$3,000 More for Bill Prim’s Sheriff’s Campaign — 22 Comments

  1. Maybe they didn’t appreciate the opposing candidate in uniform driving his McHenry County police vehicle in his official capacity as UnderSheriff of McHenry County in the middle of the July 7, 2013 Independence Day Parade in Crystal Lake flipping off the local blogger for all to see.

  2. #”MiddleFinder”

  3. I consider this to be admirable to give Bill Prim that much money after that horrible defeat he suffered at the debate, which was most likely the final nail in his coffin that will cost him this election.

  4. “Fair Play” and “Fukoku”

    From the Regime.

    Those two live in their delusional world. Ha, ha, ha ha… They think Duncan is Scott..

    News Flash “NOT”

    They definitely know how to twist the truth, we can at least give them that much credit.

    In reality, Andy Zinke is the one that lost the debate.

    Andy, betrayed the public trust when he failed to address the real issues like the RIta Corporation fiasco and his own catastrophic damaging behavior during his own campaign…..

    More like barely skimming over the issues, and trying to make it appear as if he addressed the real issues.

    Now, Prim is a hometown Guy with home town values..

    Prim is the Man for the job.

    What is “Andy Zinke”

    can’t quite reckon what he is.. Hmmmmm…

    Oh I know “A Political Failure” who has no business running the Sheriffs Department…

    Have, to say, he really likes those famous TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    It is apparent that he has gained some weight from eating all of that popcorn… Need some butter with that popcorn Andy?

    Oh sorry, someone told me you already have plenty of butter for your popcorn.

    In fact, there is so much butter for his popcorn, Andy used it to shine his shoes for the debate.

    Is that all you got?

    Talking about Prim’s boots.

    When in fact, there was nothing wrong with his boots…

    Keep wearing those boots Bill Prim.

    Though, I think you need a cow hat to match…

    See you at the election March 18, 2014…

  5. Andy, thinks that glare is from the winners circle. …lol… it’s from his shoes…. Wakeup Any…

  6. Looks like the Zinky supporters are running scared.


    See you all at the March 18th election where we are going to bronze those cowboy boots.

  7. Ok Duncan.

    I never said you were Scott.

    I am my own person, not fukoku.

    Don’t try minimize my opinion by lotting me together with someone else because it suits your agenda.

  8. Also the only thing I’ve said about Prim’s boots is they are a distraction to the real issue: the fact that he came across poorly that the debate.

    I have written extensively about it, Duncan, and you have just said the same nonsense about tv games shows and Rita corp when the northwest herald’s front page two days ago said the Rita corp investigation a has been proven a Farce.

  9. “Front Page I said “Fair Play” not you.

    Unless or course, you are using two screen names?????

    Talking out of the side of your mouth are you?


    And, you believe the Norhwest Herald?..

    Boycott, the Northwest Herald.

    They hardly appear objective.

    Haven’t purchased the Newpaper in years, and never will, not ever again..

    They are just one more embarrassing subject, right next to Andy Zinke.

    Hmmmmmm Not a very nice visual either.

    And, just because the Northwest Herald says it has been proven a farce, does not make it so…

    Whatsa matter, “Front Page?”

    Eating too much popcorn these days?

    It appears to have gone to your brain. Lose something playing those games, Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” ???

    Go ahead bask in that butter, shine your shoes and bask in the sun or I mean the shine.

    But, don’t get use to it, because the sun will be shining on election day for Bill Prim.. March 18, 2014p36k

  10. Oh my…pretty proud of myself…my comments now seem to be marked as needing Moderation before posting…please tell me it’s not everyone and I just am special. 😉

  11. Every once in a while when links are included in a comment they do not post automatically.

    I do not know why.

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