropped the f bomb at the same parade and then denied it.

    Further, he had Cal’s blog shut down because of false allegations…

    No one wants to be a witness to more of Andy Zinke antics.

    It’s time to say good-bye to Andy Zinke and welcome BIll Prim..

  19. We must all agree that former Des Plaines Chief Jim Ryan’s statement is a deadly blow to Bill Prim’s campaign.

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