Zane Seipler Postcard Touts “Passion” & “Reasoned Stances”

In an attempt to let you know what candidates are doing to get themselves elected, below you can see what District 5 County Board member Zane Seipler is mailing to potential constituents:

Zane flyer front 2-14

This is the back of Zane Seipler’s postcard.

Zane flyer back 2-14

Zane Seipler has his background and experience on the address side of the post card.

Seipler was not endorsed by the Daily Herald.

You can read the entire Daily Herald editorial in this article:


Zane Seipler Postcard Touts “Passion” & “Reasoned Stances” — 52 Comments

  1. Zane Seipler is a candidate that I feel very strongly about.

    He needs, and is quite worthy of, our support in the Primary Election on March 18th, 2014.

    Zane has proven himself to be a man of integrity, with his stance against corruption and wrongdoers, as well as his pursuit of enlightening the public as to what goes on behind the scenes.

    Zane has fought for six years and has sacrificed much, including his livelihood, in his pursuit of truth and his efforts to make McHenry County a better place to live.

    Having Zane Seipler representing us on the County Board opens the door to the truth and transparency that is so desperately needed in McHenry County government.

    Let’s get him in there!

  2. Mr. Seipler, I met you several years ago when you knocked on my door, requesting that I sign your petition to run for McHenry County Sheriff.

    I asked why I should lend credence to your efforts with my signature, and your answer was short and simple yet quite profound… I believe your exact words were: “Because I’m the only chance this county’s got, right now!”

    I, then, asked you to elaborate and questioned your reason for running.

    Though, at the time, I didn’t truly understand the significance of your words, I did sign your petition and, as you suggested, I began researching some of the things we discussed.

    Needless to say, I was quite disturbed! And to think these activities were going on right in my own backyard!!
    That was an awakening for me, from then on I became engaged in the on-goings of our community – and, in turn, I have caused others to become engaged as well.

    I have followed, as best I can, your pursuit of truth and justice over the years in taking on, and exposing, what appears to be rampant corruption and criminal activity within the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office. Regretfully, I have also followed, as best I can, the trials and tribulations you have endured and most recently, the miscarriage of justice that has been brought upon you and your family.

    I mean not, to slight the sacrifices you have made, with platitude or cliché, but I will say, with all sincerity, that you, Mr. Seipler, personify the words of JFK when he said: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what YOU can do for your country…”

    You have sacrificed much to bring truth to the people of McHenry County. I cannot think of a better person ANYWHERE to represent us in our County Board.

    [To those reading who may not be aware, as I, myself, was not – I implore you to research the activities of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office over the last decade.

    I, also, implore you to support Bill Prim for Sheriff in this primary election on March 18, 2014. The election of Bill Prim as McHenry County Sheriff will inaugurate untold change in the political culture of McHenry County for generations to come!]

    Mr. Seipler. I would like to volunteer my time and services to your campaign of truth, as I have for Bill Prim and his fight for truth and justice in McHenry County. I also have several neighbors who will be eager to lend their efforts as well. I will be in contact with you in the very near future.

    God bless you and your family for all you have done, for all you have endured, for all you have sacrificed and for all I know you have yet to do!

    I apologize for my soliloquy, I have never been accused of being a man of too few words.

  3. A man of integrity?

    A Federal judge would beg to differ to the tune of $240,000.00 in legal fines.

    Of course, the Regime backers will dismiss the Federal judge as being in Sheriff Nygren’s back pocket too.

    For the Regime, it is more important to pack the county elected offices with shills to do their bidding & spread corruption throughout McHenry County government.

    With the Regime, good government in McHenry COunty will become ancient history.

    Neither Mr. Prim or Mr. Seipler are solutions to the problem of the corrupt Good Ol Boy patronage Regime of RINOs that supports them.

    Both are Regime front men controlled by special interest lobbyist groups.

    If you want to end good government in McHenry County, vote for Seipler and Prim.

  4. “hear, hear!” The Teacher155 has spoken with undisputable facts.

  5. “Teacher 155” = Marge Nygren, another performer for the Nygren and Zinke Circus.

    She’s the Fat Lady that sings…lol…….

    And, she sings loudly for the Regime…

    Marge, don’t you have better things to do, like go watch those famous TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right’????

    Go make yourself some more popcorn.

    Go ahead, poor the butter on…

    Also, I hear you are one of the contributing authors to Andy’s book “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

    Go get em Zane…

    That is exactly what the people need to do, take back our government…

    We do need to stop the rampant corruption and criminal activity “Publius McHenry” and it starts with the people joining the crusade to fight corruption in McHenry County and by voting the right people into office, starting with: Zane Seipler, Jeff Thorsen, Bill Prim and more March 18, 2014 …

    There is hope for change through the power of the vote..

