Mary McClellan Blasts Nick Provenzano for Participating in Illegal Secret Meetings

A press release from McHenry County Board member Mary McClellan, a candidate for McHenry County Clerk in the March 18th Republican Party Primary Election:

County Clerk Candidate Mary McClellan Slams Opponent Provenzano for Participating in Illegal, Closed Door Meetings

WOODSTOCK, IL (February 19, 2014) – This morning, McHenry County Board Member and candidate for McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan blasted her Republican Primary opponent and fellow McHenry County Board member Nick Provenzano for actively and knowingly participating in a closed door, secret meeting with several other County Board members to attempt to redraw county districts more to their liking, without public input.

The Illinois Attorney General’s office concluded that this meeting violated the Open Meetings Act.

Mary McClellan

Mary McClellan

“The job of the County Clerk is to provide open and accessible government, through its record keeping and it’s administering of elections,” McClellan stated.

“If Nick Provenzano will violate Illinois law to attempt to draw a better district for himself in secret with a handful of powerful insiders, I do not think he is fit to run the McHenry County Clerk’s office.

“The public simply cannot trust him.”

Writing about this obvious and blatant violation of government transparency, the Northwest Herald concluded that the public is owed an apology.

However, thus far, Nick Provenzano has not apologized for his willful disregard for the public’s interest.

“My opponent has a track record of breaking public transparency laws and acting in his own self-interest,” McClellan stated.

McClellan sign clerk

This image is on Mary McClellan’s letterhead.

“Nick Provenzano cannot be trusted by McHenry County residents to have their best interests in mind as County Clerk.”

Mary McClellan is an attorney who was elected to the McHenry County Board in 2012.

McClellan formerly worked in the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office and now works in Cook County where she defends the county in civil rights, labor and employment cases.

She said her experiences, working her way from being a single mother through law school and elected office will serve county residents well.


Mary McClellan Blasts Nick Provenzano for Participating in Illegal Secret Meetings — 13 Comments

  1. Reading the minutes of the committee which McClellan chairs, she sure seems to be in a hurry to get to her ‘real’ job in Chicago!

    She owes the public an apology for not being up front before she was elected that her time for County business is limited by her ‘real’ job.

  2. Why did’nt McClellan bother to show up for the vote on the County Tax Levy or the Budget?

    I as a taxpayer believe that this is the most important role of my board member!

    How can I expect her to fight for my interests as a tax payer if she does’nt even show up!?

  3. Nick Provenzano and Mary McClellan are two excellent choices, but I was leaning towards Nick Provenzano, even after many people told me that he was involved with the establishment that was trying to takeover this county for all the wrong reasons, but I was not convinced.

    Now with this new damaging information, I am rethinking my decision, as many of us should, and now consider Mary McClellan as there is no question about her integrity.

  4. Fukoku Kyohei: You must be talking about those endorsements from:

    -Sen Pam Althoff
    -Ken Koehler
    -Bob & Anna May Miller
    -Ken Cabay
    -John Jung Jr.
    -Vince Foglia
    -Chuck Ruth

    oh wait those are Zinke supporters who have endorsed Provenzano.

  5. Why did McClellan lie about having the time to sit on the County Board?

    One look at attendance for her first year in office and the voters will demand their money back.

    She missed 50% of her Law & Justice meetings.

    She missed the votes on 20 appointments for boards, agencies and commissions.

    Four of them were critical votes for appointments to the troubled Mental Health Board.

  6. mrs., although attendance is important it is understandable that someone with a real job might miss committee meetings.
    I think the point here is that the County Clerk must have the highest integrity, his actions suggest that he doesn’t.

  7. I think that asking voters to elect you to an office, and then never showing up says a lot about her integrity.

    Not to mention her “press release” is factually exaggerated.

    Comparing the endorsements she has, versus the endorsements Nick has, there is no question to me who is better suited for this job.

