County GOP Chairman Mike Tryon Endorses Andy Zinke for Precinct Committeeman over Zane Seipler

Here’s something I have not seen done before.

McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman Mike Tryon has sent a letter endorsing Andy Zinke for GOP Precinct Committeeman in Dorr Township Precinct 10.  Zinke is also running for Sheriff against Bill Prim

He is running against former Dorr 10 Republican Precinct Committeeman Zane Seipler, who is now also a candidate for a GOP nomination to the McHenry County Board.

Mike Tryon's endorsement letter for Andy Zinke for Precinct Committeeman.  Zinke is running against Zane Seipler.

Mike Tryon’s endorsement letter for Andy Zinke for Precinct Committeeman. Zinke is running against Zane Seipler.

Executive Director Geri Davis’ name is on the letterhead as well.


County GOP Chairman Mike Tryon Endorses Andy Zinke for Precinct Committeeman over Zane Seipler — 16 Comments

  1. So this is on McHenry County Republican Central Committee letterhead. Did the McHenry County Republican pay for this mailing? I would like to remind everyone of what our McHenry County Republican Central Committeeman bylaws say about endorsements:


    It is in the best interest of the COMMITTEE that those serving on the Executive Committee, as a body, and members thereof, individually be discouraged from publicly endorsing any candidate for nomination in a Republican primary election where such nomination is being contested.

    Therefore, no member of the Executive Committee individually, may use their position on the Executive Committee or leadership position within the COMMITTEE to make an endorsement of any Republican candidate during a contested Republican primary election.

    In any communication with any news media, the members of the Executive Committee shall inform such news media that no statement made by such member may be taken as an endorsement of any contested primary candidate, or to imply such an endorsement reflects the opinion of the Executive Committee or the COMMITTEE.

    Furthermore, the COMMITTEE expressly prohibits the name of the COMMITTEE to be used in any way by any contested Republican candidate for nomination, implying an endorsement of such candidate.

    Should the Executive Committee unanimously agree that an endorsement of a particular Republican candidate would be in the best interest of the McHenry County Central Committee, a special meeting will be called following the rules set forth in ARTICLE X.

    Committeemen present will vote on the endorsement. Each Precinct Committeeman shall have one vote for each ballot voted in his or her precinct in the previous primary election. The recommended candidate must receive the votes of 3/4 of the Republican votes cast in the previous primary election to become the endorsed candidate of the COMMITTEE.

    This provision does not inhibit any individual Township in McHenry County from endorsing Republican Candidates in accordance with the by-laws of that Township.

    A couple of questions Mike:

    1) When was the last meeting of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee?

    2) Was there a vote taken to endorse Mr. Zinke over Mr. Siepler?

    3) How much money was used from the McHenry County Republican Party to send out this mailer in DORR 10?

    4) Did the committee endorse in other races?

    5) What members of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee endorsed Mr. Zinke?

    6) Why did the McHenry County Republican Central Committee violate their own bylaws by using the word Committee in the letter?

    Clearly the party leadership realizes that they are about to lose control of the party. They are now so desperate that they are violating their own bylaws.

    I have a hard time believing the bylaws are being followed. I know one central committee member who expressly refuses to endorse anyone because he is on the committee.

  2. If you read “Tom Stark”‘a copy and past of the by laws, no rules were broken.

    Looks like he’s trying to keep the crazies out.

    Seems out of character buy Who can blame him given the disrespect planted upon him and others as of late.

    It’s possible that spieler and the reform crew put this out to try and garner sympathy.

  3. Tryon and the “Establishment” are trying to prevent Seipler & the Regime from turning this party into trash.

  4. So was there “unanimous consent” of the executive committee?

    Rebecca – Algonquin Township Chair
    Tom – Grafton Township Chair
    Mike – Norwest Township Chair
    Dorr Township Chair
    McHenry Township Chair

    Are you telling me they all held a meeting and unanimously agreed to endorse Zinke over “spieler”?

    …as for being faked – the desperation is getting obvious.

    Word on the street is there are others out there – I hope they are emailed and posted for the record.

  5. I didn’t need another reason to never vote for Mr. Tryon, but, I got one anyway.


  6. Please. The smart people of McHenry Co must do everything possible to keep this man ( poor use of the word) from gaining any control or power.

    Mike did the right thing for the salvation of the local GOP.

