Michael Rein and John Jung Mail Joint Postcard

Incumbent District 5 McHenry County Board member John Jung has joined with challenged Michael Rein in a postcard sent to voters in the Woodstock, Huntley, Lake in the Hills and Bull Valley area.

Rein ran last time and was edged out by Democrat Paula Yensen.

The third candidate in the County Board district is Zane Seipler.


Michael Rein and John Jung Mail Joint Postcard — 6 Comments

  1. Good to see John Jung and Michael Rein joining forces.

    Both are excellent county board candidates.

    Heaven help us if whacko Zane is elected to the county board.

    Looking at Zane’s blog, you have to wonder if he is mentally disturbed.

    Very bizarre and disjointed rantings.

    Zane’s childish is an absolute embarassment to himself and the Republican Party.

    Does he really expect anyone to take him seriously?

    If I were in Zane’s district, I would nev3r vote for him.

  2. Teacher155, I guess you have a hard time handling the truth, Zane is trying to educate the people of McHenry County, bringing up what goes on in the MCSD . . .

    if you can not handle that, you must have some problems that need kid glove treatment down the road.

  3. Zinke must think people are really stupid not to notice his ILLEGAL ACTIONS.

    Prancing around an Expo in uniform, saying he is running for sheriff and then giving out his official undersheriff business card.

    Sorry I missed the opportunity to see it in person, but friends have.

    Using tax dollar time and material to campaign.

    Teacher – THIS IS EMBARASSING for your guy Zinke.

    You sound an awful lot about like that embarassing Fuku who for some reason is not commenting any more.

    Jung – Took part in an illegal meeting to help some friends elections and was found in violation by the Attorney General. Jung that voted for the zillion dollar Randall Road project that citizens do not want. Establishment good old boy that is a puppet and does not think for himself. It is your tax dollars folks.

    Rein – admits that he needs a “learning curve”. We would have another puppet.
    Seipler has a better handle on all of it as newspapers described him. Having a problem with Nygren is what ANY GOOD PERSON would have.

  4. anotherwatcher.

    Zane is so believable.

    Obviously, Zane convinced a federal judge of the “truth”.

    Now, Zane is paying a $240,000.00 federal fine to McHenry County.

    I guess the federal judge didn’t find Zane’s “truth” very convincing.

    I would think a federal judge would only issue a quarter million dollar fine to a Liar, not someone telling the “truth”.

    But, how would I know what is in a federal judge’s mind.

    Does anyone know if Zane has paid his fine to McHenry County yet?

    Or is Zane just a deadbeat.

    On plus side, if Zane does get elected to county board, McHenry County can garnish his wages for 12 years.

  5. 155 /Fuk- Zinke’s offenses are on tape.

    Proof positive.

    Zane’ s issue was only an OPINION.


    If there was PROOF against Zane, he would have been arrested for purgery.

    NO proof that he lied.

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