Chase Bank to Require Photo ID to Deposit Cash

Starting Saturday, March 1st, account holders at Chase Bank will have to show a photo identification to be able to deposit cash.

Chase Bank logoAnd, if it is your wife’s account, your name better be on it or you won’t be able to make a cash deposit.

“Money laundering” seems to be the reason, although at the level of the deposit I made today, I’d guess there might be another reason as well.

Anyone got any idea what other reasons might be?


Chase Bank to Require Photo ID to Deposit Cash — 34 Comments

  1. Racist Jim Crow policies…

    Oh wait.

    That’s only if you have to show ID to vote.

    This has to do with new worldwide standards for bank transparency.

    Chase went one step further but given the impact these laws will make on banks it’s understandable.

  2. Big bank, big BS.

    Move your accounts to BCU. I did so, I ledt BoA, have not regretted.

  3. Hmmm, it’s been nearly 20 years since one of Chase’s predecessors, the old home grown First Chicago, brought us teller fees, to encourage ATM deposits/withdrawals.

    At least this is for the deposit of cash, and not checks (makes it simpler).

  4. Move your account!

    Anonymity is another vanishing freedom.

    Go to any local bank where they know you.

  5. Those Kenyan socialists at FoxBusiness actually found some facts for once:

    I am most amused by the demands for ‘anonymity’ here- since you are depositing cash into your own account, or that of a family member or business, there is no anonymity- and unless you are wearing a mask and rubber gloves, there will be evidence you were at the bank.

    At that point, I only hope that a foaming IL concealed permit carrier gets one clean shot into the target.

  6. Next you will need id to buy groceries.

    The time has come to increase the volume of the underground economy just like other socialist countries.

    Don’t use banks – barter.

  7. I agree that it is ridiculous to show ID depositing cash, but seriously, I seem to WANT cash FROM a bank (meaning that I have no idea when I actually last deposited it).

    If you have more cash than you could possibly spend (I’m thinking of my weekly groceries!)I am very curious where it comes from.

  8. Now another new CHASE game…..

    I made a deposit today and in the deposit there was $400.00 in cash.

    They demanded Drivers Liscense before they would take the deposit.

    They now want ID for depositing cash.

    My wife did it, but I damn sure wont.

    Monday I am going to go close out my accounts and get away from this communistic bank.

    I do 30/40 K of credit card business a year.

    Going to move that too……

    GOOD BY CHASE…..!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That’s so stupid..

    I’m closing mine tomorrow.

    Good luck with your new stupid rules.

    Bye CHASE!

  10. took my by surprise, when cashier asked my for a photoID to deposit cash into my own account.

    No one in this world would Money laundering less than million!

    Why money laundering for $200.00??

    I bank with Chase over 20 yrs.

    I guess it’s time to change.

  11. Who did whom a favor-this smacks of big politics & big business?

    Time to move my account been with Chase since 1985-this is the end!

  12. My comments are directed at something that is different from your initial complaint.

    I recently received a survey from Chase asking my thoughts on Chase.

    Until then, my history with Chase which has been a long one, has been good overall and I said so.

    At the end of the survey, “in appreciation of” you get a choice of items you can order for free, only paying the shipping.

    I ordered Garcinia Cambogia, a 10 day supply of weight loss pills, with a ONE time charge of $4.95.

    So, imagine my surprise a few weeks later when I get another charge, for $79.85.

    Please understand, I read even the fine print.

    There was nothing in there about a trial, etc.

    I did NOT authorize an additional charge.

    So, thinking this would be an easy fix, I called the 800 # on the back of my card to get this taken care of.

    I spoke with one gentleman on 05/12 and he argued with me that I had authorized this.

    I finally asked to speak to his supervisor who I believe was named Raj.

    He initially argued the same thing, most notably telling me that the original email did not come from Chase as they do not do vendor promotions, but finally said that it would take a couple of days but it would be taken care of.

    He also said I would have to have my debit card cancelled and a new one sent to me.

    He had it overnighted.

    Now, this charge left me 1.51 in my account.

    So, I was less than thrilled this morning to find that I am now in the hole, as the money has not been put back.

    I called again and spoke with a Demetria, who has informed me that I will not get my money back as I had “joined” this trial.

    So, even though I’ve been a loyal customer for years, convinced my husband to move his account over there as well years ago, we’ve had homes and cars mortgaged through them, and I have maybe once before (I have 2 different banks I use so I’m not sure which one it was) contested a claim and it was taken care of immediately, am being now told that they are giving this company the right to steal from me.

    Interesting sidebar, she started telling me all about this company so either Raj lied to me when he told me this was a Phishing email or he’s not kept well in the loop.

    I am going to cancel my account with them ( I no longer trust them to have my best interests at heart ), and I will be filing a complaint regarding both them and the company that the pills came from with the BBB. And, frankly anywhere else I can make it known, so that no one else goes through this and is robbed. If I didn’t authorize this charge, this is robbery.

    Even if I hadn’t read the fine print (and I always do) our local news is always running stories about how people are scammed in just this manner.

    Shocking that a large institution that you would think would want to do all that they can to protect their reputation would be party to something like this.

    I will find a better, trustworthy bank.

  13. Chase and ID for cash des posit if some minor insignificant amount of money is absolutely rediculous.

    And to comment and imply it could be drug money.

    How insulting you are.

  14. I agree how silly this is but what is the big deal about showing your I.D.

    Not enough for me to change my bank.

    You people show how ridiculous you are by ranting and raving about showing an I.D.

  15. Knowing you means NOTHING .

    They know me and refused my deposit today.

    I am angry to put it mildly.

  16. Some comments are really stupid on why presenting photo ID is such a big deal to many.

    It is a big deal! Simply, a bank staff has your details (DOB, address , licence number and all your details in that ID).

