Robo-Call Attacks Provenzano

I can’t keep up with the robo-calls from gubernatorial candidates Kirk Dillard and Bruce Rauner, but a Friend of McHenry County Blog got one from supporters of Mary McClellan for County Clerk.

Mary McClellan and Nick Provenzano on debate night.

Mary McClellan and Nick Provenzano on debate night.

It as an attack on Republican primary opponent Nick Provenzano.

But let me put into my source’s words:

Just got a very negative attack robocall against Provenzano on behalf of McClellan.

[Barb] Wheeler did one for her last week.

This one mentioned something about $8 Million Provenzano voted for on computer programs for the county, that he was a career politician, and that the AG found him to have violated the OMA to benefit his own re-election.


Robo-Call Attacks Provenzano — 17 Comments

  1. I listened to that call this afternoon – it sure was an attack job – mostly true to my best knowledge.

    I support McClellan for the job, even though the robo-call was disappointing.

  2. Can anyone add anything about the call that is not in the story?

    Who sponsored it, for instance?

  3. When I decide to actually listen to a robo call…from those few times I do….I wonder about the low bar strategy and am always suspicious of the stone thrower….and I would fear to visit their house of glass as it may shatter around me…

    The caller referred to the candidate as “corrupt”…just doesn’t add up when they list the reasons…if the candidadte were not running for office he would have many more legal remidies available to common man.

    But a candidate reliquishes some of the protections…

    This is why some fell free to attack a candidate.

    He is not corrupt…whether you like him or not…

    If he was… the comments would be benign and kept to a minimum…

    Like we always do in McHenry County…as he would already be beholden…lest we provoke the wrath of…the northeastern wind…

  4. We are sick of McClellan’s robo calls. A vote for her is a vote for more Chicago Way politics. Just look where she gets her support and $$$$$$$ from. Unions. Nuff said.

  5. I listened to the whole robo call, there was nothing about him being corrupt.

    It stated Truths such as career politician and that he was found guilty by the attorney general for violating the open meetings act.

    Thorsen, don’t you have your own campaign to run?

    You might consider who you align yourself with.
    Glenda Miller has a big advantage over you because you’ve shown you have No common sense.

  6. I am curious whether Robo-calls are really an effective campaign tool.

    The political wizards must believe so.

    Personally, I will not listen to a political Robo-call and immediately hang-up.

    To me, it is rude and offensive that someone invades my home with an unwanted voice recording.

    And, if you do want to invade my home with your message, have some respect and do it with a live volunteer calling on your behalf.

    I think the most effective Robo-call is when a candidates creates outrageous, fake Robo-calls that seem to be from their opponent.

    Unethical, but effective.

    “I am calling on behalf of Candidate X at 2 in the morning. Candidate X is proud of raising your taxes, being soft on crime and ruining your schools. Vote for Candidate X.”

    Cal, you have been around the block many times over.

    What is your take on Robo-call effectiveness?

  7. How disgusting!

    This is politics at its lowest level and I don’t think that a person who is ethical should be running a negative attack campaign.

    That tells me something about her moral compass.

    Also, I hate robo calls and don’t answer them or hang up.

    What is happening to McHenry County!!!!!!

    Sounds just like Chicago politics . . . .

  8. I had a negative robo call against me on the day before the primary County Board election in 2012.

    Query who was behind it?

    There were 8 people running for four spots, including McClellan and Provenzano.

  9. One point of clarification Cal it was ‘Barb’ “Wheeler who did one for her last week.”

  10. Michael I think you know Nick is the person who helped get that robocall out as you know he has Bryan Javor who would do it for next to nothing.

    However, it back fired on him because it made people go out and find out who you were.

    In this case People need to go out and find that Nick is not who he says he is.

    The information about him in this particular instance one has to question the character of the person that will be in charge of our elections a pretty powerful position to be putting someone who has broken the law where it pertains to public trust.

    I dont like robo calls myself but where there is truth that needs to be sent to the voting public I bleieve it is important to have the right information.

  11. Teacher155 you are so right for a change.

    I just got the most stupid robocall for Zinke claiming Prim retired after his partner was being investigated….Huh?

    That is beyond the stupidest thing I have heard yet.

    It also claimed Andy was conservative (hahaha) and had proven leadership (even funnier) Ya, a great conservative leader who blows an undercover drug bust.

    Andy, protector of McHenry County’s finest…too bad it is not it’s law abiding citizens.

    Great idea for his next robocall…

    Andy, fighting to get Nygren to release the report on the investigation of his tipping off his campaign donator…really, Zinke is right this very minute nursing his ill lawyer to health so Zinke will be forced to abide by the law and release the report after a legal FOIA request.

    Bet you would listen to that one huh teach???

    What exactly is Prim’s crime again???


    Shame on you Teach, bet you are retired too!!!!

  12. Don’t have a clue with regard to effectiveness.

    I do know they are the cheapest way to contact a voter.

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