  8. HOME
    Congressman Randy Hultgren

    Hultgren Pro-life

    Illinois Senator Dan Duffy

    Illinois Senator Karen McConnaughay

    Illinois Senator Pam Althoff

    Former Congressman Don Manzullo

    McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi

    McHenry County Board Member Michele Aavang

    McHenry County Board Member John Jung

    McHenry County Board Member Ken Koehler

    McHenry County Board Member Bob Martens

    McHenry County Board Member Mary McCann

    McHenry County Board Member Ann May Miller

    McHenry County Board Member Robert Nowak

    McHenry County Board Member Sandy Salgado

    Retired McHenry County Board Member Pete Merkel

    Johnsburg Village President Ed Hetterman

    McHenry Mayor Sue Low

    Bull Valley Village President and McHenry County College Board of Trustees Chairman Ron Parrish

    Algonquin Township Clerk Chuck Lutzow

    McHenry Township Trustee Craig Adams

    McHenry Alderman Geri Condon

    Huntley Trustee Ronda Goldman

    Johnsburg Trustee Greg Klemstein

    Johnsburg Trustee Kevin McEvoy

    McHenry School District 15 Board Member John O’Neill

    Johnsburg School District 12 Board Member Steve Rooney

    Retired McHenry Township Supervisor Alby Adams

    Radicom President Phil Bartmann

    Diablo Controls President Scott Breeden

    Dixon Companies CEO Scott Dixon

    Fast Eddie’s Car Washes Owner Joe Doherty

    Centegra Health System CEO Michael Eesley

    Richmond Development Founder Charles Eldredge II

    Charles Eldridge Real Estate Owner Charles Eldredge III

    Sage Products CEO Vince Foglia

    Garrelts & Sons President Steve Garrelts

    Attorney Dave Gervais

    Attorney Jennifer Gibson

    Liberty Outdoor Advertising General Manager Bryan Javor

    Bulk Lift International CEO Brian Kelly

    World Trade Center Illinois President Bill Lada

    Bell, Boyd & Lloyd Partner and Past Chairman of METRA Jeffery Ladd

    Gary Lang Auto Group President Gary Lang

    Pint Sized Productions CEO John McCrory

    Plum Garden Restaurant Owner Perry Moy

    Cheryl L Meyer Consulting Services President Cheryl Meyer

    Narusis & Narusis Partners Bernard & Regina Narusis

    International Decorators Founder Tony Pintozzi

    Rabine Group CEO Gary Rabine

    Gypsy Glen K9 Kastle President Kathy Reiland

    Alliance Contractors CEO Chuck Ruth

    RE/MAX Plaza Owner Jim Schaid

    Michael Schuch & Sons Construction President Mickey Schuch

    Charles River Development President Bo Strom

    The Waggoner Law Firm Principal Lisa Waggoner

    Wickham Interiors Vice President Fred Wickham

    Wuich Enterprises President John Wuich

    American Community Bank & Trust CEO Charie Zanck

    Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin Founding Partner Tom Zanck

    Alliance Defending Freedom Ambassador Joe Edwards

    McHenry County Right to Life President Emeritus Irene Napier

    McHenry County Right to Life Co-President Linda Pieper

    WLS-AM 890 Radio Talk Show Host Dan Proft

    McHenry Pro-Life Victory PAC Chairman Phil Weyna

    Robert Borchert

    Ken Cabay

    Ron and Linda Bykowski

    Rich Carter

    Nancy Cole

    John Colomer

    Jake Justen

    Jim Keefe

    Ron Salgado

    Jay Stark

    Joyce Story

    Demetri Tsilimigras

  9. To be fair…Ms. McClellan’s endorsements……Ed Gil is her husband as well as Nunda Trustee.Barbara Wheeler House Representative “I know the importance of the job that the County Clerk performs and I know that I can trust Mary to do the job.”

    McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren,

    Chairwoman McHenry County Board Tina Hill,

    Vice Chairman McHenry County Board James Heisler,

    Nunda Supervisor Lee Jennings,

    Nunda Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance,

    Nunda Trustee Mike Shorten,

    Nunda Trustee Ed Gil,

    John Curran Vice Chairman of Dupage County Board,

    Brent Smith Past Nunda GOP Chairman and Founder of Young Republicans,

    Don Koppsel Former Nunda Highway Commissioner,

    Ryan Todd Weihofen, Mayor Village of Lakemoor,

    Jay Nolan, Mayor of Harvard,

    Terry Counley, President of Village of McCullom Lake

  10. Someone should fact check’s Provenzano’s ‘supporters’.

    Some people process a two word conversation (ie. “Hello”,”Hello”) as an endorsement.

  11. You are absolutely correct clued, however, endorsements and choices can be reversed as we all have time to make corrections before we go to the polls and make a grave mistake.

    We need a person that we can trust as our new County Clerk, and that is Mary McClellan!

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