Scott Milliman Back in Court Six Days Before the Election Seeking Judge to Compel “Production of Documents”

Scott Millliman

Scott Millliman

The Sheriff’s Department is doing its best to paper over everything that might shows cracks in the office facade until after the election.

The James Sotos law firm representing

  • COUNTY OF McHENRY, Corporation and Body Politic,
  • KEITH NYGREN, Individually and in his official capacity  as SHERIFF OF McHENRY COUNTY,

in the wrongful termination suit Scott Milliman has filed will be in court next Wednesday seeking enforcement of a motion by Milliman attorney Thomas C. Crooks to compel

production of documents.”

Depositions continue in the case.


Scott Milliman Back in Court Six Days Before the Election Seeking Judge to Compel “Production of Documents” — 14 Comments

  1. If the MCSO is purposely and blatantly engaging in political activity by holding back damning documents, why don’t you file an ethics complaint Mr. Skinner?

  2. “Fair Play” Go back to the Regime where you belong……

    It’s about time the Judge started to compel Nygren and his buddies to comply…….

  3. The regime is calling and the word on the street from the FBI is Duncan belongs in the next episode of Let’s Make a Deal and the Price is Right with Greg Pyle and will be picking him up after giving a deposition for slandering Marge Nygrens name over popcorn from Rockford and drive him to meet Chip Amati for a Zane Seipler and Bill Prim rally!!!!!!!!

  4. Fair Play: HA!

    Much more vulgar and WAY less coherent and you’d have him perfect!

  5. “fair Play” Can’t wait for your deposition…

    Sure hope, you have thought out your stories and excuses for your behavior…..

    Would like to hear the answers to your questions..

    We the people, all need a laugh in McHenry County. Ha, Ha, Ha….. He, He, He.

    Hey, Marge, you won’t be handing out anymore detentions once your deposition is completed. Ha, Ha ,Ha…….

    No more popcorn with extra butter for you lady Nygren.

    As for Keith Nygren, there won’t be anyone left to do your dirty work Keith Baby…

    No more temper tantrums, for you, at the tax payers expense…

    You wouldn’t be losing any sleep over this case in Rockford, would you Keith?

    Now, Keith, time to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    And, please do not ask for help from above.

    That would be an insult to all the people you have already insulted…

    And, for your reference, don’t be asking your Local 150 buddies to help you dig yourself out of that big fat hole or yours. They might just incriminate themselves..

    Please from above, may there be retribution and severe consequences for those that deserve it…

    Thanks Scott Milliman, for bringing the people of McHenry County another great episode of McHenry County politics to the nearest theatre near you.

    More, specifically ROCKFORD!

    Go get em Scott.

    Take em to the cleaners!

  6. Whatever Duncan.

    You are the next host of the Price is right and Let’s make a deal.

    Better yet!

    You are taking over Howie Mandels job on Deal or No Deal!

    What a whammy! Go back to the Coukoos neat with Greg Pyle and Chip Amati.

    Heard Bill who is endorsing you for jester of the Regimes Court.

    Duncan McJester ha ha ha Popcorn! Give me popcorn!

    I want to see him dance to Zane Seiplers autotuned robocalls!

    Top that ya troll.

  7. “Fair Play” When they get done with you in Rockford, you won’t be singing “I’m in the Money” not one more time….

    You will be singing those really high notes, but not that song.

    More like ” I want my honey” “Oh, I’m in my honey” …not ”

    I want my popcorn, I’m in the money”

    In fact, everyone will singing “Justice for all”

    Now go practice your hole in ones, you will need it…lol…


    “GulfGuy” will join you.

    After all, he has been dreaming about those hole in ones for a long time………

    When deposition time comes around, we can only hope the “GulfGuys” dreams come true……lol…lol…

  8. I didn’t think it could’ve been done, but Bill Prims biggest supporter just outdid me.

    Buyer beware.

  9. I posted this comment under a different topic, but it applies here too. The sad juvenile rhetoric that repeats daily. You Prim guys need new one liners. Popcorn, holes in one?

    Earlier I said:

    It has been suggested by others here that Duncan McHenry is Scott Milliman or Zane Seipler. Obviously I don’t know so won’t venture a guess. I will only surmise that both these two people have great hatred for Nygren and Zinke as demonstrated by past court documents.

    Zane wants to be an elected county official yet has a website full of vile hate filled attacks and photos. He openly attacks Zinke’s family on his blog proving to me that those hateful tendencies are ripe in his deranged mind. I believe he was assessed costs of nearly a quarter of a million dollars for lies made in a Federal court. To suggest he has a vendetta against the Sheriff and Sheriff’s Department could be easily supported..

    Scott was fired from the Sheriff’s Department for wild, totally unbelievable bizarre allegations. Remember the “Cat In The Hat?” The man has a documented illness of which he does not dispute. In fact he wrote a book about it. Check Amazon for his name. I Believe the book was titled “My New Family.”

    What does it say to the character of a person to attack the family of a candidate? An extension of that thought is; what does it say about a “candidate” to surround himself by people such as this. Spewing hatred and vile attacks upon the family of the candidate and the wife of the encumbent Sheriff.

    Duncan McHenry does not offer reasoned replies, he however resorts to personal attacks, guttural innuendo comprised mostly of homophobic and hyperbolic rants. Duncan you are delusional. I seriously hope you are not allowed access to sharp items or guns whomever you are.
    Mr.Prim wants to lead a department of 400 employees yet does little to rein in the actions of these rabid supporters. Many or your supporters are those with the longest histories of disciplinary action and lowest productivity best described as slothful. You allege low morale but your information comes from them, the malcontents desiring to collect a check without doing productive work.

    Do you actually think voters believe these rabid supporters with their maniacal rants attacking your opponents family or Nygren’s wife bode well for your image?

    If elected how are you going to reward them? Will you disadvantage the hard working deputies to give your supporters plum assignments?
    I will vote for a known and proven candidate. I will vote for Andy Zinke, a man that has a history of continued self improvement. I support Andy Zinke and pray you do not get elected to wreak havoc on the hard working men and women of the Sheriff’s Office to the benefit a few vindictive zealots.

  10. “Notawannabee”

    Depostions in Rockford….

    The problem you have with the Prim crowd is that never in McHenry County history has the public stood up to your Regime…..

    How long did you think you could mess with the people of McHenry County and expect that there would be no backlash?

    When we get done with you there will be no more Court appointed evaluators, found guilty by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations that are allowed to work in McHenry County Court system.

    There will be no more “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Price is Right” and no more fat and happy workers eating over buttered popcorn and then taking part in the proceeds and then expect that there would be no back lash….

    It’s time for life to catch up with all of the Regime participants and that includes you.

  11. Please expound of the buttered popcorn theme you use repeatedly. Is this some analogy or possibly a metaphor?

    If the audience doesn’t understand the joke they won’t get the punch line.

    What does a court appointed evaluator have to do with Zinke?

    Please elaborate so I too can enjoy your madness. 🙂

  12. Duncan, I looked through your posts can’t make much sense of your angry ramblings.

    So I guess I for one will eat some popcorn, thanks for the idea?

    You may want to remake the tin foil hat, and reevaluate medicinal options.

  13. “BuSeriously”

    When they get done with you in Rockford, you will definitely be considering all of the medicinal options….

    You go right ahead and continue eating your popcorn.

    Now get along, and get back to that famous Regime you belong to…

  14. Duncan…Ummm thanks for letting me eat popcorn????

    Do we have a date to see a movie in Rockford?

    Is it ok if I get some Milk Duds also?

    Not sure what all that means in “Duncan speak” but hopefully it eases your pain in some way.

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