Chance to Meet Bill Prim, Nick Provenzano, Jeff Thorsen & Zane Seipler Friday Night in Lakewood

Friday night Grafton Township Precinct Committeeman candidate Paul Serwatka is opening his Lakewood home so people can meet the local candidates he is supporting.

He is asking that people who intend to come call him on Thursday so adequate refreshments can be on hand. His number is 312-388-8000.

The details of the event follow:
Serwatka invite 3-14-14


Chance to Meet Bill Prim, Nick Provenzano, Jeff Thorsen & Zane Seipler Friday Night in Lakewood — 24 Comments

  1. Why would Nic, Jeff, and Bill accept equal billing with Zane?

    I get all the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” stuff, but you’re a moron if you’re publicly aligned with Zane Seipler.

  2. Agreed. Seipler is a stain on the underpants that is politics today.

    What schmuck takes a Daily Herald article that didn’t endorse him and tries to spin it as a positive? A Desperate One.

  3. Provenzano is algining himself with Prim.

    I do not see all the candidates being presented.

    This must meen Nick is a Prim guy.

    But it seems he is a sheep in wolves clothing where he thinks he can go unnoticed into which port he parks his sinking ship.

  4. I would like to meet with voters whereever they chose to meet with me.

    Please let me know if you would like me to meet in a group or one on one.

    Honest, I want to be given the opportunity to meet you all.

  5. ‘markmeguire” you apparently do no have the entire story…..

  6. What a bunch of Sad Sacks you Prim supporters are?

    Andrew Zinke picking on a poor 78 year old woman.

    You people are pathetic.

    And, several Sad Sacks lambasted me when I suggested exactly what the NW Herald is reporting.

    That it wasn’t even clear from Hanlon’s lawsuit that Sondra Matterness served the court papers.

    And, where is Cal’s banner blog headline clarifying the frivolous lawsuit.

    Another political witch hunt.

  7. Isn’t it strange that Zinke sends out a flyer showing him pictured with three kids, but when he comments to the NWH he says that he has two kids!

    Two Hopefully, a guy seeking to be in charge of a substantial budget can count to three.

    You would think he would know how many kids he has.

    But there it is photo with three kids and a statement that he has two kids.

    One Two Three.

    Did he lose one?

    Did he leave it in his squad car when he was running plates.

  8. Imagine a Prim supporter attacking Andrew Zinke’s family….AGAIN.

    Desperate and pathetic.

    March 18 comes soon.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  9. Teacher155:


    You consider the fact that Andy advertises three kids in a flyer and speaks about two as an attack on his family?

    Your writing style, your comments and lack of references to Lou Bianchi certainly smell like you are Fukoku, just posting from a different sewer.

  10. In the NWH article, Andy Zinke admitted running the license plate.

    The question, it seems to me, is whether he had justification.

  11. Remember what the Teacher wrote on March 8, 2014. Where is voter and company now. Pathetic.

    “Interesting. Closely re-reading the written lawsuit, Mr. Hanlon does not mention who actually served the subpoena. He goes into great detail about how it was served, but fails to identify who served the subpoena. Nor does Mr. Hanlon make any specific reference to Sondra Matterness being present during the incident. Mr. Hanlon only references the Plaintiff’s automobile being there, but never the Plaintiff Sondra Matterness being there.

    So, was Sondra Matterness there?

    Was she a duly appointed process server or private detective?

    Did the 78 year old woman with the bad hip actually serve the subpoena?

    Or was someone else borrowing her car?

    Or did she drive someone else there?

    Mr. Hanlon provides great detail of Mr. Zinke’s actions, but goes to great length to avoid mention of who actually served the subpoena.

    Mr. Hanlon seems to imply that Sondra Matterness served the subpoena.

    But never states such.

    So, did someone else serve the subpoena.

    Someone hostile and offensive to Mr. Zinke?

    Someone who refused to provide lawful credentials or identify themselves?

    Did some Regime thug try to intimidate Mr. Zinke while serving him at home?

    If so, Mr. Zinke would have viable cause to check the license plates to confirm the person’s identity & if the person was licensed to serve court paperwork.

    Falsely serving subpoenas is a crime.

    Mr. Zinke may have had just cause to believe that the unidentified server was illegitimate and committing a crime.

    So, was Sondra Matterness even present?

    And who served the subpoena?

    Inquiring minds want to know?

  12. Cal- Seriously? Officers on patrol are running plates all the time for no real reason.

    I’m not a law enforcement agent but I’m going to speculate that if someone showed up at my door at night waving an envelope and throwing it at me I’d probably be a bit disturbed by it. Throw in now that I am an officer, just the fact that my door bell rings after dark would be enough to get my adrenaline flowing.

    The question that begs is what is reasonable? A reasonable person would have had the subpoena or whatever it is served at the courthouse.

    Other than blind hatred I don’t know how anybody sees this more than an orchestrated political hit through and through.

  13. Cal, the questions are

    1) Why did Mr. Hanlon feel it relevant to describe the Plaintiff as having a “bad hip”?