    And he gets your bank account number and credit card details too? And what’s next when he resigns and decides to use these.

    He can easily access your internet accounts including emails, ebay, etc.

    And what if your email account has your other personal info including banking, passport, etc, which I bet nowadays a great number of people has. ID for deposit?

    Stupid idea, big banks just want you not to use face to face service but use more their machines to save big bucks.

    Customer service is gone.

    Oh wrong, it still exists for customers with high profitability rates… yes folks its automatically calculated and pops out in their machines, once you make an inquiry you have a profitability number which will drive the service you will get.

  17. The kicker is that not only do you have to show photo ID, you also have to be a signatory on the account!

    So, not only do you have to produce ID, but if you haven’t gone in and been added to the account, they will refuse the deposit.

    So, no more going and bailing out your kids, or making a deposit as a favor to a friend.

    CHASE sucks!

  18. I have been a weekly visitor to our local Chase Bank for 17 years.

    I have a Chase credit card, two checking accounts, a savings account, a mortgage and an equity line with Chase.

    Today, 1/24/2015, I deposited three checks totaling $1,075 dollars and wanted “no cash” back.

    I was asked for my I.D. WHAT!?

    Surprisingly a bank rep. supported the teller’s actions.

    I have decided – when making future deposits, I will ask the teller for his/her I.D.

    I mean c’mon, just because the teller wears a Chase blue shirt with a name tag, should I assume he/she is an employee?

    Hey – if she doubts my identity, and questions whether my deposit is genuine – why can’t I doubt who she is.


  19. Was asked today for photo Id at my local branch to deposit $12 in cash !!!

    That’s money laundering ?????

  20. Sounds like establishment of legal paper trail.

    So if IRS or other government body accuses a citizen, citizen cannot claim defense that money was deposited by another.

  21. Who even works in cash anymore? Old people like checks, people with bad credit might want cash, or just the trash in society.

    I personally like a good old fashion debit card, credit card, etc.

    But that is because I did not screw my credit up, and made it where banks tell me they want nothing to do with my business and force me to use cash.

    Also, I have good credit.

    So I own, not rent.

    I guess it just comes down to, the banks didn’t want your business anyway.

    Take it to credit unions, they take everyone.

    Ask they just want to brag about numbers, not quality.

  22. tried to deposit 500.00 cash in my checking acct.

    teller asked for id, so I gave her my chase card.

    No good ,wanted my lic.

    I can use that chase card to withdraw thousands out of the same checking acct.

    but unable to deposit!!!

    Time to close all accts.

    after 35 years with chase.

    The kicker is my children can’t deposit without their names on the acct and produce a Drivers Lic.

    God forbid if I am bed ridden with a major illness.

  23. to clint you are a fool its not about good credit that you own don’t rent its the fact that you have to give up your id you are a sheepeople just going along blindly

  24. if you wanna open a bank account you will be required to show enhancd id to open an account at any bank the real id act which was done through homeland security they wanna make sure it you and not a terrorist opening an account to tranfer funds over sea.

    the id in nys will cost $30.00 some state higher depends where you are.

  25. Unreal that Americans are SO lax about their rights and freedom that they think we are ridiculous for caring about this invasion of privacy!

    I would definitely close my damn account.

    Not only for that reason but they also CHARGE people you write a check to $10 to cash the check (or some amount of money, M&T charges $10).

    If everyone stood up for their rights this NONSENSE would never stand!


  26. IKR this is pathetic

    I went to make a 60 credit card payment today and this young teller told me I needed an ID to make a cash payment to my credit card!!!

    This is definitely a violation of human rights and I’m getting pretty damn tired of this distrust of the American hard working people you discusting Bank

    you really need to stop acting like you are going above and beyond to try and ridden these dirty bad people when it is Chase Bank who was one of the bad investment yet new it was a win win for Chase in the long run!!!

    I for one can only know and believe something more is seriously brewing and there is more to this it’s like they are saying hey!

    Look federal government were innocent of any on going or further corruption in past or present because we made all the poor little people present and ID when making 60 dollar credit card payment or trying to give your son 100 while in college seriously this is yelling out better check what’s going on in corporate!!!!!

  27. Yes and the men and only the men are so rude when you have a complaint about a merchant credit!!

    Why why are they so rude

    I am a bit tired of on line merchant and the other one is car repair or car services it is like these people take your car say they did work charge you massive rates then return it to you is worse condition!!!

    This BS is wrong you only get paid when services performed are accurate and in better condition then when you dropped it off when I had a disputed the men were horrible over the phone they were like to bad you have to pay!

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing I only will speak to woman now and someone in US

  28. Yesterday I tried to make a deposit with some cash back.

    I gave my only photo ID. my drivers lcense and was told that it was expired and was unacceptable.

    What has the license date have to do with my ID.

    My picture on the license looks just like me and so as I sat ther and argued with the teller got more frustrated.

    What i want to acertain ie. is my picture representingme or is the date of the picture

  29. Tried to deposit cash ($200) in my sons account.

    I showed them my drivers license.

    My SECURE ID/License, no go.

    They would NOT take the deposit.

    Just a little too much for me… Goodbye Chase.

  30. 3/22/2019 went to drive thru at the Chase bank in Fountain Hills AZ with a cash and a check for deposit

    Asked for photo ID I asked why gave me some song about policy/ I sent the drivers license thru the vacuum tube and the teller balked this is out of date by 5 weeks she wants a up to date drivers license.

    I had sent her my old license I had my new license good for 5 more years– she took that OK.

    The whole attitude sucks I have been using the same bank since 1994 I find this a simple problem as we go thru each day but it still is aggravating to deal with these annoyances

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