Northwest Herald Brings More Information about Sheriff’s Race

Monday night in Cary, supporters of Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim were gathered at Cary’s Coleman’s in the Park.


I got to the Cary event at Coleman’s in the Park a bit late. The first round of cheese pizza was pretty well eaten.

Not only did Prim supporters hear the Chicago Tribune editorial endorsement of Prim for Sheriff, but groups listened to two Northwest Herald articles that were posted at about the same time.

In a NWH article entitled,

Prim supporters take aim at Zinke,”

the paper explored the statement of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi concerning the identity of McHenry County Blog commenter “Fukoku.” The full statement was published Friday on McHenry County Blog, along with a denial to the person Bianchi named.

The NWH also focused on Robert Hanlon’s suit on behalf of an elderly woman who claimed that Andy Zinke ran her license plate after he had been served a subpoena at home.

See the entire court filing in the following article:

Shoeless Zinke Gets Caught Running Elderly Woman’s License Plate

Certainly read the NWH article, which has Zinke’s explanation of his actions.

You might want to read the two McHenry County Blog posts which prompted the NWH article, too.

In other Bill Prim news, the retired Des Plaines Police Commander promised not to participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension plan.

That is exactly opposite to what Keith Nygren did after retiring from the Crystal Lake Police Department to become Sheriff.  The NWH article is here.  It says that Zinke spent his entire career at the Sheriff’s Department, but the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund says otherwise, although his job in Algonquin lasted for a very short time before he apparently left law enforcement for three years.


Northwest Herald Brings More Information about Sheriff’s Race — 57 Comments

  1. I just read the article in the NW Herald.

    I can’t believe that Deputy Zinke was AFRAID of a 78 year old SCARY-LOOKING woman dressed in all black.

    Are you kidding me ?

    Must have been a misprint……….


  2. Wow, a grown man scared of a frail elderly woman?

    Deputy Zinke your stories are catching up with my friend.

    What will you do if the now Chicago based Zetas drug cartel darkens your door? This is a very real issue facing you McHenry County.

    You will need a REAL lawman like COMMANDER Bill Prim to rescue you is this what you and your wife need? I guess that hand cannon you walk around with is just a limp prop?

    Obvious to all watching you implode Deputy is that you are not fit to serve our beloved county.


  3. By the time Zinke ran the plate he had the subpoena and clearly knew why the process server was present.

    At that time he knew the identity of Hanlon as his name was on the subpoena as having issued it to him.

    It was in an envelope with the lawyer’s name on the outside.

    Zinke’s claim that the lawsuit was contrived for timing purposes because Hanlon saw him in October is silly.

    The events complained about took place in January, 2014!

    So Hanlon knew in October Zinke would violate Leads in January?

    Zinnke said he is in law enforcement that is what he does.

    What law was broken?

    Zinke’s claimed events suggest no law was broken.

    He did not even arrest the woman!


    Because no law was broken!

  4. As to the Zinke supporters, it is too bad that you put so much faith in him.

    Zinke’s claim that the process server threw the subpoena at his feet is just stupid.

    Have you ever tried to throw an envelope!

    Paper doesn’t fly and neither does Zinke’s story.

  5. Let me get this straight.

    I’m really trying to understand Mr.Zinke”s reasoning here. A scarey looking lady is at his door,it was dark outside, he did not recognize her and she was dressed in black.


    Hasn’t he ever heard of ” If you don’t know a person don’t open the door” but he makes the decision to open it anyway.

    Then Mr. Zinke states she approached in a quasi threatening way.

    What ?

    A 78 year old women with a bad hip.

    What was she the ninja grandmother.

    Then he proceeds to running after her down his driveway to get her plate number.

    The person who served the paper would be on record and Mr. Zinke knows that or he should.

    What Mr. Zinke should have done was call 911 right off the bat.Tell the police someone is at his door and they can send a car out and find out who it was.

    Mr. Zinke surely did not use good judgement and he wants to be the next McHenry County Sheriff?????

    Help us all ,Good luck with your defense Mr. Zinke #

    My 8 year old grandson knows not to open the door if you don’t know who it is.

    Especially if they look scary

    Vote for Bill Prim on March

  6. Why did a major Prim supporter send a strange woman acting bizarrely to Mr. Zinke’s residence?

    Why not serve Mr. Zinke at his department like any other police officer.