  6. When Keith Nygren says “JUMP I WANT SOME MORE POPCORN” Marge Nygren says “How High”

  7. “Teacher 155″= Marge Nygren = Keith Nygrens wife…

    Your words–> “Neither Mr. Prim or Mr. Seipler are solutions to the problem of the corrupt Good Ol Boy patronage Regime of RINOs that supports them”

    Listen hear you lying sack of manure..

    You are twisting the facts.

    Very manipulative you are.

    Prim and Seipler are not part of the Good Ol Boy Patronage Regime, but your husband KEITH NYGREN is….

    Go stand in the corner with a dunce hat on your head…

    How did you ever become a teacher?

    Frankly, I wouldn’t want my children exposed to the likes of you as a role model…

    Doing Keith baby’s dirty work again Marge?

    Does not surprise me, as many Sheriffs officers have told me how they were also pressured to do his dirty work….

  8. Teacher155 – To suggest that ones position as a Federal Judge, somehow presupposes that his decisions are just is absurd!

    You may want to read up on “Operation Greylord”…

    And, perhaps you may benefit from reading up on the Supreme Court Justices abomination of the Dredd Scott Decision… Whether due to corruption, intimidation, or just plain incompetence, judges at every level impose injustices on people everyday.

    In this case, from what I’ve read, there was something to do with documents being revealed to the public that the Sheriff’s office did not want revealed…

    So, by the Sheriff’s own admittance and actions he wants nothing to do with transparency.

    Zane Seipler is McHenry County’s own Edward Snowden…

    To the people of good moral and ethical virtue he is a hero…

    To those he exposes, he is touted as a traitor or a liar…

    So,to the “Teacher155’s” and the “Fukoku’s” of the county.

    The ones so brave, forthright and in pursuit of what is just – as to speak only under the cowardice of pseudonyms.

    You have made it abundantly clear what you stand for…

  9. Bullies attack the wives of those running and then say those who don’t make their families targets they can aim at are “cowards”

    You Prim people disgust me.

    Those of you on Team Prim chuckling in the background while saying nothing about the attacks like above are showing your true colors, are the true cowards and should be embarrassed to support such attacks.

    I hope better for your families then the attacks above, and assure you no matter the political side you are on I would denounce such ugly attacks on your family members.

    Just disgusting.

  10. ‘aretheyserious’ Our families are not commenting on this blog.

    Further, “Teacher 155” came right out and accused Bill Prim and Zane Seipler of being part of the Regime and part of the good old boys club.

    “Teacher 155” is not protected just because she is a family member.

    In fact, she is now open game……

    Her words–> and very bold statements–>

    “Neither Mr. Prim or Mr. Seipler are solutions to the problem of the corrupt Good Ol Boy patronage Regime of RINOs that supports them.

    Both are Regime front men controlled by special interest lobbyist groups”

    Prim and Seipler are the answer to solving the issues of corruption that are linked to the current regime and the Good Ol Boys club in the McHenry County…

    Prim and Seipler are the solution and not the problem as “Teacher 155” would like everyone to believe. They are “NOT” followers as Teacher 155 is insinuating…

    “Regime frontmen” ….”NOT”
    Talk about slander, Teacher 155″, you said it not me…

    Gosh I wonder if Seipler and Prim could file a civil law suit??….

    Go, get em boys!

    Personally, I know all about corruption in McHenry County, who the players are and how the deals are made….

    It is the real deal… similar to the days of Greylord.

    The solution to solving corruption in McHenry County are people like Zane Seipler and Bill Prim..

    The people can take back their Government, by changing the leadership and by making the choice to vote for Zane Seipler and Bill Prim March 18, 2014…

  11. Sic em Boys!……lol…..Take em to the cleaners………

    Gosh, have to say this is actually more fun than watching the news reports when all the players in Greylord were sentenced….

    Certainly, some people that we know will no longer be singing “I’m in the Money” or is it “I’m in the Popcorn” “Let’s Make a Deal” because “The Price is Right” ……. I

    n fact, they may be wishing they could turn back the clock…

    Too little, too late..

  12. So from the “Fukoku’s” of the county, where is the conclusive evidences?

    So far the “Fukoku’s” of the county hear nothing but jawing.

  13. When Duncan says “JUMP I WANT SOME MORE POPCORN,” No one is listening, because he is an outsider that does not even live in McHerny County.

  14. “Fukoku” you can return to your cuckoos nest now… Spring is coming and so are depositions, so go lay down in your nest and hope for the best…lol….

