NW Herald Endorses Zinke for Sheriff

Andy Zinke was at the Cary Expo, but, of course, not as a candidate.  General Orders in the Sheriffs Department prohibit politicking in uniform.

Andy Zinke was at the Cary Expo, but, of course, not as a candidate. General Orders in the Sheriffs Department prohibit politicking in uniform.

No surprise there.

Predicted here Friday.

What was unexpected was a front-page story on the so-called County Ethics Commission trying to rehabilitate its image after finding, against all common sense and with no explanation, that Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s use of his office email account to explain his behavior at the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade last year was, as they say, “No problem.”

Here’s how reporter Kevin Craver describes what happened that led to my complaint:

“The first-ever complaint stemmed from a picture posted on Skinner’s blog which he alleges is Zinke, who has an acrimonious relationship with Skinner and other bloggers, giving him the middle finger at the Crystal Lake Independence Day parade.

“Skinner’s complaint alleged that an email Zinke sent to County Board members disputing the allegation violated the ban on prohibited political activities. The email was sent on Zinke’s work email during work hours and made multiple references to his candidacy for sheriff.”

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NW Herald Endorses Zinke for Sheriff — 29 Comments

  1. Yes, this was no surprise.
    Bill Prim gave the Northwest Herald absolutely no choice but to give their endorsement to Undersheriff Andrew Zinke after that repulsive display and performance during the debate.

    Besides that repulsive debate, how could the Northwest Herald endorse Bill Prim based on his outline for the reasons why he wants to become Sheriff?

    Bill Prim’s leading charge in his campaign in his own words stated by him in his video state:

    “Too much time and money is being wasted at the Sheriff’s Office fighting with other office holders”.
    “County government is not supposed to be a playground for big egos.”
    “Taxpayer money wasted on settling personal scores is wrong.”

    These statements do NOT comply too Undersheriff Andrew Zinke as the video shows headlines in the newspapers of the feuding between State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi and Sheriff Keith Nygren, NOT Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.

    You cannot expect endorsements if your main message is fueled by personal vengeance by your puppeteer Bill.

  2. “Fukoku” You delusional nut.

    You mean when, Andy, betrayed the public trust, during the debate, when he failed to address the real issues like the RIta Corporation fiasco and his own catastrophic damaging behavior during his own campaign…..

    No one, will ever forget Andy’s famous middle finger.

    More like barely skimming over the issues, and trying to make it appear as if he addressed the real issues.

    Andy provided no real answers to anything….

    He just made meaningless statements.

    His face turned red at some point during the Debate.

    Not surprised, he should be embarrassed..

    His demeanor was guarded and superficial..

    You are right it is no surprise that the Northwest Herald endorsed Andy the Clown from the Nygren and Zinke Circus…

    Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be associated with either of them.

    They do not represent the needs of the people.

    In my opinion, neither of them could be considered, fair, impartial, objective or professional.

    They should both be embarrassed.

  3. It is well known that no one except Cal and Dum Dum think there is any wrong doing regarding RITA.

    Not the SAs office, the DEA itself, not the AGs office, nor any other LEGAL entity.

    To normal people this is a non-issue.

  4. The sad thing is that Mr. Prim seems to be a decent person with good policing credentials.

    But, politics do funny things to people.

    Rather than provide a positive plan for the future, Mr. Prim spewed the venom of the Regime, extremists and Crystal Lake Country Club crowd that supports him.

    Whether Mr. Prim wins or loses, the Regime accomplishes its primary purpose of spewing its venom against Mr. Zinke and our outgoing Sheriff who has served this county with distinction.

    The real anger is from the Regime who could not corrupt Sheriff Nygren and will not corrupt Sheriff Zinke.

  5. “Teacher155” You apparently need a history lesson…

    The Regime does not exist on the Prim side…

    Further, the Regime does not know how stand alone as individual commentators on this blog, which shows how powerless they really are.

    That includes, you Teacher 155, “Fukoku” and “Azsupporter” Tsk, tsp now go serve your detention..

    By the way, Nygren doesn’t need anyones help to be corrupt.

    There is corruption in Mchenry County; myself and others were made an offer to pay off a Judge.

    It’s is time for change, and it is time that our Government be returned to the people March, 18, 2014

  6. “AZsupporter” You lost your credibility, when you claimed to be retired, and then claimed that you have towels at home with your kids initials on them, even though your kids are grown adults..

    You are the real Dum Dum as you are not smart enough to keep track of your own “STORIES”…

  7. Duncan…how can being retired and having initials on towels be mutually exclusive?

    You are always on attack towards someone here in McHenry County although you claim not to live here, but your attacks like this one are typically very confusing and non-logical.

  8. “ButSeriously” You are the one twisting the facts.

    I just repeated “AZ” claims.

    Sure hope the Regime is not using County equipment to be on this blog…

  9. Great comment Teacher155.

    Sadly there are people that want to only visualize bad and and are too quick to perpetuate mistruths and spread out and out lies.

    In my humble opinion, the Prim crowd believes the only way to defeat Zinke is to attack him with scurrilous accusations.

    They probably believe their tricks will entice people to accept Prim even though Prim does not possess half the credentials Zinke had earned.