    Why the special treatment?

    Confront, poke, prod, harass, intimidate in the hopes of provoking a response.

    Just like this blog site.

    And, if no provoked response, just manufacture a scandal.

    The Northwest Herald got it right….Prim supporters take aim at Zinke.

    No actual news, just more manufactured scandal.

  7. You can’t defend him on this one.

    Poor judgement on Mr. Zinkes part Teacher.

    A person especially one running for Sheriff should know how to handle any situation and he can’t even get this right.

    Mr. Prim has many many supporters and he can’t be held accountable for what decisions other people make.

    A man afraid of a little old women.

    He should have helped her to her car.

    People is this what you want as the next who can not make a good decision upon someone serving him a paper?

    Vote Bill Prim and end the madness

  8. Sorry Teacher……..You might as well come over to our side……you’ll be much happier !

    It’s obvious your IQ score of 155 is not high enough.


  9. Ride on Happy Trails !!!!!!!!!!

    Lets get a Sheriff in who is a leader and can make wise decisions.

    Bill Prim for Sheriff

  10. Mr. Prim I have only 1 request from you.

    After March 18 can the first thing on your agenda be sending Mr. Zinke back to the academy for further training.

  11. Darn those scary old people!

    Andy needs to get his training officers, who sit in the office doing nothing all day anyway, to come up with a “self-defense against old people with bad hips” class.

    I am sure the first thing is to get the walker away from them.

    Then you can use that as a weapon… ok, maybe that’s a bit heavy-handed, sorry.

  12. I wonder if Zinke’s explanation of what happened that night, when the Server appeared at his door, was on the advice of his Attorney.

    I think I read somewhere, his Attorney is Jim Bishop.

    I could be wrong, does anyone know for sure?

  13. I can’t think of any attorney who would give this advice to a client and if he did I would get someone else.

    Zinke is his worst enemy


    Hey, look guys, Barney Fife or I mean Andy Zinke is misbehaving again…. T

    he boy is hopeless.

    Have to give him credit, Andy does know how to tell the “Big Stories” lol..

    If you ask Andy how big the fish was, he will tell you 10 feet.


  15. Told you so, the Andy Zinke antics will never end.

    That big fat hole of his just turned into a “GINORMOUS” UNDERGROUND CAVE….lol….

    We need an IQ and a mental age assessment on the guy….

    Mentally, he just never got past age 5… IQ Hmmmm,

    Let’s not go there…….

    Thanks for sharing Andy…

    Hey, if Andy Zinke gets elected we can count on more circus acts from the Nygren and Zinke Circus..

    He just loves to perform in the Circus act of his..

  16. Zinke said. “Yeah, I’m going to see who you are. I do that for a living. I’m in law enforcement, my wife’s in law enforcement, I’ve got two young children at home, yeah, I’m going to find out.”

    So he admits to running LEADS for personal reasons?

  17. I just wonder what the Prim crowd would do if Zinke did call WPD/MCSO that night…

    I’m guessing he’d still be fodder for on-going rants.

    I can see it now “How are we supposed to trust someone looking to be the top cop in the county when he’s so scared he calls for back up on a 78 year old woman with a bad hip-process server?”

    Followed, I’m sure, by comments that Zinke should be brought up on charges for attempting to avoid service…guess there’s no winning this one, except Hanlon could have had Zinke served at work, the courthouse, during the daytime and Hanlon could have personally served the subpoena…

    So, Zinke acted like a cop–he’s at home with his family and someone acts suspiciously—and he investigates it.

    He’s been in law enforcement for +20 years and handled the situation without being inept or cowardly-two qualities (of many) I’d think one would want in a Sheriff.

    This is a big reach.

    Where’s the indication Zinke shared or used this information for anything other than satisfying the initial incident.

    Cops get called, all the time, to suspicious incidents–which prompt LEADS inquiries of license plates, people’s information and other checks to either confirm suspicion or quell it.

    If I’m wrong, please show me where….

  18. Maybe they would’ve served him at the government center had he’d actually been there…rumor is Andy hasn’t been at the office for quite a while.

  19. A stranger shows up at my doorstep in darkness, refuses to identify herself and drops an envelope at my feet.

    You are doggone right I am getting her license plate number and calling the police.