  7. That’s how Seipler himself received notification?

    By the same letter every other registered Republican in the precinct received?

    So Tryon endorses Andrew Zinke who flips off the local blogger Skinner in full view of families in broad daylight in Zinke’s police uniform in Zinke’s police vehicle during the Independence Day parade on July 7, 2013 in Crystal Lake Illinois, and the whole episode was caught on camera and published.

    And there was no mention of the finger flipping being a provoked incident.

    Just the mere presence of the blogger prompted flipping the bird.

    That’s who Tryon wants as Precinct Committeemen.

    This would be the same Mike Tryon whom voted to renew TRS ERO rather than let it expire.

    Letting it expire would have been true pension reform that could not have been Constitutionally challenged.

    TRS ERO = Teachers Retirement System of Illinois Early Retirement Option.

    On June 28, 2013 Governor Pat Quinn signed into law Senate Bill 1366 (SB 1366), renewing until June 30, 2016 the Early Retirement Option (ERO) that has been available to TRS members since 1980.
    The law is Public Act 98-0042 (PA 98-0042).
    It was sponsored by State Sen. Daniel Biss, D-Evanston and State Rep. Elaine Nekritz, D-Northbrook.

    House Roll Call May 30, 2013.
    In the House, Franks has a “NV” meaning he didn’t vote, Scherer had an excused absence, and every other member of the House voted Yes to renew TRS ERO.

    Senate Concurrence Roll Call May 31, 2013.
    In the Senate, voting no were Barickman and McCarter, and Sandoval had a “NV” or a “No Vote,” meaning Sandoval chose not to vote.

    Every other member of the Senate voted yes.

    An overwhelming majority of Republicans and Democrats Legislators and the Governor in the State of Illinois, including Tryon, believe it’s a great idea that teachers and administrators be allowed to retire earlier, than their already early retirement, as long as the school district agrees to it, and as long as the school district and the teacher make the required additional contributions.

    The employer (school district) contribution is TWICE the rate of the employee contribution.

    Since the public school districts receive their funding from taxpayers, the taxpayers pay TWICE as much as teachers, for teachers to retire earlier, than their already early retirement.

    That means retiring after 35 years of service (as little as 33 years worked) at age 55 is not early enough.

    That’s not ERO.

    That’s their regular retirement.

    ERO allows teachers and administrators to retire EARLIER than one or both of those parameters, with full retirement
    That’s how the McHenry County Republican Central Committee is presenting their constituency in the Illinois General Assembly.
    Early early retirement for a pension fund that is at best $100 Billion Dollars underfunded, for which the SB 1 pension reform passed in 2013 does not come close to solving, and actually probably makes the problem worse for many reasons including everyone has to decipher the 327 page law.

  8. Zane may be courageous.

    He may offer an alternative which is preferable for many.

    The issues he has need to resolve before he assumes elected leadership roles in the community.

    Zane may blog, attend meetings, hold meetings, lobby, work his precinct or any number of other political activities.

    His personal trials need to settle before he is given any recognized authority.

    Mike’s involvement is deeply surprising, however, and it is mildly disturbing to see the letter on official letterhead.

  9. Seipler comes of angry and looking for retribution.

    A federal judge has already ruled he lied to the tune of a nearly quarter million fine.

    Does anyone really think his first agenda on the board or as a committeeman won’t be first and foremost personal?

  10. Tryon gave me the Seipler treatment too.

    I’m in a contested race for Algonquin 46 PC.

    I got a letter in the mail today almost exactly like the one Cal posted, encouraging the Jenner Household (now 5 registered voters in Algonquin 46) to support my opponent.

    She’s a 14 year incumbent.

    The only time she walked the precinct was when I ran against her six years ago (and got my head beat in — I hope that doesn’t happen this time).

  11. Hahah Of course he does.

    That’s why I don’t support Mike Tryon!!

    The desperation is getting obvious.

    And hey “Teach” this party is and Has Been “TRASH” for awhile now.

    Time to clean it up!

    I’m for the reformer!

  12. Not surprised that Tryon is pulling Obama tactics.

    Time to clean house of this corrupt county Republican party.

    Get some new people in there, and the next election put up some decent CONSERVATIVE candidates to run these RINOs out.

    They don’t even follow the Republican Platform, probably never read it, like their own rules!

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