  15. The same too you my friend, Spring is coming and so are your depositions.

  16. I think I would hire a proof reader before I sent out a mailer with the newspaper misspelled.

    Hey Zane it Daily Herald not HERLD…..

    And you want to watch over the county,,,,,?

  17. “GulfGuy” The people of McHenry County are tired of corruption and dirty politics.

    It is going to take people like Zane Seipler and BIll Prim to reform Mchenry County Government and politics…

  18. I do have a clue about you Duncan, I don’t know or care about who you are, but I do known you come from a family of sewage.

  19. A guy like Zane that should thank his lucky stars the SAO didn’t charge him with official misconduct for writing ticket s to passengers rather than arresting the driver.

    A man that the Federal a Judge has stated is a liar.

    And he will CLEAN up the county?

    Again a mindless comment by Duncan McCrazy.

  20. “GulfGuy” you should be dreaming about those hole in ones you will be scoring with Pyle. Not only are you crazy, you are manipulative and cunning….

    Yep, a member of the regime….

    You will no longer be singing “I’m in the money” more like “I’m in with my honey, Greg Pyle”

    You will be lucky if you will be getting any popcorn.

    Depositions in Rockford, so return to the cuckoos nest where you belong and get your rest and hope for the best…lol…or is that dreamed of the best with Greg Pyle?

    Must say you have some very serious deep seated issues…expecially if you are hanging out with the Regime and the likes of Keith and Marge Nygren… You poor sap.

  21. Very telling that Duncan doesn’t defend Zane’s action… but finds some other really disgusting guy as if to say “sure he can’t be trusted and has been caught lying, but hey ummm there are child molesters out there” ?

  22. Duncan, you just seem like you like to pretend you know who posters are to justify your attacks on the wives of those you don’t like politically.

    It is disgusting, but simply not a surprising tactic from a Prim supporter.

  23. I wonder why Mr. Seipler doesn’t include his website on his campaign literature.

    Certainly, that blog site demonstrates Mr. Seipler’s “passion” & “commitment” to McHenry County.

    After viewing that blog site, I cannot imagine why anyone would not vote for Mr. Seipler.

    Such educated & reasoned positions on display.

    Certainly demonstrates Mr. Seipler’s maturity & wisdom in the public arena.

    Much like Duncan McHenry’s maturity displayed on this blog site.

  24. But Zane admitted lying, Lou Bianchi never did.

    With that and the judge finding that Seipler and his wife both lied it’s gonna be hard to convince me or anyone that Zane is a man of integrity

  25. “Teacher 155” = Marge Nygren ..

    You are the immature one, saying that Prim and Seipler are part of the Regime and Good O’l Boys Club.

    You are the one leading the people down a path of dishonesty, by twisting the truth to fit your own delusional reality…

    The only thing you proved is that you are a master manipulator.

    Teachers are not suppose to lie…

    You are no role model thats for sure.

    You are the one that is part of the Regime and trying to twist the facts and point the finger at people like Prim and Seipler who are trying to create positive productive change on behalf of the tax payers…

    Now get along, Keith Baby, needs some more popcorn with extra butter…

    Time for the people to take back their government March 18, 2014…

  26. But, Dunc, everyone knows that Seipler and Prim are part of the Regime.

    They are front men for the final takeover of good government led by dark & sinister forces within McHenry County.

    By taking the Sheriff’s Office, there will be no stopping this unholy alliance from destroying our county.

    This is an epic battle between the Good Citizens of McHenry County led by Andrew Zinke and the Evil Regime.

    Go Mr. Zinke, bring down the Regime!

    Do you hear a knocking on your door, Ms. K?

  27. “Teacher 155″= Marge Nygren. Keith Baby has you doing his dirty work for him? You proved my point, you don’t know how to tell the truth, just your fairy tail version of facts….

    Everyone knows, that Prim and Seipler are ‘NOT” part of the Regime….

    I was made an offer to Pay off a McHenry County Judge for custody of my child. And, they tried to fix another case involving my children and the FBI Agents were talking to me before, during, and after the legal proceedings….

    I have the inside scoop, on how the deals are made and how the money is divided. During Packs reign Republican party representatives that included Mike Tryon, Keith Nygren, Gary Pack, Bill, Lefew, and others attended Republican get togethers and parties at my home.

    The FBI was talking to me during those gatherings.

    Many politicians, Sheriffs officers, Police Officers, Court Personal and more have come to me over the years with stories of corruption, coming from the Mchenry County Government center long before Zane Seipler and Bill Prim became part of McHenry County Politics…

    Corruption has been in McHenry County for decades.