    Most people are intelligent enough to see through these political lies and rightfully understand that Zinke has years of dedication and self improvement to his credit.

    The Prim supporters can not see the truth.

    Compare Prim’s high school education to a man that has continually advanced his educaton and now has a MBA.

    Prim, a Des Plaines police commander, which is about equivalent to a Sheriff’s lieutenant ,contrasted to Zinke the second in command of a 400 person department.

    The entirety of the career experience alone earned Zinke the endorsement.

    Prim’s people now cry foul and accuse the NWH of protecting Zinke.

    They can’t honestly see their guy is not as qualified.

    I applaud the NWH for weighing the facts, ignoring the rumors and innuendo and telling the voters through your endorsement who the better qualified person is.

  10. Duncan you did not just repeat the words you claimed the two statements are mutually exclusive.

    They are not.

    If you need me to explain please let me know which word you are struggling with…”mutually”, “exclusive”, “are”?


  12. “ButSeriously” Go suck your thumb…

    “GulfGuy’ No one has seen Zinkes Diploma.

    Judson Christian College said they do not have a record for Andrew Zinke graduating with either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts…….

    Everyone wants to see Zinkes diploma..

    Where is the proof?????????

    He has an honorary BS degree for his book Political Campaigning for Dummies’ …..




  14. I just saw the picture of Zinky with the K9 officer.

    Now I remember that is the only qualification Zinky does have.

    Just think he will make the citizens sit, stay and roll over.

  15. Dunce McCrazy.

    Mrs. Nygren was District 47, not District 155.

    Guess again, Sherlock.

  16. Duncan. You are clearly a “One Trick a Pony.”

    Why don’t you try and change up your material.

    Do you just cut and paste your repetitive insults from one comment to another?

    Now attacks upon Marge Nygren who is not a politician and is not part if the public arena, that is actionable.

    BTW she was Distruct 47 so you misfired.

    Big business doesn’t like employees playing on company time.

    Both company computers or home computers are not exempt.

  17. Duncan McCrazy……just because your boy worked 27 years and never added to his education you question Andy Zinke?

    I’ve personally known for years that Zinke was working towards his degrees.

    Zinke like most true professionals strive to improve their craft, they advance their education to achieve higher goals.

    Some like Bill who, are happy to sit back and collect a check for many years.

    Zinke has has the degrees after years of hard work.

    Duncan McCrazy can’t convince anyone anything otherwise with his “mindless” rants.

    That my looney friend is a “no brainier.”

  18. But Gulf Guy, Dunce McCrazy is garnering a lot of votes for Mr. Prim & his preferred candidates with his venomous rantings & vile spewings. NOT!

  19. Teacher155 is now Marge Nygren?

    I thought Teacher155 was me. 😉

  20. “Fukoku” you apparently need your meds today “Fukoku” return to your Cuckoos nest….

    Can’t wait until depositions start in the civil suit filed against you by Bianchi…..

  21. “Teacher 155” = Marge Nygren.

    And, you are a teacher?.

    Go look at yourself in the mirror, you are no role model for children. Scary to think you were even near kids after the way you have portrayed yourself on this blog…

    Lying and connecting Prim and Seipler as the Regime when they are not..

    Saying Prim is a good ol’ boy when he has never been part of the McHenry County System of Politics…

    You just turn that finger right around and point it at yourself.

    You poor excuse for a teacher.

    Whatsa matter Keith Baby, can’t protect you?

    Depostions in Rockford, and there is no way out for Keith Baby.

    Is he scared? He should be…

    The truth about Keith and McHenry County to be revealed at a McHenry County Theatre near you..

  22. Judson College verified that there is no College Diploma for Andrew Zinke…

    Where is the Diploma Andy?

    Everyone, would like to see it..

  23. Duncan stated: “Can’t wait until depositions start in the civil suit filed against you by Bianchi.”

    Fukoku reply is: We are prepared to defend my First Amendment to the United States Constitution as a resident of McHenry County and a citizen of the United States.

    The real question is, are You Duncan prepared to defend yourself as a non-resident of McHenry County, which your comments have no merit as the issues in this county do NOT affect you or concern you personally.

    Your comments about Undersheriff Andrew Zinke, Keith Nygren, Kimberly Zinke, now Marge Nygren, and so many others that you refer too as the “Regime” is nothing more but personal malicious attacks towards these individuals with the only intent to cause personal harm.

  24. I Don’t know team Prim, if another Zinke supporter was launching into opposing wives and families like some of your supporters are I know I would call them out and I would like to think others would ostracize them also.

    It sadly just seems to be another day for the vile and disgusting attacks from the Prim supporting camp.

    Not quite sure how you all can read the continued gutter attacks on families like these above and look your families in the eyes and feel good.

    I know I am keeping a list of the local politicians and business people who have supportive of those making these attacks on families and plan on sharing the behavior you support to all who will listen as often as I can.

  25. aretheyserious, I can tell you this much, depending on how far this bullying tactic goes, we intend to open a channel of communication to many others.

  26. ‘Teacher 155″ Come out, Come out, Wherever you are…..

  27. Scott Milliman, come out come out where ever you are.

    See works both ways.

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