Northwest Herald Brings More Information about Sheriff’s Race

Monday night in Cary, supporters of Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim were gathered at Cary’s Coleman’s in the Park.


I got to the Cary event at Coleman’s in the Park a bit late. The first round of cheese pizza was pretty well eaten.

Not only did Prim supporters hear the Chicago Tribune editorial endorsement of Prim for Sheriff, but groups listened to two Northwest Herald articles that were posted at about the same time.

In a NWH article entitled,

Prim supporters take aim at Zinke,”

the paper explored the statement of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi concerning the identity of McHenry County Blog commenter “Fukoku.” The full statement was published Friday on McHenry County Blog, along with a denial to the person Bianchi named.

The NWH also focused on Robert Hanlon’s suit on behalf of an elderly woman who claimed that Andy Zinke ran her license plate after he had been served a subpoena at home.

See the entire court filing in the following article:

Shoeless Zinke Gets Caught Running Elderly Woman’s License Plate

Certainly read the NWH article, which has Zinke’s explanation of his actions.

You might want to read the two McHenry County Blog posts which prompted the NWH article, too.

In other Bill Prim news, the retired Des Plaines Police Commander promised not to participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension plan.

That is exactly opposite to what Keith Nygren did after retiring from the Crystal Lake Police Department to become Sheriff.  The NWH article is here.  It says that Zinke spent his entire career at the Sheriff’s Department, but the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund says otherwise, although his job in Algonquin lasted for a very short time before he apparently left law enforcement for three years.


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