Barb Wheeler Robo-Calls for Mary McClellan’s County Clerk Campaign

Nunda Township Republican politics are fascinating.

Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

Those outside the entity’s boundaries are getting a taste of the alliances this year as County Board members Nick Provenzano and Mary McClellan face off for County Clerk.

I just got a call from State Rep. Barbara Wheeler, who previously surprise plenty of people by endorsing Andy Zinke for Sheriff.

Why the surprise?

She told more than one person that she was going to remain neutral.

Wheeler endorsed Mary McClellan for McHenry County Clerk.

McClellan is the “only candidate we can trust to ensure voter integrity in McHenry County,” the State Representative and former County Board member said.


Barb Wheeler Robo-Calls for Mary McClellan’s County Clerk Campaign — 25 Comments

  1. Barbie is endorsing Stinke, so we can’t trust her judgment.

    Time to replace Barbie.

  2. I laughed.

    Two good zingers.

    Nick is the better candidate–most experience, involvement in McHenry County, and business background.

    Only one more week and all of this nasty stuff should disappear, I hope.

    My pick is Nick.

  3. A highly qualified attorney with experience in election law OR a political parasite.

    Tough choice.

    Is Nick endorsed by his buddy Blowhard Joe Walsh?

    Reason enough to vote for Mary. LOL.

  4. This was a race that, initially, left me pretty much undecided, as I knew little of either candidate…

    But, after attending their forum/debate, I was compelled to support Mr. Provenzano.

    He had some great ideas pertaining to modernization of the office, ensuring voting integrity/security and he seemed truly eager to put them into action.

  5. Provenzano is a political schlub.

    Among his ideas is to increase spending by $4,000,000 to ‘modernize’ the clerk’s office by installing modems in the voting machines… problem is the modems are already installed and functioning well.

    Will he bring in the same ‘friend’ he brought to the county a few years ago that took (most) the counties money and ran… speculation is some fell off a truck somewhere along the way.

    What is the story on his recent employment history?




    Only thing that he’s eager for is a paycheck for him and his family members.

  6. Currently the Clerk’s office is not unionized.

    Why is McClelland’s sign featured (yet again) on the property of the Operating Engineers property in Lakemoor?

    A vote for McClelland is a vote for unions.

    We need to start looking diligently for a replacement for Wheeler who loves to compliment another local Democrat!

  7. C’mon… Provenzano’s main idea for running the office of County Clerk was “to look around and see what the other offices (County Clerks) were doing”

    If he doesn’t realize that the McHenry County Clerk’s office is one of the most watched (for how to do it right) and respected offices in this state, perhaps he should study it some more rather than coming in with the bright idea to copy what other offices are doing (who are already attempting to copy what McHenry County does.

  8. Truthful.

    Do not forget Nick’s other big idea to spend $4 million on unnecessary voting machine upgrades.

  9. I am so disappointed in Barb Wheeler, Tryon and Althoff.

    They are not supposed to endorse in the primaries, and to endorse Zinke, speaks volumes.

    We’d better get a decent conservative challenge to these three RINOS in the next elections.

    This race is a tough choice, but going with McClelland who is paid by the unions, is an invitation to disaster, fraud, and Chicago Way elections.

    No thank you.

    Vote for Nick.

  10. As a proud union man. I disagree with proud conservative.

    We now have a Business Agent privilege as law in Illinois under the watch of Mike and Pam.

    This allows our business agents from being forced to disclose what goes on in any union.

    There are too many attorneys that try to cause trouble for unions.

    Unions are made up of hard working conservatives too.

    You can see our support for Mike and Pam and plenty of Republicans.

    I’m proud of Mike as he has shown real leadership.

  11. Did I hear if correctly that Barb Wheeler proclaimed Jack Franks to be the best REPUBLICAN we have at a recent GOP function?

    How far from a conservative can you get when you endorse the same people who have carried the nails for the hammer in our states coffin.

    Any elected official who supports Zinke and his LONG list of disgraces is very telling of their own character and will not be forgotten.

    It is time to vote out Tryon, Althoff and Wheeler. Dan Duffy is the only one working for the tax payer’s dime.

    By the way public union members, we who pay for your cadillac salaries and pensions work far harder for far less.

    We are tired of knowing we will never be able to retire after you milk us dry.

    Just look at the current condition of this state and tell me you deserve more than those who pave your way to prosperity.

    Unfortunately we will all be brought down together when the union scam collapses and the money is gone.

  12. Barb, Mike and Pam.

    Thanks for your leadership of the Republican Party.

    True Republicans will remember your strong leadership long after the Tea Party RINOs are ancient history.

    Over the past several years, Mike tried hard to include the local Tea Party RINOs into the broad, inclusive tent of the McGOP.

    But that wasn’t good enough for them.

    Now, they want to takeover and destroy our Grand Old Party.

    They want to do things their way.

    They are not interested in community, consensus or coalitions.

    They offer no positive solutions.

    Just complain, moan & whine.

    Keep doing what you are doing Barb, Mike & Pam. Ture Republicans are with you.

  13. Oh you foolish malcontents…

    We disdain unions, disparage Mr. Zinke based on fabels passed along by your leader… the man behind the curtain… who is, guess what, a union guy!

    And not just a union guy but a public sector union guy.

