Dillard Gets Teacher Union Endorsements, Plus Those of Althoff & Tryon

Kirk Dillard

Kirk Dillard

I’ve been expecting a press release announcing that the two big teacher unions have endorsed Kirk Dillard for Governor, but none has arrived.

Actually, it was a trifecta.

He has been endorsed by the

  • Illinois Teachers Association
  • Illinois Education Associaiton
  • Illinois Retired Teachers Association

Here’s a link to one of the stories about the endorsements.

In other Dillard news, last week I got the beginning of a robo-call announcing his endorsement by State Senator Pam Althoff and State Representative Mike Tryon.


Dillard Gets Teacher Union Endorsements, Plus Those of Althoff & Tryon — 7 Comments

  1. Teachers endorsements, that alone merits a NO VOTE for dillard !

  2. Not looking good for Mr. Dillard.

    If the nitwits and the crooks are all behind you….

  3. The twisted irony of Bruce Rauner is that he is going to go after all the Big Bad Unions and their pensions while he made his millions off those same union pension funds.

    Certainly, Rauner speaks to the Tea party listening.

    But, Rauner is just another unprincipled politician who will do and say whatever necessary to further his ambition.

    To gain their pension investment & enrich himself, Rauner courted our teachers’ unions & Democrats nationwide.

    Now, he is a conservative Republican & self-made Millionaire.

  4. Illinois Education Association (IEA) lobbyist pension benefit hiking legislation passed by the Illinois General Assembly and signed by Governors from 1971 to current has been the single greatest cause to the biggest fiscal problem in Illinois, underfunded Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Illinois pensions.

    IEA locals and UniServ reps at the school district level asking for and receiving big local pay hikes through collective bargaining has been the second greatest cause to the biggest problem in Illinois, underfunded TRS pensions.

    The very same locals and UniServ reps received big local benefit hikes, also through collective bargaining.

    Especially in the Chicago suburbs.

    There are some exceptions further downstate and a few in the suburbs.

    No one until Rauner, no Republican, no Democrat, has stood up to the IEA or any of the other public sector unions.

    The State of Illinois finances are a train wreck.

    The pension reform passed in December was a joke.

    1 day to consider a 327 page piece of legislation is a farce, irregardless if you are Democrat, Republican,
    or Independent.

    Vote the bums out of office.

  5. Anyone that gets a teacher union endorsement has convinced me to vote for the other guy!

    Any other guy.

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