    After I demand she remove herself and the envelope from my propery.

    And, I expect the police officer to then identify her by checking her license plate.

    Since Mr. Zinke is a police officer witnessing suspicious actions by a stranger at his iwn home, he (and any other police officer at home off-duty) is justified to investigate it.

    Especially because of the inherent dangers in their work.

    The poor little lady could have avoided this by properly identifying herself to Andrew.

    Or, by serving the court papers to him at work.

    The real cowards are the people who sent a 78 year old woman to create a confrontation with Andrew Zinke at his home.

    Spineless cowards hiding behind a 78 year old woman.


    Al Qaeda likes to hide behind & use old women & children to further their political ambitions too.

    Prim Akbhar!

  20. Please, Hanlon (read Prim supporter-which is his right, and fine) has a process server who is an old aldy with a bad hip that he sends out in the dark, late at night, to serve a sobpoena to someone, anyone, for a lawsuit HE (Hanlon) has against another?

    And THEN, he files a law suit in court against the same guy AGAIN for something else, on what he THINKS happened, or why it happened?

    Yes, this doesn’t stink of politics, does it?

  21. Now I know where “elder abuse” comes from.

    An honorable person with integrity would not treat a 78 year old lady so poorly.

    I understand people supporting Andy, but there is no justification for his behavior.

    He should be ashamed of himself.

  22. An Honorable person with Integrity would not send a 78 year old woman to do their political dirty work either.

    I understand people supporting Bill Prim, but there is no justification for this behavior.

    Prim supporters should be ashamed of themselves hiding behind an old woman as they throw rocks.

  23. Lets say you guys are right and Hanlon deliberately sent this 78 year old lady to Andy’s house at 730 pm knowing that she would scare Andy into behaving like a frightened child.

    If so, then it worked and 2 things ocvured –

    a – Andy behaved like a frightened child and
    b – He wasn’ t smart enough to figure it out and behave like a man.

    Either way, he proved unfit to be Sheriff.

  24. Yep, that is exactly right Rich…..

    He is a spineless coward who has the mental capacity of a child…lol….

    Don’t you wonder how he got this far in life?

    It’s understandable that the Sheriffs Department Morale is so low…. He is no leader…..

  25. “My family and I will forever remember the day that an offer was made to pay off a Judge, in McHenry County, in exchange for custody of my child.. Over the years, several people have since told of numerous stories, from both plaintiffs and defendants, of kickbacks bribes in exchange for fixed cases ranging from civil, to criminal court.”

    Dunc, you are a Silly, Silly person.

    Fairy Tales.

  26. Teacher 155 you are the lowest of the lowest and if you represent Zinke then
    we can also see his character.

    I understand you are nervous about the election but making fun of Duncan is really low.

    You are no better than the dirt I walk on. You need help teacher.

  27. Hey, Andy Where you be?

    Having coffee with Tamara and Bob Demodica? That a boy, you go ahead and strategize…… lol…

    If you only had a brain…….

    Thats it, you go ahead and energize those brain cells with some good caffeinated coffee…

    Just don’t be throwing anymore of those famous temper tantrums.

    Hey, I thought that was Keith’s job?…

    Wow! Keith evidently passed the torch to you?

    Good boy Keith……

    Because, Keith Baby, you will need to reserve all the energy you have for those depositions……

    Now don’t be using your reserved energy for helping Andy out of that Big fat hole he has dug.

    Leave that to your friends at the local 15O as they are suppose to be experts at excavating…

    Do they have experience with underground caves?…

    Careful, we just wouldn’t want there to be a landslide in the race where they suddenly find them selves buried and can’t find a way a way out…lol…

    Now, Andy and Keith it’s time to start exercising some self control and some professionals…..

    That teacher friend of yours continues to make themselves look like a complete fool as they try to justify everything from the Regime…

    Vote for Bill Prim…

  28. Do you people actually belive the Silliness that you write & post?

    Silly, silly, silly people.

    The Regime’s days are numbered.

    After Prim is defeated, we will remember the Regime who ran Prim & worked to destroy our Republican Party. Real Republicans will remember & unite against the RINO Regime in this election & 2016.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  29. Hey, Teach. Whatsa matter, they ran out of dunce caps because of you and Andy Zinke?..


    You both must be tired standing in the corner with those dunce caps on your heads….