    And if I understand it he was President of the Union.

    For goodness sakes, look at Mr. Prim’s resume, in which he boasts of being President of two different unions!!!!!!

    The guy who is the lynchpin of your ‘reformer’ group; A UNION PRESIDENT!!!!

    Barb Wheeler may have said those words Chuck… er KnowTruth… but your ability to deal with reality is revealed in your failure to grasp it.

    Mr. Franks, his worst crime being a Madigan backer, is a fiscal conservative.


    Now this is not to say that I admire the gentlemen, but moreso to help you understand a simple truth of life, which is not everything is black or white, and in fact most of it is grey.

  14. @verum “his worst crime being a Madigan backer!!!!!

    YOU fail to grasp who holds the puppet strings of Franks, Tryon, Althoff, Wheeler.

    THE MAN behind the curtain?

    Madigan and his endless parade of thugs draining every ounce of prosperity in Illinois and the fools who keep voting for this and then cry about their taxes.

    Who needs to get a grasp on reality than someone who would defend an undersheriff who puts his career and donators ahead of drug dealers? Sounds like the perfect guy for someone wishing to keep the status quo.

    Poor man, scared to death by a little old lady with a bad hip.

    He, a supposedly qualified candidate for sheriff, stands in front of her car???

    Must have been really sure she wanted to hurt him, huh????

    There are many union members aware of their union dues going to political candidates they do not support.

    Do you see a sheriff candidate in this primary not beholding to unions in some way?

    Guess you don’t get it…

    we have to pick the one with a moral character deserving of the honor of County Sheriff.

    Bill Prim fits that by a McHenry county mile.

  15. All I see Barb, Mike & Pam doing is supporting unions and the democrats.

    Where is their support for REPUBLICAN Steve Reick??

    Remember him, he’s running AGAINST Franks.

    Instead, Barb throws her support for Dem Franks.

    Is Steve Reick too conservative for Barb, Pam and Mike.

    Or is he too liberal?

  16. Mike Tryon is one of the most detail orientated and knowledgeable elected official that I think that I have ever met.

    He knows the issues inside and out.

    Barbara Wheeler is a tried and true conservative who had earned a solid reputation on the County Board for NOT going with the flow.

    I give the both of them credit for swimming in the sewer that is Springfield and making the best of it.

    Barb has never said that she was supporting Franks and when I read someone post something about it, I asked her and she laughed at the idea.

    Steve Reich is running unopposed in the primary and the General Election is not until November, so I’m not sure what all of the hualbaloo is.

  17. Why did wheeler support dem Franks and not fellow republican Reick at the Lincoln Day Dinner.

    As a matter of fact, Tryon, Davis, Wheeler , Althoff, etc all dissed Reick at the Lincoln Day dinner.

    Explain that Mike Shorten.

    Which candidate are they supporting?

    Have you asked them that question?

    Are they supporting fellow Republican or are they supporting Democrat Franks?

  18. It’s not too late for Wheeler to do a robo call for Steve Reick.

    Or fund letters and signs.

    Like Davis and Tryon did for their precinct committeeman races.

  19. Miss Uppity, I’m not sure about Wheeler’s ‘dis’ at the Lincoln Day Dinner. How was Mr. Reich dissed? I didn’t go and no one brought me any Chicken Cordon Bleu leftovers… wait I was dissed too!

    I’m not Barb’s spokesman but I’d guess that she’d advise Mr. Reich against doing a robocall right now since the election on Tuesday is a Primary and Mr. Reich is running unopposed for the nomination. The robocalls or letters are not going to make him a bigger winner.

    For Mr. Reich’s benefit, I do hope that you are not his campaign manager. If you are, give me a call and I’ll explain how the whole election process works.

  20. Nice, perfect answer Mike Shorten, avoid the question, isn’t that part of the election process? Answer the question. Are you going to support fellow Republican Steve Reick or Dem Franks? Since you seem to be Wheeler’s campaign spokesperson, can you get an answer from her on this question? I

  21. Miss Uppity.

    I will answer your question.

    In spite of you and many hateful anti-GOP local Tea Party whackos, I will vote for Steve Reick.

    Much like I voted for John O’Neill.

    Honestly, you and the extremist RINOs make it very hard to vote for Steve Reick.

    Rather than attack, attack, and attack the local GOP for not doing enough, spend your energy doing something useful for candidate Steve Reick.

    Like going door-to-door and campaigning.

    Big surprise that our local GOP does not want to take on an immensely popular incumbent like Jack Franks. (Whom I have met and like, but will not vote for).

    No seasoned, experienced GOP candidate is willing to take on Jack Franks, why should the GOP leaders hop on the bandwagon of some unknown political neophyte?

    Just because he proclaims himself a Republican?

    I do not blame Mike Tryon & others for staying out of an unwinnable war in their own backyard.

    Smart politics.

    Because Jack Franks is a Madigan vote.

    But, keep up the incessant attacks on our our local McGOP, Miss Uppity.

    Attack the Republican Party.

    That is a sure way to lose my vote for Steve Reick and that of many other good Republicans.

  22. Provenzano hasn’t had a real job since he was pushed out of Snap-on. He has no professional or academic qualifications for any management position.

    His family was thrown out of Maine Township politics for patronage and cronyism.

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