    To insinuate that they are part of it, is nothing more than your attempt to fabricate the facts so Andy Zinke has an edge in the upcoming Sheriffs election…

    Your words bring viable cause for legal action…. and I hope Seipler and Prim take you to the cleaners…

    Where is a copy of Andy Zinkes Diploma?

    Judson Christian College said there is no record showing Andy has a diploma…

    Prove it Andy..

    If he does not have a Bachelors, he most certainly does not have a Masters..

    “PROVE IT ANDY” Come on Marge here is your opportunity to tell the truth….

    Let’s see the diploma…

  28. Scott or Duncan maybe you’d better check with your doctor it may be back.

    You may be very sorry for some of the things you have said here and I don’t think that brain cancer is necessarily a defense like you told me it would be if they ever caught you doing this stuff!

  29. Dan Brown… Clearly, you do not know what you are talking about either… You think Duncan is Scott, which just shows how paranoid you are.. “DUNCAN IS NOT SCOTT” …”PROVE IT”

    Why are you so worried about Dan Brown?

    Have something to hide? Besides, there are plenty of people who know whats been going on in McHenry County in regards to corruption and those famous deals..

    And, you are worried about what?

    Hey, more special editions of “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make a Deal” Now get along Dan Brown and go eat your popcorn… Go ahead, poor on the butter….

    Hey, the fat lady is no longer singing “I’m in the money”….lol… Oh well.

    I didn’t like that song anyway, because the wrong people were singing it…….

    Were you singing it Dan Brown?

    Just asking. what are you worried about? Hmmmmm.

    Andy Zinke come out come out where ever you are…..

    The people of McHenry County have the right to see your diploma from Judson Christian University.. Where is it Andy?

    Judson says you don’t have a diploma from their University…..

    Was it a tall tail, or is Judson wrong Andy?

    You said at the debate you received a degree from Judson Christian University, in Elgin………..

  30. Duncan…

    The only way Judson would confirm an academic record would be with a release from the student, Did Zinke give you one of did you forge one to make your “inquiry”?

    You might want to Google”FERPA” and get a clue.

  31. Dan Brown

    You might want to get a clue.

    FERPA refers to disclosure of transcripts, not degree verification…

    I personally have verified hundreds and hundreds of degrees.

    Judson told me that Andy does not have a degree….

    Where is the diploma?

    Is Judson wrong OR?

  32. I stand by my previous comment. Reread the law Duncan.

    I believe most educated folks know that diplomas are awarded to graduates of day school, grace school, and high school. When you make it to the big folks table, you are awarded a degree. You may not understand this since you may only have the high school diploma. I’ll give you credit for that though, it was probably the toughest 7 years of your life.

    Further, Judson does not directly verify academic, they contract with the National Student Clearinghouse and their release policy is as follows :

    Privacy Commitment

    The Clearinghouse has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of the student records in our care since our inception in 1993. We are scrupulous in our concern for student privacy and compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects students’ privacy rights in their education records.

    We require all verification requestors to certify that the student or alumnus has applied for a employment or for product or service dependent on student or alumni status. Requestors also agree not to re-release degree data to third parties (unless the requestor is a background screening firm releasing data to their employer client).

    The Clearinghouse only releases directory information that confirms an individual’s degrees and academic credentials. We do not confirm addresses or the accuracy of Social Security numbers provided by requestors. To further ensure security and privacy, we maintain an audit trail of requestors’ identities, including Internet Protocol Addresses (IP address), credit card numbers, and telephone numbers.

    So there we have it… You are either a liar or a fraud who obtained the information under false pretenses and then violated the non-disclosure agreement. In any case you’re about as credible as the federal judge found Zane and the wife he threw under the bus were in his court.

    Keep them coming Duncan we enjoy matching wits with an unarmed man.

  33. Bang…… Dan Brown hit a canon bell below the waterline.

    How is Duncan going to lie his way out if this one?

    Hey Duncan I bet the paragraph detailing the Clearinghouse audit trail echo’s in that empty cavern sitting on your shoulders. IP address….WTF?

    Maybe Marge Nygren Via her attorney will want to see who was inquiring and snooping.

    You’re all BS Duncan, but what you said about Marge Nygren is actionable. IP address.

    I wonder if it’s a business IP?

    Since you were outed as a liar, maybe now you’ll shut up about diplomas.

  34. Dan Brown… I do have a college degree and the fact that you think I only have a High School Diploma shows you don’t know me. Andy has applied for employment.. He is running for Sheriff…..

  35. “GulfGuy” Good luck with those hole in ones you will be scoring with Pyle..

    Depositions, can’t wait for yours…

  36. “GulfGuy; Would really like to have an attorney depose Marge Nygren.