    Let me tell you, the both of you are poor role models and I wouldn’t want my children around either of you……

    Boy, the parents need to have a talk with the Board of Education…

    Teachers like you, are a disgrace to the School system…..

    How much do you make as a “Teacher 155?”

    Just asking….lol…

  30. Hey Teach.

    You are clearly delusional and illusional..

    So confused you are. Sure hope the scenery is nice in your fantasy world…

    Hey, you are just like Andy Zinke pointing the finger at everyone else, when you should be pointing the finger at yourselves…

    You should not be aloud to be around young children or young adults….

    Scary person you are…

    Say good bye to that pension….

  31. Earth to Duncan.

    Earth to Duncan.

    Reality Check.

    Who was the 1st President of the United States?

    What day of the week is it?

    Do you remember your last meal?

  32. Hurry, Somebody get contact the Girls Scout of America, and keep them away from selling cookies at Andys house.

    They are 10 years old, 3 ft 4 in, 45 lbs, and they are going to scare Andy !.

    And if the Girl Scouts ride the bicycles, make sure you cover up your little license plate that has your first name on it..

  33. Wait wait was just thinking.

    The Easter Bunny will soon be here to hide all the eggs for the kids.

    Do you think he will be afraid of Andy?

    Oh never mind Andy will be afraid of him. l.o.l.

    Were is Andy, hasn’t been around—-but I think someone saw him at an employment agency.

  34. As a life long McHenry resident I have just one big question?

    Who is this fat Hanlon guy?

    I’m just saying look at his picture.

    He doesn’t look like he could figure out something as complex as teach 155 is saying, much less a paper bag.

    I don’t think he could plan back in October on having Andy run the plate in January.

    Just saying that Andy put his timing back then.

    There is no way he’s that smart.

    This guy needs to go away!

    Why is he doing this.

    He’s from Cook County and he brought Cook County dirty politics with him.

    There should be an entrance exam for outsiders.

    Andy never did anything to this guy and fatso is trying to ruin our way of life.

    Someone should figure out how to muzzle him and quick.

  35. Concerned, the Nygren/Zinke Regime has created their own problems, with their business as usual.

    It is all about accountability and Zinke should be held accountable.

    Now with your quote “Someone should figure out how to muzzle him and quick”, just goes to show everyone what the problems have been in McHenry County.

    Don’t Talk and Don’t Tell . . . well it is time for the daylight to shine through and all the truths be known.

    Mr. Hanlon was hired to protect those who will tell the truth.

    No entrance exam is needed for that, maybe that is what your problem is, the truth must prevail to stop corruption.

  36. My problem is when people like you don’t believe Andy and side with an outsider like fatso Hanlon.

    It’s Andy’s turn to be Sheriff and if you had been around long enough you would know that it’s his turn.

    I’m with teacher 155.

    The real truth is its Andy’s turn and a sleazy attorney should not be filing lawsuits ruining it.

  37. “Andy’s turn?” Wow!….

    This is not about children taking turns.

    It’s about showing you are capable of running the McHenry County Sheriffs Department.

    Because of the way Andy has run his campaign, he has proven over and over again that he is not capable…

    Any person that goes after a process server and then tries to intimidate them because he and his wife are in law enforcement has no business running the Sheriffs Department, much less running his own campaign….

    In my opinion, Andy Zinke is an embarrassment to the community.

  38. “Concerned”

    Looks to me like you are the one that is fat and happy eating all of that over buttered popcorn and watching those famous TV shows…

    You go Hanlon.

    Someone needs to show Andy he is not above the law.

    So go back to your Regime “Concerned”

    The only concern you have is to protect the Regime and promote Andy Zinke the Clown, who by the way has made a complete fool of himself during his entire campaign..

    At best, he is laughable and not to be taken seriously.

  39. Just when you think you have heard it all………

    I have a suggestion for all you Zinke supporters.

    If you want your candidate to be Sheriff you had better stop posting comments !

    Gee I thought you voted for a person because of the Qualifications as a leader,which Bill Prim has proven, a person who is honest and has integrity which Bill Prim processes,a person who has the experience, a person most importantly cares about the future of the citizens of Mc Henry County which he most certainly has shown.

