Thorsen Loans Campaign $10,000

Jeff Thorsen's ad on McHenry County Blog.

Jeff Thorsen’s ad on McHenry County Blog.

Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen loaned his campaign fund $10,000 on March 4th.

That probably means that he is planning on making a mailing.

Thorsen is running for County Board against Chief Deputy Treasurer Glenda Miller, who is also a Chemung Township Trustee.

Miller has loaned her campaign $23,595.13.



Thorsen Loans Campaign $10,000 — 1 Comment

  1. Anyone who is engaged, at all, in their local government… at least enough to attend the candidate forums, as I did, would have little to question as to who the best candidate for treasurer is.

    Mr. Thorsen shared his thoughts and vision of the Treasurer’s office with such clarity and conviction – and his ideas were both innovative and inspiring.

    There was not a person present in the auditorium who wasn’t completely convinced that Mr. Thorsen was clearly the best qualified and most motivated candidate to make the Treasurer’s office what it could, and should, be.

    That being said, Ms. Miller did seem like a very nice lady… Confused, perhaps… but, nice.

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