    She would have to disclose a lot of very important information.

    All of McHenry County would like to hear what she has to say about Keith Nygren, the tax breaks, the home in Florida and the Lake home in Wisconsin and more…

    Depositions, in Rockford.

    Personally, I would really like to know more about those famous games “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Marge really likes her popcorn, with lots of butter.

    The players of those games appear to be fat and happy…

    Don’t sing too loudly Marge, no one wants to listen to you..

  37. Very nicely done Dan Brown!

    You and so many you have put Duncan in his place that you all left me speechless.

    The truth has prevailed as the truth will overcome on March 18th, 2014.

  38. Dunce McCrazy, shill of the Regime dominated by petty personal grievances & extreme special interests.

    Does Tex know that you are blogging so late?

    Bet he is waiting for you in the other room & singing “I got spurs a jingle, jangle, jingle”

  39. “Dan Brown” The only reason why you are brown, because you are full of sh…t..

    Judson did verify that Andy Zinke does not have a degree.

    And, we are familiar with The National Student Clearing House…as we have done verifications with them before. Find a new rant Dan Brown..

    Everyone would like to see Andy Zinke’s degree, so far he has not posted it anywhere.

    “Teacher 155” = Marge Nygren You really need to get your Regime in line as many of them require some detentions…

    Now stop singing “I’m in the money” because honey soon you will have nothing…

    You will no longer be fat and happy. Go get your popcorn, it is waiting for all of that butter.

    I hear Judge Gordy is short on popcorn and butter…

    Make sure he gets his refill……

  40. LOL!

    Anyone looking for an intelligent or honest response from Duncan “Yo-yo” should move on,

    Duncan is a joke,,, a sad and insignificant one at that.

  41. Dan Brown…..

    You are the sad insignificant one.

    You belong to the Regime….

    Get along Dan Brown the popcorn awaits you…

    Depositions in Rockford. Sure hope you can answer the tough questions..

    Hey, you could be cell buddies with Greg Pyle… Hope you like gulf.

  42. Dunce McCrazy lying again?

    The National Student Clearinghouse Degree Verify still requires student/alumni initiated release & permission for an employer to receive a copy of transcripts.

    Whether released by a college through snail mail or this automated third party service, college transcripts are still protected by federal law requiring a student release.

    Go find another website to prop up your bogus claim that you received “information” from Judson. Dunce McFraud….didn’t Bill teach you better than that.

    Time for more pillow talk.

    “I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle.”

  43. It has been suggested by others here that Duncan McHenry is Scott Milliman or Zane Seipler. Obviously I don’t know so won’t venture a guess. I will only surmise that both these two people have great hatred for Nygren and Zinke as demonstrated by past court documents.

    Zane wants to be an elected county official yet has a website full of vile hate filled attacks and photos. He openly attacks Zinke’s family on his blog proving to me that those hateful tendencies are ripe in his deranged mind. I believe he was assessed costs of nearly a quarter of a million dollars for lies made in a Federal court. To suggest he has a vendetta against thecSheriff and Sheriff’s Department could be easily supported..

    Scott was fired from the Sheriff’s Department for wild, totally unbelievable bizarre allegations. Remember the “Cat In The Hat?”. The man has a documented illness of which he does not dispute. In fact he wrote a book about it. Check Amazon for his name. I Believe the book was titled “My New Family”.

    What does it say to the character of a person, to attack the family of a candidate? An extension of that thought is; what does it say about a “candidate” to surround himself by people such as this. Spewing hatred and vile attacks upon the family of the candidate and the wife of the encumbent Sheriff.

    Duncan McHenry does not offer reasoned replies, he however resorts to personal attacks, guttural innuendo comprised mostly of homophobic and hyperbolic rants. Duncan you are delusional. I seriously hope you are not allowed access to sharp items or guns whomever you are.

    Mr.Prim wants to lead a department of 400 employees yet does little to rein in the actions of these rabid supporters. Many or your supporters are those with the longest histories of disciplinary action and lowest productivity best described as slothful. You allege low morale but your information comes from them, the malcontents desiring to collect a check without doing productive work.

    Do you actually think voters believe these rabid supporters with their maniacal rants attacking your opponents family or Nygren’s wife bode well for your image?

    If elected how are you going to reward them? Will you disadvantage the hard working deputies to give your supporters plum assignments?

    I will vote for a known and proven candidate. I will vote for Andy Zinke, a man that has a history of continued self improvement. I support Andy Zinke and pray you do not get elected to wreak havoc on the hard working men and women of the Sheriff’s Office to the benefit a few vindictive zealots.

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