    It’s ” Andy’s TURN is not a very good reason to vote for him

  40. This race is like fly-paper for idiots.

    It’s too bad Cal doesn’t insist on real names, then when the curtain was peeled back you would see all the “used to be”s and disgruntled has beens.

    Maybe when Primm wins, you all will get your jobs back…LOL.

    Once again, just so you can say you read it here first.

    Zinke %55, Primm 45%.

    It’s too bad you can’t wager on political races in Illinois, because I would make a boat-load of money with you all.

    **No doubt some of you fourth graders will think you are better at handicapping the race.

    Put your guess on the race results in the bottom of your post (mostly so I can make fun of it later) … it’s what I do.

  41. What happens if Fukyama turns out to be someone else.

    A sock puppet account is one that is made by a person to feign a discussion with in the comment section of a blog.

    What happens when “F” turns out to be a sock puppet account?

    My guess nothing.

    But we will see.

  42. I feel so bad over this older women.

    First she has to experience the bad behavior demonstrated by Zinke when she served him and was most likely scared when he (allegedly) ran after her and prevented her from leaving.

    Now she is so scared she has gone to Arizona.

    I truly hope no one has intimidated or harassed her to drop the lawsuit.

  43. Sock Puppet? I like that. Feign a discussion? That actually makes me think of Cal Sknner publishing what he knows is untrue and prominently publishing it over and over again. Looking for the Prim crowd to pile on, yet when real journalism discovers the story to be a lie, the Sock Puppet hides in the drawer with all the other dirty socks.

    Where is the story about our 78 year old woman not even being at Zinke’s door let alone being in the car. Let us clarify further, not even in the State of Illinois at the time. Where is the outrage? Where is the outrage when it becomes obvious that Attorney Hanlon filed a bogus complaint?

    Remember the term “Upon information and belief” that Mr. Hanlon used? (I refrain from calling him attorney, it just disgraces other attorneys) Isn’t it bogus that a three word term may give him and out when he stands before the Illinois Attorney disciplinary board? Of course he has to throw someone under the bus doing so. That poor woman with the bad hip and all, laying under the bus….

    Remember also that Hanlon is the attorney of record representing Bodden, Schlenkert, Matteson, Koziol., some hateful deputies in the Prim camp. Interested, just search Cal, ” the Sock Puppeteer’s ” story back in January. Just search “Hanlon” in Cal’s search box for all the juicy connections he has to Prim.

    I wonder how the disciplinary board will like the use of the Federal Courts and frivolous complaints in connection with this campaign?

    Cal Skinner where is your story about the deceit and treachery of the Prim campaign,making up ludicrous allegations? Nope you just hide in the sock drawer.

  44. That women is scared because someone has made her that way……… She has to sign the lawsuit so she was there and served the paper. She said herself that she didn’t think it would have this reaction and go this far. So was it from the Zinke side that she now fled to Arizona?

  45. Voter? The brilliance of your statement at 11:32PM is marred by the fact that you claim to have all this knowledge about the suit and how it came to be, etc. and yet… and yet… you say that “She has to sign the lawsuit so she was there and served the paper”

    You obviously haven’t a clue – other than blind rants supporting Prim and denigrating Zinke – READ THE COMPLAINT, READ IT! IT’S HERE ON THIS BLOG.

    Have somebody help you with the big words if you must, but note at the bottom that the only signature (electronic) is that of Robert Hanlon, the attorney. She could have been in Mongolia – and now probably wishes that she was – when this was filed and when she was promised (by who?) that this would not go public. Somebody played her for the fool and they WILL throw her under the bus before giving up the ammo that could cost them their law license(s)

  46. Do you really think there is only 1 paper in a Federal lawsuit? Calm down and take a deep breath. You Zinke supporters are getting stressed because your end is near.

  47. LOL! the only one that counts for this discussion is the complaint itself. Sure there will be LOTS of papers in that file. Requests for sanctions, order referring the case to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline commission, order dismissal.

    Just wait.

    Voter? A suggestion: If you have a stocking or pullover cap left over from the winter, you might find that it will protect your scalp from abrasion. That tin foil you have wrapped around your head can be brutal without it!

  48. Desperation does funny things to people and it shows in your posts.

  49. LOL! Voter, you said go to, don’t you mean

  50. I have never heard a more stupid reply than Voter.

    You are a low information voter. Probably still thinks Obama is a great guy.

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