    2) Why did Mr. Hanlon draft the lawsuit in a manner implying that Andrew Zinke confronted a 78 year old woman?

    3) Why didn’t Mr. Hanlon make it clear that the Plaintiff was in Arizona at the time of the incident?

    4) Why didn’t Mr. Hanlon make it clear that someone borrowed the Plaintiff’s car?

    5) Why didn’t Mr. Hanlon disclose the identity of the person serving court papers?

    6) Why did Cal receive a copy of Mr. Hanlon’s lawsuit the same day that it was filed in federal court when Mrs. Matterness believed that it would never make the newspaper?

    7) Why does Mr. Hanlon not have authority to discuss with the NW Herald today?

    8) Why doesn’t Cal post & link today’s NW Herald story on his “newsmedia” blog?

    What a bunch of sorry-ass sacks of dung!

    The Prim crowd that frequents this blog do not care about the truth.

    They have no dignity, honor or integrity.

    They offer nothing positive.

    They are a bunch of angry malcontents who spew venomous filth.

    Why would they offer anything positive in support of their preferred candidate?

    Why would they debate issues affecting the Sheriff’s Department, McHenry County and GOP?

    No, just spew vile filth and lies.

    Slander Andy Zinke.

    Hey, never let truth get in the way of a good story.

  14. Well said again, Mike Shorten.

    Andy Zinke provides the credible account, not the deceptive lawsuit.

    Obviously, Andy Zinke had viable cause to run the license plate of a stranger acting in a bizarre manner on the front doorstep of his home.

    He is a police officer with reasonable suspicions.

    Several years ago, someone threw a rock through a Crystal Lake police officer’s living room window.

    Police officers, including Mr. Prim, rightfully worry about criminal retalaliaton and their family’s safety….even in McHenry County.

    That woman is lucky that Mr. Zinke didn’t introduce her to Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

    He certainly had cause.

  15. The attack dogs, rising to the occasion would have us believe that once Zinke or ANY police officer leaves the office, he or she is nothing more than a private citizen.

    That if something occurs which MAY constitute a violation of the law directed at them, they are to sit down, grab a phone and just call 9-1-1.

    That’s nonsensical and yet these folks would have you believe it it’s true.

    Since it’s somewhat appropriate to this particular article, let me ask about the mailer I received in the mail asking me to vote for Zane Seipler for County Board.

    Wondering where his funding was coming from since he owes $240,000 or so for lying in federal court, I checked.

    His mailing was paid for by “McHenry County Republicans for Better Government” Nice catchy name.

    Sings of Mom, God and Apple Pie, doesn’t it?

    According to the State Board of Elections, this longstanding bastion of conservative values was formed on February 28, 2014 by that well known politico, Michael J. McCleary, perennial straw man for the Salgado Machine and investigator for state’s attorney Lou Bianchi.

    I’m sure that Lou would not have anything to do with support for Seipler who disgraced the uniform, sued the county, was given a pass by Bianchi’s office for alleged official misconduct, and was determined by Judge Kapala to be a liar.

    Well, the funding of this organization includes $1000 from Citizens to Elect Lou Bianchi, $1000 from Lou Anne Majewski, $1,000 from Thomas Cooper, $2000 from John O. Rosser, North Barrington, and $1000 from Bulk Lift International (Brian Kelly) according to a report filed with the Board on March 10th.

    Anyone can support anyone they choose.

    Their judgment should also be considered in light of whom they support.

  16. Shorten/Teacher – Your “Intelligent” candidate, Zinke really stepped into a cow pie.

    How many of his supporters and those that endorsed him are “double dippers’?

    Answer – LOTS AND LOTS. I am sure they will enjoy that mailer.

    Biggest One – Keith Nygren, his mentor.

    He does not even know the structure of Prim’s pension from DesPlaines.

    You make yourselves look like fools with your choices.

    Catching on “gatekeeper” of the party??

  17. Nice catch at the State Board of Elections.

    How about sending a copy of the Seipler mailer?

  18. Anyone with a PACER account with the Federal Court system and 90 cents on a credit card could have gotten the same copy of the suit that I obtained.

  19. Wow….Gustav Fullpot on 03/12/2014 at 10:14 pm nailed it to the Outhouse Door. Bingo that one post says it all.

    Cal Skinner with all his dirty undercover super secret, work for the Prim campaign, now asks for a copy of the Seipler mailer. What?…

    Didn’t we have an entire bog thread on the Seipler Campaign card etc misspellings and all? Don’t you have his picture and link to his campaign page right on your homepage?

    You expect us to believe you don’t have his mailer? Wow again!

  20. Cal, I am not looking for a $.90 cent copy of the Matterness lawsuit from Rockford.

    I am looking for Cal Skinner’s $.02 cents opinion on Mr. Hanlon’s misleading and deceptive lawsuit.

    Hook, line & sinker, you bit into Hanlon’s “Poor 78 year old woman with a ‘bad hip’ being victimized by Zinke” narrative.

    Set a record-breaking 130+ blog posts.

    Only to find out your story was a fraud.

    Being made a fool by your own ally, how does that make you feel?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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